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RUSH: So much has happened since I was last here. And that so much that has happened has not yet been resolved. And so we will spend some time discussing this. I also have the audio sound bite roster. There are eight audio sound bites of me when I was not even here last week, eight audio sound bites from Obama to Tom Brokaw to all these clowns blaming me for everything that’s happened here. (interruption) Well, I don’t know how it’s possible.

Well, I’ll tell you how it’s possible. Folks, we are in a very serious set of circumstances. The governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, has just canceled Thanksgiving. Just canceled Thanksgiving. It is the uniquest of all American holidays. Just canceled it on the basis of COVID. These people on the left and their devotion to authoritarianism is scaring me. It is frightening to me what these people are doing.

And now all of this back-and-forth on the vaccine. It is extraordinary that we have a vaccine in less than a year. It is extraordinary what Big Pharma has done here. It is amazing what they’ve done with the leadership of President Trump. Now we got these people out there trying to say, “Well, it ain’t gonna be that big a deal.” Governor Cuomo says (imitating Cuomo), “I ain’t even gonna take it if it comes from Trump.”

So Trump says, okay, we’ll put you at the bottom of the list, dude. And now Cuomo’s complaining he’s not gonna get the vaccine when he’s the guy who said he wasn’t gonna take it. They think they won the election. Why do they think they still have to keep flexing their muscles and showing everybody that they think Trump is a buffoon? Are there people on the left still not satisfied with what has happened or what they think has happened?

I tell you, folks, canceling Thanksgiving — and Christmas is going to be next. And it is COVID-19 that is offering these people the excuse to do this. In the process, they are displaying for all of us who they really are. Now, we’ll get to all of that in detail because there, of course, are other things.

There’s one big thing that we have to deal with, and that is Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and a bunch of other people who are literally putting their life’s reputations on the line by claiming they have evidence and will have more evidence of exactly how this election was stolen, that they have evidence that will suffice to overturn these results.

You know, it’s fascinating to me. When Hillary Clinton lost, we were told the Russians went in and changed votes. We were told the Russians did it. We were told Hillary Clinton was the legitimate winner and that she had the election stolen from her. It was all there in the Steele dossier. So three years and $32 million spent on an investigation, and they were only able to find that a bunch of second tier Russians posted things on Facebook, $200,000 worth of Facebook ads is all Robert J. Mueller the 19th could find. Three years, $32 million investigation.

Now we have this, which is far more than they ever had, ’cause they had nothing. What they had was totally made up. If they’re really concerned about election integrity and all that, they ought to be somewhat interested in this. Of course we know they’re not and we know that they’re not interested in it. The left is dismissing all of this as inconsequential. Whatever it is, it is not that. It is not inconsequential and it certainly is not consistent.

These clowns on the left are not behaving in any way consistently with the way they behaved in the first three years and maybe four of the Trump administration. And I know they’re not expected to. But it’s something that people need to realize.

Now, I want to get these eight sound bites out of the way. Normally I try not to make this program about me. But I can see in there that Snerdley is salivating to hear what these are since I wasn’t even here. What the hell could they possibly be about? I’ll give you an example. We’ll start with sound bite number 1. Obama was in the United Kingdom. I guess he did a version of 60 Minutes they have over there. He did some kind of a show on the BBC, and they released a preview clip of an interview with Barack Hussein Obama.

OBAMA: Here in the United States you start with older media forms like Fox News and talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, whose business model is premised on fanning a certain kind of anger, resentment, a certain story about people who are not like us are taking advantage of us and we have to fight back. That has been turbo charged by social media.

RUSH: Yeah, which I only recently started using, and it’s not — anyway, this is absurd, folks. In the first place, here in the U.S. you start with the older media forms? Fox News was invented in 1996 or 1997. I invented this network in 1988. Meanwhile, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times have been around since the 1930s, since the 1800s. Older media forms?

But the real killer here is the business model premised on fanning certain kinds of anger and resentment. This is his bitter clingers. This is all this guy’s got on his mind. Whenever you oppose him or his ideological beliefs, then there’s something wrong with you. You are a racist and a bigot. You are overflowing with anger. You resent people. You don’t like people who aren’t like you. That’s what it is. You don’t like people who aren’t like you.

Let me tell you something, folks. I didn’t know that I was gonna do this. I didn’t put it in the right order. I have a story on the Republicans that won seats in the House. They are women and minorities out the wazoo. And I don’t know what Stack I put this in. I think back last week some woman wanted to know, how do you keep everything so organized? The big trick is, I don’t, as is evidenced by trying to find something very quickly here. And there’s nobody that can help me ’cause nobody saw me do this so nobody knows – ah! Now, Mr. Obama, I want you to listen to this.

