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RUSH: Now, let me tell you what I think is going on here — and since we’re into full disclosure, let me tell you something that happened yesterday.

I’m not gonna mention any names. Now, you tell me: You’re sitting in my chair and this happens: You get a note from somebody that you know who’s desperate, asks you to use the power of your audience to raise $50 million for the resistance effort here. There is no way! There is no way under the sun that I’m gonna turn this program into a fundraising effort.

I’m not gonna use you that way. But what would you think if you’re sitting here and you got that request? By the way, the person’s not part of the campaign. The person that was asking me to do this is not part of the Trump inner circle. So don’t start thinking, “Oh, my God. They’ve got nothing.” No, it was not the Trump people doing this. It was somebody else that just…

I resent this fundraising business. I despise it. I always have. I could never do it. It’s why I’ve told you I’d never run for office ’cause you gotta run out; ask people for money. I couldn’t do that — and one of the reasons is, you’re obligated to pay ’em back, usually with policy or some other consideration. There’s a lot of opportunists, is the point.

But it could also mean that there may be financial challenges in mounting whatever efforts needs to be mounted here. I don’t know. I’m not part of it. Not privy to it. But I don’t think that’s the case. But here’s what else is going on. I think… Folks, like I’ve tried to impress: These people, when I say, “They hate Donald Trump,” it’s true.

What they really are is scared to death of Trump and what he means, what he poses as a threat to the Washington that has existed since post-World War II. McCain even talked about it. McCain asked the question during the 2016 campaign, when Trump is running around saying, “Make America Great Again!” and talking about bringing Americans home and doing all that.

McCain’s openly asked, “Why would we want to destroy this world order that we set up after World War II?” Well, because that world order is a globalist world order. That world order subordinated the United States to a global organization that was run by the Euro nation, the eurozone. You know, we had this massive love for the Europeans ’cause they have trains and stuff, and they’re cleaner in their transportation, this kind of stuff.

After World War II and after we won, there was a little bit of a guilt complex on the part of many Americans that said, “You know, we don’t deserve to be the one superpower. We don’t deserve to be this or to be that. There needs to be a balance. So let’s create the Soviet Union!” So we did that, and Trump is looking at all this saying, “It doesn’t make any sense. We want to make America great again!

“We want to make America the centerpiece and the focal point of the world because we’re the good guys, and we have proven that we are the solution to the world’s problems. We are not the world’s problem.” Well, the Washington establishment set themselves up with all the perks of being in the establishment, which are financial and family.

They got scared to death. They never thought Trump would win. So they laugh at him, make fun of him. “‘Make America Great Again’ is nothing but racism, return to slavery!” Then he wins. “Ho, no!” They’re scared to death because he means it. He means it when he starts talking about draining the swamp. He means it when he wants to make America great again.

He means it when he wants to return power to the middle class. He means it when he wants to return power to blue collar Americans. He means it when he says that the United States needs to have a border so that we don’t get overrun. The New World Order said, “Let’s not have a border or let’s not enforce it because we’re citizens of the world and we can handle the influx.

“We need it for labor,” whatever. Trump says, “No, we don’t need it. We have Americans we need to promote and take care of.” Anyway, they’re scared to death. They have been scared to death for four years that Trump was succeeding, and I’m talking about Republicans as well as Democrats. It’s not just Democrats who oppose Donald Trump.

The entirety of the Republican establishment does too. And there are a lot of them. And that’s why when you ask, “Where is the help for Trump? Where is the assistance?” he doesn’t have it, because the Republican establishment does not want him to prevail here. The Republican establishment wants Biden to win.

The Never Trumpers are part of the Republican establishment. They’re out there pro-Biden, voting for Biden, urging people to vote for Biden. They are not helping Trump. They’re not interested in helping Trump stay. What they want in 2024 is all of you Trump voters. They’re gonna try to hold on to you while they get rid of Trump.

That’s what’s going on, I think. It’s my own little theory here. Let me see if I can run through this for you. Now, the Democrat strategy in all of this is to simply ignore everything except what they’re saying. Declare Biden the winner and move on.

That’s what’s on the agenda. As soon as they can do this — and believe me, they got time. They’ll be patient. They’ll hold out for Murdoch to do it, they’ll hold out for Fox News to give him Nevada, make him the president. That’s what they’re all waiting for, just like they want Fox to be the ones to humiliate Trump. They want it full circle. They want the network that made Trump, they want the network Trump relied on, they want everybody who loved Trump to turn on him. They want everybody to sabotage him. They want everybody who spent any time with any power whatsoever supporting Trump, they want them to turn.

