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RUSH: Mollie Hemingway today has a story at The Federalist, and this story prints out to like seven — well, the first version printed out to 10 pages. I said, I can’t do that. Let me reformat this and see how small I can get it. I was able to get it down, the whole thing, seven pages. Still too long. So okay, now I gotta get in gear here, I gotta make the complex understandable.

What it’s about, last Thursday or Friday, I forget which, remember we had the story that the video of the suitcases being pulled out — there are four of them — being pulled out from under tables after the election observers had been sent home, the election observers were told, nothing to see here. You guys can go home. We’re not gonna count any more ballots tonight; so the election observers left. And then those suitcases were dragged out from underneath the table and there were 6,000 ballots inside each suitcase. And it’s a total of 24,000. They were counted after the Republican observers were sent home.

Well, numerous officials in Georgia said, “No, no, no, no, that’s not what happened, and they’re not suitcases. They were in the normal containers that are used for these. There’s nothing to see here.” And they then proceeded to totally debunk — there is a video that was taken by Jacki Pick is her name, and everybody resorted to using the video, and they debunked that.

And Mollie’s piece here says: “No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close — A Big Tech-backed ‘fact’ ‘checking’ outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence for Republicans’ claims of significant election problems in Georgia. It didn’t.” Not even close.

So I’ll cut to the chase of this. The Democrats have opposed and have fought like banshees against all responsible election protections for at least the last decade. Now, that’s one of the starting points for this. This is an undeniable reality of our current election system. They have pushed, they have shamed, they have lied into, they have same day-registration, motor voter, no signature verification, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, the kind of things I’m talking about.

It used to be we had Election Day. And it used to be that we could all vote on Election Day, and every one of those votes magically ended up being counted. And by midnight to two o’clock in the morning we had a winner. And magically everybody accepted it. And the Democrats didn’t like the fact that they were losing some. So they began to toy with and tamper with the system. Same-day registration. You know the problem with that? There’s no way to verify that somebody is who they say they are. It was clearly an attempt to get rid of a particular protection of fraud.

Then the next thing that came along, motor voter. Oh, yeah. ‘Cause everybody has to get their car registered and everybody’s gotta go out. So when you do that, why, you can register to vote at the same time. Therefore it takes no special effort to go out and register to vote. We’ll make it easy for you, since everybody has to do this. You know, everybody has to be able to legally drive their car. So they thought they would play a fast one and, oh, this is the way to get everybody registered. Then they could play games with how these people were registered. It was another mess.

Then they attempted no signature verification on absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. Then the mail-in ballots got big news and that, because of COVID, mail-in ballots were given all kinds of promotion, people were led to believe that it was gonna be scary, you could die if you show up at a polling place on Election Day. The way to stay alive, the way to save yourself is by mail-in voting. And they promoted it and they ran with it like crazy. And people used it. They used that and early voting. Early voting is another attempt to tamper with the credibility of election systems.

So the point here is, this is all Democrat sponsored stuff. Keep in mind that we used to all vote on Election Day. “But, Rush, but, Rush, there were so many fewer people.” Doesn’t matter. We handle it. And there weren’t that many fewer people. The American replacement birthrate is not as high as you think it is. If it weren’t for illegal immigration, the American replacement birthrate would not be high enough to maintain our population. And I am not exaggerating. The combination of legal and illegal immigration is why our population numbers have been growing.

Anyway, it ought to go back to there’s an Election Day, absentee is fine. We dealt with those too. If you literally knew you weren’t gonna be present on Election Day, then here you go, get an absentee ballot. But you had to show ID. You had to prove who you were. It was not like a mail-in ballot where you simply go in and get one and then you fill it out and then you mail it in. And then you go get another one and you fill that out and you mail that in and then you go get another one, because there’s no signature verification on the mail-in ballots.

The point is the Democrats — I’ve told you, if they could get rid of elections, they would. And a lot of you have said, “You know, I think Rush is losing that on this. I don’t see that in the Democrats.” You better not doubt me on this. Elections are the one thing that, up to now, they don’t control that have the largest input on their futures and on their viability. If they could remove the unknown quantity that is an election and replace it with something guaranteed to keep them in office in perpetuity, you don’t think they’d do it?