Sixteen new pro-life women elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. This is not the one I was looking for, but there are 16 different young, conservative, anti-abortion women who were elected to the House of Representatives. When you look at all of the Republican wins in the House, it doesn’t jibe with Trump losing the election. The Democrats lost down the ballot like they did in Obama’s first year and in the 2012 midterms. I mean, that still is not the story was looking for. But that’s an example of it.

I will find this. I have gotta… I don’t want to waste time going through stacks during the actual program. I’ll find it. But it’s a story about how many blacks, how many Hispanics that the Republican Party elected. This idea that the Republican Party or conservatives don’t like people who aren’t like us? It’s a slander. It is a libel. It is a lie. It is made up and it is old.

You want to talk about old media forms? Why don’t you, President Obama, update your old criticisms about us and at least get them right? I mean there are certain things you can criticize about us if you want, but this? The fact that we don’t like minorities? The fact that we don’t like people unlike us? It’s just absurd. It doesn’t make sense on the surface of things.

(grumbling) “They’re taking advantage of us, man! They’re taking our jobs. They’re takin’ our women! They’re takin’ our Jack Daniels. We gotta get out there, Maude! We gotta get out there! We gotta save what they’re taking from us.” It’s what he thinks of us. “Yeah, boy, the next thing is gonna be coming from is our damn guns, Maude. You better be…” Yep! And they’re serious about doing that.

So (sigh) that’s one. Here is another Obama sound bite.

OBAMA: If you’re listening to some of the — the talk radio that Trump voters are listening to, if you’re watchin’ Fox News, if you’re getting these tweets, those allegations are presented as facts. So you’ve got millions of people out there who think, “Oh, yeah, there must be cheating ’cause the president said so.”

RUSH: No, we don’t. We think there’s cheating because there’s cheating! There’s cheating because there’s evidence. There’s cheating because it’s been found. There’s cheating (laughing) because common sense reveals it. But what’s fascinating, folks, what’s very interesting, is their criticisms of us are not even honest, to go along with everything else about them that is not honest.

(summarized) “If you listen to some of the talk radio Trump voters listen to,” which means me, “if you’re watching Fox News, getting these tweets, these allegations are presented as facts. You’ve got millions of people out there who think, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah. There must be cheating. Yeah.” You wonder why people think there’s cheating going on when it has been discovered, when it has been admitted to by Democrat operatives in select places?

Here’s Tom Brokaw. This was Tuesday on MSNBC on the Morning Joe show.

BROKAW: President Trump has lost this election, but he won’t acknowledge that. And, at the same time, people like Rush Limbaugh will be on the radio all day, every day attacking the new president and what he hopes to do. So how do we get out of all this? Maybe President Obama and President Bush —

RUSH: Are you believing this?

BROKAW: — could form a committee of the best of America —

RUSH: What?

BROKAW: — in all the parts —

RUSH: What?

BROKAW: — the sciences, the religion —

RUSH: You can’t be serious.

BROKAW: — education —

RUSH: You’re kidding!

BROKAW: — the can-do crowd that has created the greatest nation on earth —

RUSH: Yeah?

BROKAW: — and find a way to pull us together, not to separate us.

RUSH: Where you been the last four years! Where have you been the last four years, Tom, when you and your buddies in the Drive-By Media have single-handedly been trying to overturn the election results which were legit in 2016? Where were you when all that was said about Trump was criticism? There hasn’t been a single positive thing written or reported about Trump in four years, Tom.

Now these people act like, “Why, it’s not permitted to attack our president! You can’t go out and attack Biden. Rush Limbaugh is gonna be on the radio all day…” Isn’t that kind of like what Bill Clinton said? Bill Clinton’s on Air Force One flying into St. Louis in 1994, and he said something like, (impression) “I tell you… When I finish this interview with you, this guy, Rush Limbaugh, is gonna come on.

“You’re gonna give him three hours — three hours — and ain’t no truth detector so he’s gonna be able to say whatever the hell he wants.” These people cannot handle any criticism, cannot handle any opposition. I think this is laughable. Here’s Tom Brokaw sounding like a 75-year-old baby. “Rush Limbaugh will be on radio all day, every day attacking the new president and what he hopes to do.

