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BRETT: We’ve had quite a tour and a visit together on so many of the issues Rush was exactly right on, maintaining that accuracy count.

One of the issues that he was brave about talking about, was strong about talking about, was the notion of law and order in our country. And the idea that people have a right to live in a safe community. And people have a right to live their lives and their kids go to school. Essentially pursuit of happiness and the American dream, right? Well, unfortunately we have seen an almost unprecedented year of lockdowns and riots and border surges, all kind of happening at the same time.

And it’s incredibly dangerous to see what’s played out especially in the West Coast cities — cities like Portland, cities like Los Angeles — across this last year or so. We’ve seen manifestations of violence on an industrial level. I mean it’s just been incredible to see. Over the weekend, we crossed an unfortunate anniversary, the death of a young woman named Breonna Taylor who lost her life during a police raid that took place in a building.

She lost her life. She was shot through a door and died, and she has been memorialized. She’s been remembered. She has become an integral part of the narrative of Black Lives Matter and of course of calls for defunding the police and social justice and change and that sort of stuff. But it was interesting to see how it was this was now playing out in yet another weekend of violence in American cities.

West Coast cities erupted in violence on the anniversary. In Los Angeles, you had three officers injured, 11 arrested as the protests turned violently. Rush was very vocal about the danger of playing the race card — arguing, essentially, that when one political party dangerously plays the race card, we all suffer. In fact, Rush said explicitly and directly that there needs to be more pushback when this happens. Go.

RUSH: I’ll be flat-out honest with you what alarms me, and it’s bothered me for most of the years I’ve been doing this program. There has yet to be any pushback on this. And by pushback, I mean average, ordinary citizens who are being affected by this stuff are just letting it happen.

They’re not pushing back against it. So they are ceding — c-e-d-i-n-g, they are ceding — territory to these people, and everybody watches that happen. When there’s no pushback, you’re gonna feel alone. Frankly, I’ve been waiting for 30 years, 25 years for there to be pushback. Not only is there not pushback, the few who do push back don’t get defended by very many people. I have made it a point — and I’m not trying to make this about me. I’m trying to be illustrative here.

I have made it a point whenever anybody on my side decides to try to push back against the Democrats, against the left, against the media — and when they get assaulted and attacked — I am right in there defending them, whether I know them or not. The first person I did that for was Clarence Thomas when they tried to destroy him after he was nominated to be associate justice on the Supreme Court by George H. W. Bush.

I didn’t know Clarence Thomas; I never met him. But I knew who was going after him and trying to destroy him, and I knew that they should not get away with it after what they’d done to Robert Bork — who I did know, and who was not anything like how he had been characterized. But the Bush administration didn’t even push back against Thomas.

The Reagan administration didn’t push back against Bork. They didn’t know what to do. There’s never any pushback, and there needs to be pushback. There needs to be, “We’re not gonna put up with this!” There needs to be an intolerance to this kind of takeover of our civil society. But there isn’t.

They’re not pushing back. If there’s no pushback, and if the pushback isn’t seen, then people are going to get dispirited and think that nobody cares about this assault on the country, and this assault on the country is a full-court press to change it under the premise that America cannot be fixed. America can’t be corrected, America can’t be redeemed because our problems are original sin.

They were baked in by the Founding Fathers. They cannot be fixed. Therefore, the Constitution the country needs to be disbanded, thrown away, and started over with these people writing the Constitution. I’ve told you for years, when I first saw Black Lives Matter and then Occupy Wall Street and recognized what’s going on, the whole point is that there’s no way anything that we will do that’s oriented toward solving, resolving, fixing one of these original problems will ever be accepted as such because it isn’t the objective.

The objective is not to fix what went wrong in slavery and pay reparations. The objective is not to go back and correct whatever happened in the early days of the country and fix it. The objective, my friends, is for these people to totally tear down and tear apart the country and transform it into something it was not intended to be. And they are hoping to be successful here by convincing you that it’s not worth stopping them because you’re in the minority and there aren’t enough of you anyway, and the proof is you never see any pushback.

