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RUSH: “The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for House Democrats.” You know, I mentioned yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, that down the ballot…

Everybody’s talked about this.

The Republican Party has flipped an untold number of seats in a presidential race where the presidential candidate, Trump, loses? It’s almost unprecedented. I’m sure it’s happened before because everything has in life. There’s nothing new anymore, but it’s still phenomenal. The Democrats had this vision of adding seats in the House, winning the White House, and taking the Senate, and having total control of all branches of government — and they would never surrender it.

They were gonna pack the Supreme Court. They were gonna get statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Get four new senators from those two places, all four Democrats. They’d never, ever lose control of government again; therefore, never, ever have to worry about elections. But it all went awry. The only thing that went their way was Trump losing.

But Republicans are winning everywhere down the ballot. It’s almost as bad for the Democrats as it was in 2008 when Obama won the presidency, but the Democrats lost down the ballot like nobody expected. Even CNN admits this is happening. I think… I keep talking about this. It’s important that people understand what happened down ballot, down the ticket in this election.

In the House, there are still three to four seats being decided, and the Republicans winning these seats are women. They are minorities. They are pro-life women. Sixteen pro-life women were elected. A bunch of veterans and military people and Hispanics, people of color, won. It’s been a phenomenal House election for it is Republicans.

Here’s CNN: “With just a handful of races still uncalled at this point, Republicans have gained nine seats — having won 12 Democratic-held districts and lost just three of their own. And those numbers don’t even tell the full story, given that two of the three seats Republicans lost were the direct result of a redrawing of North Carolina’s congressional districts that reworked the map in ways that were decidedly unfavorable to the GOP.

“Subtract those two seats, which neither party spent any money in or seriously contested, and you are down to a single competitive seat that went from red to blue,” a single competitive seat that went from Republican to Democrat. The others all went the other way. Republicans in January are going to be in a much more powerful position as a result of this. They are poised to influence the Democrat agenda in ways they couldn’t have when Pelosi had a 35-seat cushion to pass legislation.

We’re not talking about flipping now. We’re not gonna run the House, not gonna control it. They’re gonna have enough seats that she’s not gonna have anything like a free road right in front of her to do whatever she wants to do. You’ve got some Democrats who are gonna pay attention to what happened here (the less radical ones), and Republicans might even be able to block legislation like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal.

And, believe me, the Democrats have been salivating over being able to do this stuff. The Democrats in the House have nothing to celebrate, and they aren’t celebrating — and they’re very nervous about going into 2022 — and all of this is because of Donald Trump. The Republicans owe all of this to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the reason for the new makeup of the Republican Party and fact that they are winning.

Not the Never Trumpers. Not the age-old Republican establishment. These are Donald Trump Republicans, and the Democrats know that the MAGA agenda ain’t going anywhere. No matter what happens to Trump, the MAGA agenda is the Republican Party. There’s a story on this, PJ Media, Rick Moran. “The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for House Democrats.”

Here’s Dave in rural Iowa as we go back to the phones. Thank you for waiting, sir. It’s a great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes, Rush, my family and myself are praying for you and wish you well.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very, very much. I appreciate it.

CALLER: I’m a Democrat. I voted Democratic. I live in a Republican state, and there’s not too many Democrats that I know, but I know a few. And we’re not — and I’m not, especially — the mean, deceitful, vicious person that the other Democrats seem to be or that you describe them as. Um, I don’t like President Trump, but I don’t want to see him harmed in any way, and, um, when the Senate voted to impeach him, I thought that was just terrible. And when Pelosi tore up his speech, I thought that was the most rude thing anybody could ever do.

RUSH: It was an impeachment without a crime.

CALLER: Well, you know, I’ll be honest with you. I listen to you every day, and you kept saying they did not have any proof — the Democrats — and I honestly, honestly thought they were holding a wild card, and they were just gonna spring it at any moment to incriminate Trump, and they didn’t. Nothing happened.

RUSH: Why do you think that was?

CALLER: Because there’s some of those that are just deceitful, vicious people. I’m not. I’m a peace-lovin’ man.

RUSH: No, but I mean, you said you kept waiting for them to spring the wild card news and that they didn’t do it; nothing happened. And I said, “Why didn’t they?”

CALLER: They didn’t have it.

RUSH: No. There you go. So they were lying about having it. They lied about the whistleblower.

CALLER: Yeah, they were lying about it.

RUSH: They lied about all of that. I know how hard it is to be a Democrat. I couldn’t do what you’re doing.

CALLER: Well, let me explain a little. I’m not an extreme liberal. I cannot support same-sex marriage, and I’m pro-life, and I can’t support transgender bathroom rights and things like that. I just can’t support ’em.

RUSH: So what is it that makes you a Democrat? Because you’ve just nailed down over half the agenda, all this cultural stuff that’s mandated. What is it the Democrats support that you agree with?

CALLER: Well, I describe myself, even though I was just a kid when he was president, I can describe myself as a Jimmy Carter Democrat. Because, you know, he was not pro-choice or he would not support — you know, he was a Sunday school teacher.

RUSH: Yeah. Lasted one term too.

CALLER: Well, yeah. Yeah, he did. He did. But I saw myself that way, as believing more in the grassroots beliefs that the Democratic Party used to have.

RUSH: Yeah. You know, this is fascinating. Dave, I am glad you called. Folks, never forgot this call. Dave here — and Dave, I’m not trying to be funny or insulting or anything in my description here. You have listened, you have just heard, probably JFK-era Democrat, maybe even softer than that. And then today you would have to describe Dave as Jurassic Park Democrat. There aren’t many like him anymore, but there are some, and they remain Democrats for whatever reason. Party loyalty is a strong pull. It’s a strong thing.

But you heard him. He doesn’t support or agree with any of the cultural agenda, and it’s that agenda that the Democrats are using to bludgeon people in this country with their woke and cancel culture and all this. If you don’t sign on to that stuff, they’re gonna come out and dox you and they’re gonna come out and do everything they can to destroy you and humiliate you.

But there used to be — remember when I say or have said that there was a time where Republicans and Democrats had some things in common? Among them, wanting prosperity, wanting a better economic life for your kids than you had. Wanting to maximize the opportunities that America provided and offered, that we just had different philosophies about how to achieve these things? Dave is a Democrat from that era. We would have had a lot in common, but he would have still been a Democrat.

He believes in Western civilization. He believes in the distinctly profound American culture, which is unique to the world. Western civilization. And people like Dave were Democrats with whom we could have disagreements and debates. I would tell him that I think the best way to achieve what you want for your kids and prosperity and so forth is capitalism, you know, free market economics. And he might think, no, we need the government running the show. The government is the only government that can make it fair.

But at the end of the day you vote. If you win the election, fine. If you lose the election, fine, you come back and fight the next time. You keep arguing, keep debating, you keep trying to persuade. Today’s Democrat Party is interested in none of that. They’re not interested in persuading anybody and they resent having to. They want to wipe out all opposition. They want just eliminate everybody that disagrees with ’em. They’re not interested in having to win debates, having to win elections. All of that is stuff that they resent and want to do away with.

So the days where we had things in common as Americans, Dave is from that era, a Democrat from that era. There aren’t very many of them left, but there are those Democrats out there. Why he doesn’t switch parties, I don’t know. But I’ll guarantee you it has to do with party loyalty somewhere in his life.

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