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RUSH: Oh, by the way, I was telling some people off air about the guy that runs the Fox News decision desk. It’s not a desk. It’s not Chris Stirewalt. He works on the decision desk, but he’s not the grand pooh-bah. The grand pooh-bah is a Hillary donor and supporter by the name of Arnon Mishkin, and he’s occasionally on.

They’ll bring him out. You know, the decision desk is down in the basement at Fox News, and they bring him up there, and they’ll put him on one of the shows now and then just to confirm with people what the Fox News decision desk is doing and why, why they’re not calling these states, why they did call those states and so forth. And I’ve often…

You know, I just accept it ’cause what are you gonna do? But I ask myself, “How does a Hillary donor end up running the Fox News decision desk?” Just how does this happen? I mean, somebody has to hire the guy. Who did it? Well, you would think Roger Ailes. But Roger Ailes who founded Fox News for the Murdoch family eventually was…

Wait a second. Yeah. Election Night 2000. That would have been the Al Gore and George W. Bush election, the hanging-chad election, and he testified to Congress that on election night in 2000, Arnon Mishkin of his decision desk “was speaking to high-level Democrat sources throughout the evening as the decision desk looked at calling states.”

So Ailes admitted to a congressional committee that he had a Democrat, a liberal Democrat running the decision desk who was consulting with Democrat sources throughout the evening in the 2000 recount in Florida. Well, who hired the guy? And he’s still there. And he’s been explaining why they haven’t called North Carolina, for example. Why haven’t they called Georgia, why haven’t…?

He said last night, “As I look at the TV…” He was talking to Bret Baier. “As I look at the board, Bret, I actually think that North Carolina could probably be the president’s best shot here at winning another state.” Yeah, well, I think they got different ideas in North Carolina. I think they’re starting to find some ballots and have some other notions.

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