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TODD: We had a great teacher, a great human teacher in Rush Limbaugh. There is a power dynamic like I’ve never seen in politics, and you’re gonna hear Rush explain some of the dynamics behind these power dynamics and this power play. It’s an important one. Of the many things that Donald Trump accomplished in four years was having the deep state stick their head up so we can see who they are, exposing the comfort with which Mitch McConnell and others…

I tend to pick on Mitch ’cause I like to impersonate him. But there’s a whole lot of others — “professional Republicans,” I call them. The comfort with which they view being in second place and their evident relief of being able to get back to talking about shirts versus skins. They’re so very comfortable in the realm of nibbling around the edges of America’s problems.

The $1.9 trillion alleged COVID bailout, which it may be $600 million somewhat tangentially related to the lockdowns is a great way to illustrate this. John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell and others are very comfortable saying, “I’ve never seen a more haphazard way to spend $1.9 trillion.” Yeah, that’s bad. It’s thievery to see this money going to people like Dylann Roof and the Boston bomber. It’s thievery, and it is nibbling around the real challenge in our country.

Rush described this as being in a death grip of communism, and we are, and the Democrats know this. That’s why they are trying to put in place H.R. 1, which federalizes elections. It directly goes against the Constitution where the states and the legislatures of the states prescribe the way those federal elections are held in their states — or, rather, the elections for federal office. They know this.

The power dynamic here on the Republican side is this. President Trump’s lawyers have served notice on the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee: You don’t get to use Donald Trump’s name or Donald Trump’s image anymore in relation to fundraising. At all.

This is a massive power move, and what it sets up is Trump as kingmaker from a financial perspective. The president can create a pass-through political action committee, a mega PAC of some kind, or he can back specific candidates if he chooses to do it that way. He could use his data sets to advantage candidates that he thinks will carry forth his effort to defeat what I regard as…

I don’t even know that it’s communism as much as it is the China model. This is what the Democrats and their sponsors in Big Banking and all too much of big Medicine and all too much of Big Media. Want. They seek a China model for us. They really like that: Force to you buy products you don’t want from companies you don’t like at prices you can’t afford for things you don’t need. That’s a great model.

So when the president’s lawyers say this to these committees, they’re cutting off a lifeline. And the president said, “I’m not gonna set up another political entity. I’m not gonna set up a new political party.” No. He’s gonna starve the existing ones of cash. There is no zeal in the world of Republican politics for anyone on the Republican side right now on a presidential basis. There’s developing zeal.

Ron DeSantis has done a great job of standing up to the mockingbird media. He’s standing to Silicon Valley. He’s done a brilliant job at handling the COVID and ending the lockdowns early and doing away with the mask dictates’. He’s in good stead. Kristi Noem is in great stead. They both are. If the president and they were to come to an understanding, President Trump could be the king or queenmaker.

I don’t want them to be king or queens. I’d rather have them be government employees such as presidents, if President Trump himself decides not to run. But to the committees to not be able to use his name? The only way they get to use his name is go to him and say, “What do you want? What do we need to do to be able to use your name?” This is an incredible moment of truth for these committees to understand.

When you guys didn’t leap into action — I mean thunderous action. When we saw the election fraud, the circumstances for fraud being set up, all of us watched it. Rush himself talked about this. You remove all the rules, all the standards, and you flood these states with absentee ballots. Everybody gets a ballot. You remove the rules. You have Mark Zuckerberg spending half a billion dollars for, quote, “vote turnout” only in Democrat districts.

You’re setting up the availability of fraud and environment for that. That they didn’t leap into action the minute these things were announced and start lawsuits then to block this then? That they weren’t universally on TV saying, “This is creating conditions for fraud”? They left the president swinging in this regard. (laughing) The thing about President Trump I admire, in politics…

It’s one thing from a spiritual sense, religious sense to forgive. From a political perspective, you may well forgive, but you cannot forget. But people did. We need that fight. Our country depends on this fight. So these committees are now facing this. So Rush, of course, addressed these things, and one of the things about Rush is he pointed out that Trump’s message resonated.

Even though the left won the presidency, Republicans won down the ballot, MAGA was not rejected, which should have the Dems nervous about the midterms — and they are. Rush explained that the only thing that went the left’s way in this past election was Trump not winning.

RUSH: The Republican Party has flipped an untold number of seats in a presidential race where the presidential candidate, Trump, loses? It’s almost unprecedented. I’m sure it’s happened before because everything has in life. There’s nothing new anymore, but it’s still phenomenal. The Democrats had this vision of adding seats in the House, winning the White House, and taking the Senate, and having total control of all branches of government — and they would never surrender it.

They were gonna pack the Supreme Court. They were gonna get statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Get four new senators from those two places, all four Democrats. They’d never, ever lose control of government again; therefore, never, ever have to worry about elections. But it all went awry. The only thing that went their way was Trump losing.

But Republicans are winning everywhere down the ballot. It’s almost as bad for the Democrats as it was in 2008 when Obama won the presidency, but the Democrats lost down the ballot like nobody expected. Even CNN admits this is happening. I think… I keep talking about this. It’s important that people understand what happened down ballot, down the ticket in this election.

Republicans in January are going to be in a much more powerful position as a result of this. They are poised to influence the Democrat agenda in ways they couldn’t have when Pelosi had a 35-seat cushion to pass legislation. We’re not talking about flipping now. We’re not gonna run the House, not gonna control it.

They’re gonna have enough seats that she’s not gonna have anything like a free road right in front of her to do whatever she wants to do. You’ve got some Democrats who are gonna pay attention to what happened here (the less radical ones), and Republicans might even be able to block legislation like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal.

And, believe me, the Democrats have been salivating over being able to do this stuff. The Democrats in the House have nothing to celebrate, and they aren’t celebrating — and they’re very nervous about going into 2022 — and all of this is because of Donald Trump. The Republicans owe all of this to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the reason for the new makeup of the Republican Party and fact that they are winning. Not the Never Trumpers. Not the age-old Republican establishment. These are Donald Trump Republicans, and the Democrats know that the MAGA agenda ain’t going anywhere. No matter what happens to Trump, the MAGA agenda is the Republican Party.

TODD: And now professional Republicans at the committees know it. When you hear me use the phrase “professional Republican,” let me explain it to you. This is how I view it, because I worked in these circles. If you talk to a professional Republican and you say, “What do you do for a living?” if they’re intellectually honest, they say, “I’m Republican.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Well, I go on TV, and I’m a Republican.”

“Well, what are — what are your principles? Are you conservative Republican?”

“Well, that’s the way things are leaning.” You had Mitt Romney even say, “I’m a severe conservative.” Professional Republicans. They’re just Republican. Now they know (laughing) there’s gonna be one organization that’s going to be able to allow President Trump’s name and image to be used in fundraising, and that organization is the Trump political organization, and you better believe the committees are gonna try to figure out how they get on the good side of Donald Trump in order to be able to use his name and image.

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