Even if they have to call it an election, even if they call whatever the replacement is an election, I guarantee you they still call what we’re doing an election, but now we got same-day registration, motor voter, no signature verification, mail-in ballots, early voting. All of these things are intended to corrupt the system. And it’s all, at the end of the day, we still think we’re having an election. But I maintain to you that they oppose democratic elections ’cause they don’t win them all.

These are not people that accept losing, particularly if it’s a hearts and minds election. They don’t think they ought to have to persuade you to agree with them. They don’t think they ought to have to win your vote. That’s beneath them. That’s extra effort that’s not necessary. And I am not exaggerating this. Throughout all of this, whenever people have raised concerns about the fading integrity of our electoral system, they’ve said, “Oh, nothing to see here. There was no significant fraud. There’s no evidence. You haven’t produced any evidence. You haven’t done anything, no smoking gun, you haven’t done anything. You’re just sad because you lost. You just can’t accept that you lost. And they’re coming up with these phony allegations, nothing to see here.”

And they try to shame anybody raising any concern, alarm, or objection about the integrity of elections. Just like this story that we can see with our own eyes. “On Friday morning a group called -” this is last Friday “– a group called Lead Stories -” you ever heard of ’em? “They published a ‘hoax alert’ falsely claiming to have debunked the security video,” that was released that showed these suitcases being dragged out from underneath the table after the Republican election observers had been sent home. “The Washington Post, Newsweek, and other outlets followed along, criticizing non-leftist journalists for giving the video traction. In fact, none of the claims made by the Republicans were debunked.

“Lead Stories’ ‘fact check’ says government officials told them everything was fine with the counting, that the ballots were in ‘containers — not suitcases,’ remember that? “Nah, they were in the right containers. Nothing to see here. This suitcase business, this is just what the people that deal with this, it’s just what they call them.” And that “party observers were never told to leave because counting was over for the night.” That didn’t happen. They just left on their own. They just decided to go home, don’t you know.

Now, “Leaving aside whether relying solely and uncritically on government officials’ claims constitutes anything close to a ‘fact check,’ let’s look at the claim that party observers were never told that counting was over for the night. In Lead Stories’ regurgitation of the government officials’ claims, only the people who cut open the absentee ballot envelopes were sent home, while ballot counters and scanners were retained and kept working — and no one told the press or other observers they were done counting.”

So, folks, the idea that the vote-counting video was debunked is not true. It’s not even close. And all of this is happening with the support of Big Tech. In fact, a Big Tech fact-checking outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence in support of Republicans’ claims of significant election problems at a Thursday Georgia Senate hearing. It didn’t. Not even close. This is the group Lead Stories. You know, it gets difficult to follow because the zone is so flooded with data that you don’t know what to glom on to, what to believe, what not to believe.

But even in Georgia there are much bigger claims than even this. For example, Trump and state Republican chairman David Schaffer, state Republican chairman Georgia, filed a criminal complaint in state court Friday regarding tens of thousands of votes they say were fraudulent, and they are these: 2,560 felons voted, 66,247 underage registrants. Stop and think of that for a minute, now, 66,000 underage people somehow ended up registered to vote. 2,423 people who were not even on the state’s voter rolls voted. 4,926 voters who had registered in another state after they had registered in Georgia. That makes ’em ineligible. 395 people who cast votes in another state for the same election. 15,700 voters who had filed national change-of-address forms without reregistering.

Votes came from 40,279 people who had moved counties without reregistering. That’s over 120,000 dubious votes even now. 1,043 people voted who claimed the physical impossibility of a P.O. box as their address. You cannot live in a P.O. box. There were 98 people who voted who registered after the deadline. 10,315 people who were dead on Election Day, and of those 10,315 who voted who were dead, 8,718 of whom had been registered as dead before their votes were accepted.

The lawsuit further alleges that mail-in ballots received nearly no scrutiny as standards for contesting questionable ballots were made unreasonably difficult. The idea that there’s nothing to see here is just nuts.

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