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RUSH: NPR has decided they need to listen to this program for signs that Trump is going to concede. All Things Considered. The cohost is Ailsa Chang, and she’s talking to their national political correspondent, a guy named Don Gonyea. She said, “What about conservative media outlets? We know that Trump watches them very closely. What are they saying about the Electoral College vote?”

GONYEA: Not surprisingly when you tune into Newsmax or One America News, uh, you don’t hear proclamations that the election is over. You hear a lot about Hunter Biden. But listen to this from Rush Limbaugh this afternoon. He doesn’t say Biden won outright but give a listen.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Do you realize how much of cable news is gonna have nothing to talk about now that Trump is gone — or allegedly gone? Don’t get mad at me here, folks. I’m just saying that without Trump in the White House providing media fodder countless hours per day, they’re not gonna know what to do.

GONYEA: And of course it goes without saying if President Trump had conceded, we would have led with that. He’s still tweeting today, false claims about election fraud.

RUSH: “He’s still tweeting false claims about election fraud” and waiting for Trump to concede. Trump hasn’t conceded. He hasn’t conceded because of this long-shot possibility in the House. There’s no way Trump’s gonna concede! Remember the objective of this long-shot possibility is to delay things up to January 18th.

Here’s Little Brian Stelter, CNN, reporting on conservative media, claiming that I framed Trump’s Supreme Court loss as “an elitist plot.”

STELTER: Rush Limbaugh claimed that Trump’s Supreme Court loss was some sort of elitist plot.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is strictly about getting rid of Donald Trump. There isn’t an entity in the American deep state, Washington establishment, whatever, that doesn’t want to get rid of Donald Trump, including enough justices on the Supreme Court.

STELTER: There is supply for these lies, because there is demand for these lies. Demand that is not going away.

RUSH: What lies? What lies! Brian, come on. Are you really this obtuse? I guess he may be. Do you really not understand the hatred for Trump at every level of the Washington establishment, from the judicial branch, to the legislative branch, to even in the executive branch? Trump was undermined by his saboteurs throughout his four years.

The idea that it’s somehow a lie to say that there isn’t an entity in the American deep state that doesn’t want rid of Donald Trump? That’s not a lie whether there’s demand or supply, whatever. It simply happens to be the case.

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