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RUSH: This is James in Battle Creek, Michigan. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Mega dittos, Rush, and much prayer to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. Just an observation and a comment on unity and who the real unifiers are. Garth Brooks said that, you know, he sang at the inauguration, then he said he sang for unity. And so far I haven’t seen any calls to boycott him or to cancel him, much like you would if it was gonna be a Trump inauguration. Your thoughts?

RUSH: Are you asking me where is the anger at Garth Brooks for participating in this?

CALLER: Well, the fact is I don’t think you will see it like you would have seen it out of the left, had this been a Trump inauguration.

RUSH: Well, it’s early. It’s early. Who we talking about? People may not even know yet that Garth Brooks performed, and they may not know who he is after they hear that he did perform. But I think even if there’s a move on Garth Brooks, the media won’t cover it. That’s the thing that you have to understand about this. The media is not gonna be in any way similar to the way they covered news when Trump was the president. So Garth Brooks is gonna end up being praised. He’s gonna get great, great accolades here, for crossing over, for leaving the deplorables, for telling the deplorables that he wants no part of them. No, he’s gonna be a big hero today, if anything else.

CALLER: Yes. And I just love how the cancel culture only seems to work one way.

RUSH: Of course it does. I mean, there is no cancel culture of the left. It doesn’t exist. Unless somebody on the left engages in what we would consider traitorous behavior. But Garth Brooks, he’s not being a traitor. He’s a hero. He’s a Republican, ostensibly, and he’s going against what people in his own party would express as a desire. Anyway, I’m glad you called.


RUSH: You know, I uttered a quotable remark not long ago. You don’t turn on your base. It’s also a quote that’s made famous by Victor Davis Hanson. You don’t turn on your base. And I uttered that in telling you a story about my impression of what happened to Fox, that a lot of Fox viewers thought with the call of Arizona on election night, that that constituted a slap in the face of the base. Because it changed everything.

That call changed everything. It allowed vote counts to stop. It allowed all kinds of things above and beyond the norms to stop. And so Garth Brooks — I mean, he’s a known Republican — has Garth Brooks abandoned his base? Will his base consider that he betrayed them? I don’t know. Time will tell. But he might have.

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