You never see anybody responding, so you must be in the minority. You must be one of 10 people who doesn’t care what’s happened to your country. If you’re feeling down in the dumps and depressed, it’s because there isn’t any pushback. It makes perfect sense why you would think you’re the only one that sees what’s going on. But the battles and the controversies in which we find ourselves are cultural trying to force and intimidate changing modes of behavior. They are not trying to imprint an ideology on people.

They are attempting to use intimidation to force you to think and behave and speak in ways they demand. Because if you don’t you will be under their knife, their gun, their guillotine, whatever. You will be subject to their punishment. This is right out of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of Mao Tse-tung. Now, when I say, “It isn’t political,” it may be tough to separate the two because there is a political tie-in. It’s to the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is in favor of all of this happening.

The Democrat Party sees untold benefits to all of this happening, and this is what you’ve all got to realize. The Democrat Party sees mountainous victory in this country being riven, roiled, and torn apart. The Democrat Party would not even object if the Constitution were thrown away and rewritten. In terms of the reason why there is no pushback, it’s a cultural phenomenon happening here.

And when you talk about no pushback, where’s the first place you would expect to see some? Well, for me it would be elected Republicans somewhere, either in Washington or in Minnesota or in the state of Washington. “But, Rush! But, Rush! They’re so outnumbered.” So? If there is no pushback from elected political leaders, then where is the inspiration for others? Most people are not leaders. This is not a criticism.

Most people are followers. Leaders are very rare, and right now there doesn’t seem to be — or there don’t seem to be — very many that we can point to and say, “Yeah!” Well, the thing about things like this is whether there is direct confrontational, in-their-faces pushback or not, you can find evidence of pushback. Let me give you some examples of it — and, by the way, it’s not organized.

It doesn’t have a leader. These examples I’m gonna give you do not represent a movement that you can join. It’s kind of like the Tea Party. If it appeals to you, you go out and do it on your own — and I’m telling you that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are. HBO. HBO decides to come out and say, “You know what? We’re gonna really virtue signal you!

“We’re gonna really show you how much better than you we are. We’re gonna show you how much more we care. We are not going to air Gone With the Wind anymore,” and, by the way, as Democrats, I can understand why. That’s the Democrat Party of the Civil War. That’s what Gone With the Wind portrays. It portrays the Democrat Party running the Confederacy in the days of the Civil War.

(interruption) What? (interruption) You don’t agree with that? (interruption) So stupid to think what? (interruption) No, it’s not stupid at all! It’s called virtue signaling. It’s how they show they’re better than everybody. It’s how they keep BLM from tearing down their office building. It’s how they keep all these college kids and all these virtue signalers out there from destroying them.

It’s about how… It’s cowardice. It’s getting their business out of the way before anybody demands they do. So they get points for caring. But Gone With the Wind is exactly… If you want to know what the antebellum South was like, if you want to know what racism was all about, just watch Gone With the Wind. That’s the Democrats. The Confederacy is the Democrat Party — and, by the way, that Confederacy was alive and well all the way through the sixties. Joe Biden was praising them and complimenting them when he first arrived in the United States Senate.

Well, anyway, HBO can’t ban Gone With the Wind. All they can do is say, “We’re not gonna stream it.” But guess what? It’s now number one in Amazon DVD sales. Why do you think that is? Is it because a lot of people never heard of it and think, “Wow, what’s this all about? I’ve gotta go rent it and buy it to find out what it’s all about.” No. It’s not that. It’s a number of things, but it’s not that. One of the things it might be is people saying, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I better go buy it.

“HBO’s not gonna allow it to be aired anymore. I better go buy it if I want to see it.” There could be some of that. But no. I know it’s pushback! I think it’s full-fledged pushback. But there’s an even larger question, and it’s the other side of pushback, and let me see if I can phrase it. I’ve asked this question before — at what point does it become productive for people to see what happens when liberals run the show?

BRETT: Oh, we’re starting to see that now, aren’t we? But there’s still room for pushback. Rush and the founders just laid out that roadmap.

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