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RUSH: Pope Francis — I don’t know if you heard about this — “Pope Francis Hosts NBA Players to Talk Social Justice – “In an unprecedented meeting, a delegation of five NBA players and several officials from the National Basketball Players Association met with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Monday morning –” they’re five or six hours ahead “– for a private audience to discuss their work on social justice issues.

“An assistant to Pope Francis reached out to the players’ association last week indicating the Pope wanted to learn more about how players had recently brought attention to pressing social justice issues and economic inequality — and what they planned for the future, union officials told ESPN. The union agreed and quickly scheduled an overnight flight Sunday to make their private meeting with the pope, which happened at 11:45 a.m. local time Monday morning at the Vatican. With training camp set to open on Dec. 1, players and union officials had to squeeze the trip in now.”

Did you know that this weekend in a college football game between Purdue and Minnesota that instead of names of the players on the back of the university uniforms it read, “End Racism”? On every jersey. On the backs of black football players living their best lives at two top colleges, being given free education ’cause they’re athletes, they did not wear their names on the jerseys. They wrote “End Racism.”

Yeah. “End Racism.” I guess some victims of racism they are. Free education, free training table. I don’t know. But the pope, the pope must not be outdone. Instead of working on the sins of abortion or the systematic ruin of his own church, Il Papa has some basketball players to the Vatican to talk about how they kneeled and painted “Black Lives Matter” on their courts, playing courts. ‘Cause, you know, that was so helpful to the cause. So maybe Il Papa wants to know how to paint Black Lives Matter on St. Peter’s Basilica.

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