CNN could declare Biden the winner today, right now, if they wanted to. MSNBC, ditto, ABC, CBS, CBS, NBC, they could declare. All they have to do is give him Arizona and Nevada, and they could declare him the winner. They’re not doing it. They’ve got time. They want Murdoch to do it. They want Fox News to do it.

They’re waiting on Arnon Mishkin who runs the decision desk at Fox News to make the call. That would be music to their ears. “Fox News has declared Joe Biden the next president of the United States.” That’s what they want to hear. That’s what they’re angling for. That’s what they’re waiting on. So the Democrat strategy, media strategy, just ignore all this chaos, go ahead and run their vote fraud, confident nobody will ever be able to produce any evidence of it and then say it’s time to move on.

And they’re gonna be assisted in this by people like Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse. These guys have never liked Trump. They don’t like Trump now. They’re just as eager for Trump to bite it as they always have been. Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania. He has already abandoned Trump. You’ve got the Never Trumpers, the Jonah Goldbergs and the Bill Kristols and that bunch, and they’re being joined by others now at National Review and others who are finally deciding, “You know what? It’s not worth it anymore. It’s not worth it trying to prop Trump up. It just isn’t.”

More and more people are joining the abandon movement Trump on the Republican side. This is all about saving the Washington establishment. It’s all about making sure that Trump does not succeed in getting reelected and continuing to drain the swamp and continuing to empower you, the people who make this country work.

The subtext of this is this. They love the idea of junking Trump, these Republicans. We know the Democrats do. But I’m talking about the Republican establishment. They love the idea of junking Trump and holding the Senate. They are having orgasms over there. And they’re not giving Trump credit for it. No, no, Trump had nothing to do with holding the Senate. No. They did that on their own, they’re saying. They’re not giving Trump credit for any of the minority vote that came to the Republican Party, but it’s all him.

So is 50 seats in the House, 50-50, picking up enough seats in the House to be 50-50, holding the Senate. That is all Trump. Not to them. They’re gonna ignore that Trump had anything to do with it, they’re gonna disabuse the idea that Trump had anything to do with it. And what they’re looking at is 2024. I’ll throw you two names out there. There are two names that they think can capture you. You are MAGA, you are Make America Great Again, you’re the Trump base.

They think you’ll go for Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley in 2024. It may disappoint you, but they think you’re not gonna go anywhere but them. They think you’ll never sit it out. They think you love America too much and whoever is nominated in 2024 that you’ll end up, you MAGA people, you Trump supporters will end up supporting — it could be two names, or it could be two others in the list too, but right now Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley are at the top of the list.

The one person they’re forgetting about in 2024 — who do you think they’re forgetting in 2024? Donald J. Trump. If this thing goes the way these people in the Drive-Bys are trying to tell you it’s gonna go, in 2024, say hello to Donald J. Trump seeking the nomination again. And who do you think’s gonna get it if Donald J. Trump seeks it in 2024? Donald J. Trump is gonna to get it if he seeks it again. That’s one thing — and I’m sure they’re factoring it, trying to find a way to deal with it.

Now, the Democrats are watching all this. The Democrats see what the Republican establishment is doing, and they like it. They like all this feuding. They like these Republicans throwing Trump overboard. It’s the best thing in the world that could have happened to them. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. What a godsend. The Republican Party itself wants to destroy Trump. They don’t even have to make much an effort. The Republicans will do it for them.

The Republicans, do you see them demanding a recount? Do you see the Republicans funding anything? Do you see the Republicans helping Trump anywhere? No. The Republicans think it’s gonna be better for them if they have a senile old guy like Biden in the White House. That would be easier to run against, be easier to embarrass the Democrats.

So this is a twofer. They get a senile old guy who doesn’t know where he is as president, which they think is gonna help ’em, and they get Trump thrown out of the way. You’re asking the wrong person when you ask, is it time to — you need to ask, where is the Republican Party? Well, you know the answer to the question. Trump has been faced with this — I’ll never forget — 2017 he’s inaugurated, first thing he wants to do, wants to rewrite, replace Obamacare.

And the Republicans in the House have no interest in helping him at all, because they’re believing the Russia hoax. They believed it. They thought it was true. They thought Trump was gonna be sent packing. So Trump’s first year was a total waste of time because his own party thought that he had colluded. It was the most maddening, frustrating thing.

So the Democrats, wow, this is great news. Just watch the Republicans implode, throw Trump overboard while the Republicans think they’re gaining ground with a senile old guy in the White House. It’s just amazing what they had, what they could have, and they’re throwing it away. No one but Trump could have done what he’s done. Nobody but Trump could have put the Republicans in the position to dominate that they’re in, and they don’t even…

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