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Guest Host Todd Herman’s Stack of Stuff

Feb 18, 2021

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • FOXNews: Mark Levin Pays Tribute to Rush Limbaugh: ‘He Made It Cool To Be A Patriot’
  • SteynOnline: The Indispensable Man – Mark Steyn
  • Federalist: Read The Most Touching Tributes To Broadcast Legend Rush Limbaugh
  • Daily Wire: Conservative Broadcasters Pay Tribute To Rush Limbaugh: ‘An Icon. A Patriot.’
  • Breitbart: Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021): A Giant of Talk Radio and American Conservatism
  • Breitbart: WATCH: Rush Limbaugh’s Greatest Speech — Keynote Address to CPAC, 2009
  • Breitbart: Rush Limbaugh’s Greatest Virtue – John Nolte
  • Breitbart: Tucker Carlson: ‘We Think of Corporate Censorship as a New Phenomenon, but Rush Limbaugh Was Fighting It 30 Years Ago and Winning’
  • PJ Media: Rush Limbaugh’s ‘No-Yield’ Authenticity Won’t Be Forgotten – J. Christian Adams
  • Daily Wire: Country Music Star John Rich Reveals Rush Limbaugh’s Secret Act Of Charity: ‘I Never Said A Word Until Now’
  • FOXNews: Tucker: Rush Limbaugh A Remarkable Man Who Lived A Life That Mattered
  • FOXNews: Mike Pence On Rush Limbaugh’s Impact: ‘America Lost A Giant Today’
  • Federalist: Hemingway: Limbaugh Taught A Generation How To Fight Back Against The Corrupt Media, Totalitarian Left
  • PJ Media: Rush Limbaugh Changed America –
  • National Review: Remembering Rush — a Conservative Messenger Who Changed the Dialogue
  • New York Post: Rush Limbaugh remade talk radio and won the hearts of millions: RIP
  • Washington Free Beacon: The Era of Limbaugh. Why Rush Limbaugh Matters
  • BizPacReview: Rush Limbaugh dies; America loses greatest Conservative voice as golden microphone goes silent
  • JustTheNews: Limbaugh became synonymous with talk radio during his career, transforming the medium in the process
  • New York Post: Rush Limbaugh Remade Talk Radio — And Modern Conservatism – Ben Domenech
  • The Hill: Simply The Best: Why Rush Limbaugh Was The GOAT Of Talk Radio – Joe Concha
  • All Israel News: I Worked For Rush Limbaugh & Was His Friend For 28 Years – He Was The Most-Influential Pro-Israel Broadcaster In The History Of Radio – Joel C. Rosenberg
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