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RUSH: My friends, I have a friend out there whose husband had to get a COVID test on Saturday in order to be cleared for eye surgery that is going to happen soon, or did happen, I think it happened today, actually. And my friend’s husband had to show a photo ID to get the COVID-19 test. Another friend had to show a photo ID for the test in order to get a colonoscopy. And then my friend had to show a photo ID to pick up an online order at the local Pottery Barn store, pickup.

The point is that the husband needed a photo ID for a COVID-19 test for some surgery. Another friend had to show photo ID to get a test for a colonoscopy. A friend had to get a test just pick up some stuff at the Pottery Barn. Now, this is all clearly racist, is it not? (interruption) What do you mean, it’s not racist? What do you mean race has nothing to do with it? Race has everything to do with this. And you, of all people, should know this.

Like James Clyburn, the Congressional Black Caucasians, they tell us that blacks, African-Americans, no way, no way gonna get a photo ID. It is racist. It is a way for government to get a handle on who African-Americans are so they can be identified and kicked out of their houses. It’s a way for government to identify African-Americans so that they’re thrown out of their houses and onto the front curb or wherever else they can find to live.

The Democrats and the leftists, they tell us this over and over and over that we cannot have voter ID because African-Americans can’t get photo ID, because if they get photo IDs it means the government, which is out to get ’em in the first place, is then gonna be able to get ’em. This has been the number-one reason why we do not have voter ID. If we had photo ID for voting, do you realize how much of this fraud might end up being worthless? If we had a way to tie every vote to the person who cast it — now, this is the real reason why we don’t have photo ID for voter ID is because it would be much more difficult for the left, for the Democrats to cheat.

So, what do they do? They don’t say it has anything to do with that. No, no, no. They are protecting their constituency groups. Believe me, they’ve got African-Americans believing, especially those who are more elderly, they really believe that the government’s out to get ’em and they’re not gonna go pose for a photo that’s gonna be used on a voter ID card. It just isn’t gonna happen. They’re not gonna do it.

And of course who’s gonna object? ‘Cause if you object, what are you? You are a racist. So nobody’s gonna object to it. That’s why we don’t have photo voter ID. So I have a question. Does that mean that African-Americans cannot get COVID-19 tests? (interruption) It does? They can’t? They can’t get COVID-19 tests? (interruption) You mean you tell me African-Americans can’t get a COVID-19 test? You have to show a photo ID. (interruption) Black people go to Pottery Barn? I figured that. Black people have surgery, right? Okay. Black people have to show photo ID, which means they can get photo ID.

You need to have photo ID to get eye surgery. Do black people get eye surgery? (interruption) They do. Black people have driver’s licenses? (interruption) You’re kidding me. You’re kidding me. I thought African-Americans would not, in any way, on any form of ID allow their photo to appear. (interruption) You think James Clyburn has a photo ID? You gotta be kidding me. The former president of the Congressional Black Caucasians has a photo ID?

Well, he won’t let anybody else have them. What about colonoscopies, do you need a photo ID to go get a a colonoscopy? (interruption) African-Americans get colono — Okay. What you’re telling me is that for virtually everything in life that African-Americans need or wish to have or do, that they have a photo ID that will allow them to have or do it? (interruption) You telling me that you gotta show a photo ID when you buy cigarettes? Is that only African-Americans? (interruption) Oh, everybody has to do that, including African-Americans.

Well, I’m puzzled. I’m totally surprised, shocked, and stunned here. Because I was under the belief that African-Americans simply refused to pose for any kind of a photo that’s gonna end up on any kind of an ID card. (interruption) So then explain to me why — I mean, African-Americans vote, do they not? (interruption) Okay. So explain to me why we can’t have photo ID on voter cards, voter ID cards? I mean, I’m required to show a photo ID when I go vote. African-Americans aren’t apparently. ‘Cause they don’t have — (interruption) No, they don’t have to. That’s the whole point here.

If you order takeout at a restaurant or if you order anything from a store, you go pick it up rather than not have them deliver, you go pick it up, you have to show a photo ID there. I’m just telling you, I’m just confused. I can’t make sense of all of this.

You need a photo ID to get a COVID-19 test. You need a photo ID to get colonoscopy or whatever. You need a photo ID to do everything except African-Americans do not need one to go vote. Is that right? (interruption) In Democrat states. Wait a minute. You’re telling me that in Republican states African-Americans have to produce a photo… (interruption) Wait a minute.

Now I’m really confused. And I haven’t missed that many days. When did all this happen? (interruption) Years ago that African-Americans voting in Republican states had to show photo ID? (interruption) Like everybody else. Exactly. But they don’t complain about it, right? (interruption) And yeah, I know they’re not disenfranchised.

They’re perfectly fine, they go in there and they’re allowed to vote and all that. (interruption) I hate to tell you, in a matter of months we are all gonna be required to have COVID IDs to prove that we’ve been vaccinated. (interruption) That’s gonna be a problem because guess who’s not gonna want to be vaccinated? African-Americans. They’re not gonna trust that the government’s there to help them. And they may not be the only ones on that.

But oh, man. This is setting up to be something. The Department of Defense has already posted photos of the COVID cards online. And, by the way, I saw one. They’re gonna be child’s play to forge. I’m trying to stay hip and current with all this stuff, but I do know that African-Americans still resist photo IDs for voting, and they’re not required to have them. But they have to have ’em for everything else; so how in the hell do they get away with not having to present a photo ID when they vote? (interruption) Ooooh, I see. Because the African-Americans are the official pawns of the Democrat Party. Oh. I see. I see. Okay.

‘Cause I think a lot of people are gonna be surprised by this. The only group of people that does not need to produce a photo ID when voting is African-Americans in blue states. Is that pretty much it? (interruption) Okay. Well, we’ll keep a sharp eye on that. You know, I look at these things, I see these people making these changes and going through life and need a photo ID for virtually everything you have to do, and we still end up with African-Americans not needing photo IDs to vote.

And I’m just telling you, if we could end that, if we could have a photo ID when people are required to vote, if we could attach a face to every vote cast, it would put a big challenge in the way of people who want to cheat. They’d find a way. It would be a little harder for them. But it would still make the process of tracking people down a lot easier.

I was being facetious here, folks. Don’t believe I’m that ignorant. I was doing all this to — you know, it’s called illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

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