“So how do we get out of all this? How do we shut Limbaugh up?” And then this. He says, “Well, maybe President Obama and President Bush could form…” Why don’t you go get the corpse of McCain and put him in this little group — or, if that’s a little rough, go get Cindy McCain and put her in it. (interruption) Is that better? Is that a little bit more appealing? (interruption)

Whatever works for you people. Go out and get Cindy McCain to come in there. Put together this massive “committee of the best of America, in all the parts, the sciences,” the corrupt sciences, “the religion.” (scoffs) Religion? You people? You don’t want anywhere near religion. “Education”? Also corrupted. “The can-do crowd that has created the greatest nation on earth.”

You people never talk about that when Donald Trump’s out there trying to rebuild it. Greatest nation on earth! Joe Biden? Greatest nation on earth? The Democrat Party is busy running it down, canceling Thanksgiving, among other things. Okay. So that’s Brokaw. Sam Donaldson — also from Jurassic Park of the Drive-By Media — Sunday morning on CNN.

Question: “Today’s environment is so different, so much more poisoned than the years you were covering the Reagan White House, Sam. Former presidents didn’t have to deal with this parallel universe problem that Obama and Trump and now Biden are gonna have to deal with.”

DONALDSON: I believe in the First Amendment. I say, unfortunately, because I do believe in it, and I think everyone on this program believes in it. But how do you stop these organizations that can make money and also propagate the falsehoods to viewers and listeners who want it? Can you say to the great Rush Limbaugh, “You started this; please recant”? No! He says, “No masks.” Still to this day, no masks.

RUSH: What?

DONALDSON: If there’s blood on the president’s hands, what about the blood on the hands of the enablers in the media who also know better? Yet there is the First Amendment.

RUSH: So this is about masks with old Sam. Sam’s upset about masks. He’s wrong. I’ve never told anybody to wear a mask or not wear a mask, because you know what? I don’t care what you do. It’s your life. If you want to wear a mask, have at it. If a mask makes you recall safer, you wear it. If you don’t think you need a mask, if you don’t think you should, then it’s not up to me.

I’m not some authoritarian dictator telling you what you have to do. In my mind, you’re smart enough to figure it out yourself, and I have never told anybody not to wear a mask. So more slander and libel here. (interruption) He said… Dah, dah, dah. Did you say, “political conflict”? I started the criticism of…?

Well, let’s see. “Can you say to the great Rush Limbaugh, ‘You started this; please recant’? No! He says, ‘No masks.'” I guess… What does he think I started? I think what he means is that I’m the guy who started all this unfair, mean-spirited criticism of Democrats. I think that’s what he ultimately means.


RUSH: You know, I tell you, Mr. Snerdley, what’s funny about all this. Look at what’s happening here. The Drive-By Media guys (CNN, BBC, and MSNBC) are all dragging these old, Jurassic Park Drive-By news guys — Brokaw and Donaldson — out to come out and rip me as though I’m older than they are. No one remembers these guys, certainly not in the demographic that people want.

They come out and attack and blame me? They’re not even blaming Trump now! Do you realize this? They’re blaming me! All of a sudden, Obama and Michelle (My Belle) Obama, they’re all over the media. They’re all over the Drive-Bys. None of these people were out much during the campaign, though. I wonder why. Now the campaign’s over. Now they think they’ve won it all.

So now they send these Jurassic Park people out to attack me, as though I…? I’ll tell you what else. All of these pleas these guys make — Sam Donaldson, Brokaw — “Let’s get some unity.” Unity! You have been blaspheming us for four years. You have been ripping us to shreds. You have been attempting to destroy us — all of us on the right — for four years.

You have attempted to undermine everything we believe in. You’ve attempted to undermine the character and integrity of everybody who speaks for us on the right. And now, all of a sudden, you want “unity,” which makes perfect sense. You want us to cave. You want us to roll over. It isn’t going to happen.

Oh, you might think it is. You might think Trump voters are so dispirited and down in the dumps, depressed. It isn’t that way. You people have no idea the hornet’s nest you have stirred up. You just haven’t the slightest idea. Here’s that story, by the way. Here’s the headline. It’s a Breitbart story.

“Every House Seat Flipped by [the Republicans] Was Minority, Woman, or Veteran,” and they tell us — Obama’s out telling the world — that we don’t like people who aren’t like us, who don’t look like us. It is an abject lie like Obama has consistently lied about this.


RUSH: Let’s grab number 6, Anderson Cooper 99 on CNN a week ago yesterday. That’s how old this is. Monday, November the 9th.

