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RUSH: I’m gonna get to the phones in this segment. Normally I don’t take phone calls in the mob log segment of any busy broadcast hour, but I’m gonna do it today because I don’t think I took a call at all in the last hour because it was The True Story of Thanksgiving, and I’ve still got some stuff to do on that. Greetings. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Great to have you here with us. The telephone number, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

You want to talk about voter fraud, you want to talk about malpractice in media, listen to this. A new survey from the Media Research Center — the Media Research Center is Brent Bozell’s group. They’ve been around about as long as this program has been around. I think we got started about the same time. Brent Bozell is the nephew of William F. Buckley Jr. You may not have known that. Did you know that, Mr. Snerdley? You didn’t? All this time you didn’t know that the bearded, redheaded wonder was Buckley’s nephew? Well, he is.

They just did a survey — are you ready for this? It’s not a surprise, but it still just ticks me off. Listen to this. “Forty-five percent of Biden voters in battleground states had never heard of the Hunter Biden scandal.” But wait. But wait. “9.4% said it would have changed their vote had they heard about it.” Well, that would have been enough to change it. That would have been enough to change the outcome. Media malpractice. Forty-five percent of Biden voters, battleground states, never heard of the Hunter Biden scandal.

Now, stop and think for a minute. Trump is talking about it all the time. He’s talking about it at his rallies. He’s talking about it in White House press conferences, in ads. There were numerous ads run. How about the guy that — Bobulinski, whatever his name was — that was the partner who went on TV and exposed everything about it. I’m having a mental block on his name. And the Drive-Bys didn’t cover that. They didn’t cover any of it. So given that, let me grab Frank here in Fort Worth. Great to have you on the program, sir. You’re up. How you doing?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m doing great. Thirty-one and a half year mega dittos and prayers.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Loved your show for all this time. Quick comment, speaking of your book. Don’t know if you remember on the Rush Revere Facebook page a few years ago there was a Santa Claus on a motorcycle holding a little girl holding a Rush doll.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: That was me.

RUSH: Is that right?


RUSH: How about that.

CALLER: My grandkids love your books. Hey, Rush, talking about media malpractice, we have a media now that doesn’t even pretend anymore to be unbiased. They just flaunt their bias —

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: — with no recourse. And it’s just blatant. My question is, is there any reversing that?


CALLER: Is there any way — okay.


CALLER: Then what do we do?

RUSH: I mean, look, I could get as in the weeds and detailed in this answer as you want. It’s ridiculous to say that nothing will ever change. Of course, everything does change, and sometime, someday the media is going to change. But I don’t know when, and I don’t know what the catalyst for it is gonna be. And I don’t know how they’re gonna change. But everything changes. There’s nothing that never changes. Even the finest and greatest traditions the world has known have little changes here and there, now and then.

What will bring about the change in the media? Well, clearly losing audience does not affect the way the media does their job. And losing money doesn’t affect the way they do their job because we found out yesterday that many American newspapers — New York Times, Washington Post — have been underwritten by Chinese advertising buys, government of China advertising buys. Not enough to keep them going, but clearly enough to help them weather bad times.

The media really changed a long time ago. The media hasn’t been the media as you think of it for many decades. If you think of the media as where you go to get news, that really hasn’t existed probably since 1990 or maybe a little later, 1992. There is no news anymore, per se. All there is, folks, is the leftist agenda that is advanced under the guise of journalism. But there isn’t any news. News is what? News is people telling you what happened at places you weren’t and therefore you didn’t see and you don’t know. The simple definition of journalism. Telling people what happened somewhere where they weren’t.

That’s not what goes on in journalism anymore. Journalism is pure activism now. Journalism is — particularly what I call the Drive-By Media, the legacy media, mainstream media, it is purely the Democrat Party agenda disguised as news, disguised as journalism. So what will ever change it? Will they ever be fair to conservatives? No, they hate conservatism. Folks, they are no different than liberal Democrats and the Democrat Party who resent that there even is opposition.

They’re not interested in persuading people. They’re not interested in having to get into the arena of ideas and compete and triumph over people by persuading them. They want to silence opposition. They don’t want there to be any opposing view. And so they engage in efforts to discredit credible spokesmen for things they don’t agree with. It’s a hideous thing. A nation like ours depends on a free press. I used to resent when people said that. But it’s true.

A nation like ours literally does depend on a free press. And we don’t have it. And this story, 45% of Biden voters, battleground states, never heard of the Hunter Biden scandal, and nine and a half percent of them said it would have changed their vote if they had heard about it. So that’s bias in the form of not covering a story, purposefully. Now, something’s gonna happen someday, and they will change. But what they will become, how that change will manifest itself, who knows. But I’m simply relying on experience guided by intelligence. Everything changes, as time passes.

Over the course of the 30 years doing this program, I’ve had people say and ask in one form or another, when is the media gonna be fair to us? And their point of view is that until that happens, that we will never win. And I’m here to tell you, if that’s how you look at things, you better change your mind real fast. They’re never gonna be fair to us. They’re never gonna be open and fair about anything they oppose. Not just conservatism, but anything they oppose.

If you are sitting around deciding that we are never gonna win until the media is fair, then by your own definition we are never gonna win. They are always gonna be an obstacle. They are always gonna be something we have to overcome. Because they are the Democrat Party. It’s not as though they’re an adjunct. It’s not as though that they are in addition to. They are the Democrat Party. They’re as much the Democrat Party as Joe Biden is, as Kamala Harris is.

So Republican candidates are gonna be running against the Democrat Party wherever it’s found. The Democrat Party is found in Big Tech. The Democratic Party is found in Google, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. The Democrat Party is found in Hollywood. It’s found in major books. It’s found in television shows, pop culture, if you will. That’s what Republicans every year run against. Some figure it out, and some don’t.

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