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RUSH: Guess who’s back, folks? The Russians are back. Now, the Russians had nothing to do — I pointed this out yesterday — the Russians had nothing to do with this election when Biden was winning, right? They told us that the Russians were tampering with the election three months ago, six months ago, a year ago, they were planning on messing it up. Then Biden shows up, starts winning the election. We never heard about the Russians.

Now this afternoon on ABC special coverage of the presidential election, George Stephanopoulos talking to the correspondent Martha Raddatz. He says, “Martha, we know that before the election President Trump’s supporters’ ears were tuned to hear the message about vote fraud, stolen elections and all of that. Well, what happens after an election? So what’s going on out there, Martha?”

RADDATZ: I’ve talked to several of them and several Trump supporters are completely turned off by what the president is saying. They don’t like it. Others, however, in a very Trump town in Texas, they are saying that conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire, that people are tuning in to everything the president says.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We know that Russia was relatively successful in sowing doubt in our system over the last four years. Martha is probably right that after an election people are really turned off by language like this. What if it works?

MORAN: We’re vulnerable to it in this period, not just because we’ve been softened up by years now of Russian disinformation and disinformation domestically, right? There’s all kinds of Facebook pages and Twitter pages that you can follow that will steer you wrong. And right now as they’re counting votes, I think the president himself is preying on this vulnerability.

RUSH: You believe this? The Russians are back, and Trump is trying to get Russian help? When Biden appears to be pulling away, winning, oh, no, no, no, the Russians had nothing to do this, Mr. Limbaugh. Nah, we haven’t found any evidence of Russian collusion or Russian meddling. Now that Trump supporters are not putting up with this, now that Trump supporters are demanding that there be some fairness, all of a sudden the Russians are back. It’s amazing how that works.

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