COOPER: I guess the endgame here for the president is setting up his post-White House life of grievance and, you know, being, you know, a Rush Limbaugh-type figure, I suppose, and kingmaker in the Republican Party.

RUSH: Now, folks, they wonder why we react. Post-White House life of grievance? The Democrat Party is the party of grievance. I cannot tell you how this frosts me. These people have a grievance against this country. These people think this country is a grievance, the founding of this country is a grievance that people need saving from. We’re a slave state. We’re discriminatory. We’re unfair, unjust, and immoral.

They run around now, Trump is gonna live a White House life of grievance. One thing Trump doesn’t do is have grievance. It’s not in his mind-set. It’s not in his frame of mind to have a grievance about anything. “Are you telling me he doesn’t complain?” No, he’s like anybody else if he thinks injustice is been done to him. But he does run around, it doesn’t govern his attitude.

I’ve played golf with Trump after some bad news from the Mueller investigation. Bad news leaks, supposedly bad news. Stuff that would have made me cancel the game. But he didn’t, and he didn’t even reference it. It didn’t affect him at all. He was a great host. He had no grievance whatsoever. This is just, again, a collection of absurd beliefs and thoughts from people who’ve not even taken the time to get to know the man.

And obviously the resentment they have for this guy goes far deeper than we know. They think they’ve beaten him, and they still can’t get over it. They still can’t get over that he beat them in 2016. They’re never gonna get over it. I’m not a person of grievance. The people of grievance in this country are all on the left. And every victim that you can think of the Democrat Party has created. Those are the people who have grievances with America. They have been programmed and formatted to have those grievances. It’s what defines them as Democrats or leftists.

“Trump wants to become a Rush Limbaugh-type figure, kingmaker in the Republican Party.” Anderson, he already is that. The Republican Party is Donald Trump’s. It’s now up to him to decide what he wants to do with it.

Okay. We have a couple more. This is Jane Mayer. Jane Mayer is at the — oh, did you see that the New Yorker fired Jeffrey Toobin? I was shocked. Jeffrey Toobin was canned because he’d gone out there and done something horrible. What did Toobin do? (interruption) Oh. That’s right. He was doing the old self-Lewinsky. That’s what he was doing, he’s doing the self-Lewinsky out there on a Zoom call. That’s right. And can you believe they fired him for that? I mean, we’re talking about The New Yorker here. This is the kind of thing that’s usually a resume enhancement for Democrats, and especially Democrats in the media.

And he tweeted, here it is, Jeffrey Toobin: “I was fired today by @NewYorker after 27 years as a Staff Writer. I will always love the magazine, will miss my colleagues, and will look forward to reading their work.” I will also miss performing self-Lewinskys during Zoom calls during the pandemic. Hey, Jeffrey, you continue to do that. Anyway, Jane Mayer works at The New Yorker. Jane Mayer, I’ve known her since — oh, gosh — 1989, shortly after I moved to New York. Long story. Not gonna tell. Doesn’t matter.

But I’ve known her that long, and she’s written some really hateful stuff about people like Clarence Thomas and other exemplary figures on the right. She was on NPR Here & Now a week ago. The host, Robin Young, and the question, “There’s speculation that Trump could become a talk show host. There’s speculation out there that Trump could become a replacement for Rush Limbaugh. What do you think of that?”

MAYER: Some of the people who’ve known Trump well are a little skeptical because a talk show, as you know, is a lot of work. It takes a lot of effort to plan a really good show. And someone like Rush Limbaugh has worked very hard at it. Whatever you think of his shown, he really has put a lot of effort into it. And people who know Trump say it might be too much work.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate her awareness. She’s one of the few who thinks there’s more to this than just sitting down behind the microphone and giving out the number and saying, “Democrats suck. Call me.” There’s more to it than that. She knows that. But the idea that Trump doesn’t work hard? Another myth. Forget the presidency. The man built the Trump Organization. You don’t do that sleeping until noon. You don’t do that sitting on your butt. The man owns property, moves money. He has all kinds of ways that he has engaged in to meet people that he needs to meet, do deals that he needs to do.

Now, you can sit there and you can decry and you can whine, you can moan about the way Trump’s done things, but the idea that he doesn’t work? When does the guy sleep? This is the guy that was doing five rallies a day. How can you say somebody like that doesn’t work? Now, I know what she means. But I’m telling you she’s speaking here another misnomer that Trump doesn’t work hard because it’s part of fitting the mold that Trump should have never been president, the job’s too big for him, he doesn’t know what he was doing, he never knew what he was doing, and he doesn’t know how to work hard and so forth.

