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RUSH: Here’s the Romney story. “Mitt Romney Laments Trump’s Continued ‘Substantial Influence’ On GOP: ‘I Don’t Think Trumpism Is Going Away.'” He says, “I think if you look at the people who are rumored to be thinking of running in 2024, besides the president, those are people who are trying to appeal to kind of a populist approach, so I don’t think Trumpism is going away.”

He is not happy about it. Mitt Romney is not happy about that.

So there’s just not time to be fair with another caller. I had a call wanting to discuss AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is taking shots at Pelosi and Schumer. She thinks they need to go. The caller is asking if that was actually true. It is.


RUSH: And, yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very worried that Pelosi and Schumer are way too old, that they have lost touch, that they don’t really have the energy anymore to lead the movement that she thinks they’re botching.

We’ll keep a sharp eye on that.

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