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RUSH: This is Robert in Hughesville, Maryland. It’s great that you called, and welcome to the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Merry Christmas, Rush, and God bless you and your staff.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. We all very much appreciate that.

CALLER: You know, I gotta thank you for teaching me how to read the grain in these dreams. My question for you today is, if Mrs. Loeffler and Mr. Perdue in Georgia would commit to challenging the electors — on I believe it was January 6th; I could be wrong — if that wouldn’t maybe help their case. I mean, as me and you both know, all bets are won on the first tee, and I believe this election is fixed already. But it would certainly have to help their case if they could come up and say they would challenge the electors, at least the ones in Georgia. It would perhaps, you know, help us Trump voters to come out and try to head off this debacle. But —

RUSH: Well, why…? Let me ask, what are you hearing? You’re in Hughesville, Maryland, obviously. You can’t vote in this. Are you hearing that there’s trouble in Georgia and that Loeffler and Perdue have to come out and do something to generate support for Republican voters?

CALLER: Rush, my personal opinion is they’re RINOs just like, you know, the rest. Mr. McConnell, they’re just RINOs. But, you know, we’re all pretty upset about having this election stolen.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I believe the fix is in on this, but anything that they could do to help stand up for us Trump supporters, which they haven’t done, I think would certainly help, ’cause we both know if they lose the Senate we’re in deep, deep doo-doo.

RUSH: Well, here’s the thing. We can talk about these two people. Perdue, let me… It was a year ago, I think. Kathryn and I had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Trump — President and Mrs. Trump — at Mar-a-Lago right before Christmas, like two or three days, maybe the weekend before Christmas. And Senator Perdue and his wife were there at the table.

I don’t think you should have any doubts about Senator Perdue’s support for President Trump. You seem to think he’s a RINO, and I understand the tendency that people have to categorize people this way. But I gotta tell you something. It’s worth the risk, because if these two lose? It’s sit around and batten down the hatches until 2022 when these people screw so much up that the Republicans win in the midterm elections.

But that’s two years of abject torture that we’re gonna have subjected to us because there’s gonna be no stopping Biden and the Democrats. And, believe me, they’re gonna be hell-bent on turning this country as radical left as they can. And the one way to stop it is with the election of these two. It’s the only thing. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s still something that ought to prevail.

Now, I’ve got an interesting story here by John Solomon in Just the News. Trump adviser Peter Navarro is urging Georgia, which he is calling a “cesspool” here, to delay the Senate runoff election ’til February. Navarro says that Republican “concerns about the state’s November election need to be addressed before the next vote,” and this kind of dovetails with what you’re getting at here, is that:

Well, if the election in Georgia is already tainted and we can’t trust the results, then why are we gonna trust the next election? And a lot of people have had this thought. “Peter Navarro, a key White House adviser to President Trump, is urging Georgia officials to delay by a month the Jan. 5 runoff races in that state that will determine control of the U.S. Senate so that GOP concerns about November election irregularities can be resolved first.

“‘It is a cesspool.’ …

“Navarro, the president’s chief adviser of manufacturing and trade issues, recently issued a report as a private citizen entitled ‘Immaculate Deception’ that catalogued six categories of irregularities in the presidential election that have concerned Republicans. He told [John Solomon] that Georgia encountered problems in all six categories, and the state needs to restore confidence among the electorate, especially Republicans, before proceeding with the all-important Senate runoffs.”

It’s an excellent point. Now, I don’t expect anybody to pay any attention to it, but still, he’s raising the issue that if we had problems with the November election, and we’re still not dealing with them, why do we have confidence in the runoff? We need to delay it.

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