What she’s also doing is letting people know that this is not, you know, a walk in the park doing a program like this and that Trump can’t do it. What this means is they are scared to death Trump would end up on the radio. I’m not gonna go through the scenarios, but I guarantee you they are worried about that. “Why, Rush, why would they worry about somebody on the radio?” Why are they worried about me? But they are.

I have yet to raise anybody’s taxes. I have yet to tell anybody they can’t have Thanksgiving. I have yet to tell anybody they can or can’t wear a mask. I have yet to allow the wanton destruction of a city that I run ’cause I don’t run a city. I, frankly, don’t do any of those things. The idea here that this is the modus operandi, it’s the thing they engage in.

Anyway, one more bite. Time is going. This is Douglas Brinkley: Trump is plotting his ex-presidency in Palm Beach, next to Rush Limbaugh. This is CNN from Sunday, a program called Newsroom. The anchor, Pamela Brown. The question to Douglas Brinkley, “It’s been eight days since the race was called for Biden.” The race was called for Biden by a bunch of news networks. The race has not been certified for Biden yet. You know, and some Democrats are starting to figure that out. But more on that in a minute.

“Eight days,” she says, “since the race was called for Joe Biden. The president’s still tweeting disinformation about the election, saying it was stolen from him. And the transition hasn’t even been able to start for Biden. What does it mean for the country, and how much of a danger is this for the country, how complicit are fellow Republicans and allies of the president who are not speaking out about this?”

BRINKLEY: Donald Trump is obviously plotting his ex-presidency right now. And it very well may be at Mar-a-Lago next to Rush Limbaugh. Maybe his friends at NewsMax who’s located in Palm Beach will work as a new network with Donald Trump. But this is not an ex-president that’s gonna raise money for a library and write a memoir only. He sees himself as a revolutionary force of nature.

RUSH: Right. So Trump’s down there at Mar-a-Lago. And I say down there because he’s south of where I am. Trump’s down there at Mar-a-Lago, and he’s plotting, he’s plotting next to me. He’s plotting his post-presidency next to me and maybe his friends at – NewsMax is over in West Palm Beach, by the way. Just a minor little correction. But, Mr. Snerdley, I didn’t know these guys know where I am. I’m beginning to think these guys know a lot more about me than I figured.

At any rate, brief time-out. We’re gonna come back. And I know you’re chomping at the bit out there. I just needed to go get these things out of the way.


RUSH: So let me remind you again. According to Congressman Tom Emmer, every — and this is a big number. Every House seat flipped by the Republicans, was a minority, was a woman, or was a veteran. Now, Tom Brokaw and Obama and the rest of these clowns are out there saying we don’t like people look like us. It’s a scurrilous lie. It is a scandalous lie belied by evidence.


RUSH: Here is Julie in Green Oak Township, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s a pleasure to speak you. I know time is of the essence so I’ll get right to my point. At the beginning of your show you were speaking about how the Drive-By Media has started to focus on you more so than President Trump as of late, and I have a theory as to why that’s happening.

RUSH: Yeah, okay. We had eight sound bites. I wasn’t even here the last week.

CALLER: I know. I know. But they have a plan of action, because we no longer have a conservative voice on television now that the majority of Fox News has gone to the dark side. The only thing left is talk radio. So they have to focus first on you as the biggest person out there for us. You’re the next target. They had four years with their political machine to torpedo the president. I’m afraid that you and talk radio are next.

RUSH: You do? The thing about that, and I don’t mean to be disagreeable, but the fact is, Julie, that they’ve been after me for, I mean, 31 of the 32 years I’ve been doing this. So you must mean you think that it’s gonna be more intense than it’s been and it’s gonna be almost like official that I am the next target, as though I am a person of exceeding power that has the ability to thwart them so they’ve gotta do what they can to damage me?

CALLER: Yes. I mean, not just you. I mean, they’ll probably start on Hannity and Laura Ingraham and whoever else next. But I think so. Would we ever have thought that they’d spend four years, four years making our president look as terrible as they think he is, and they might be succeeding. So who’s next? They’re on a high right now of what they think they’ve accomplished.

RUSH: Well, look, there is some truth to that. But the fact is that they have been after me – and don’t hear this as bragging. They’ve been after me literally for 31 of the 32 years I’ve been here. And it’s just part of the process.

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