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KEN: This is, I think, the biggest problem right now that we’re seeing with the left and Joe Biden’s administration. It’s always been about priorities. The priorities, if you take a page from the Constitution of the United States, should not be that difficult to wrap your head around. Peace, security, the well-being of the population, et cetera. But for some reason, the priorities are so messed up, it’s become diversity and political correctness. Anyway, Rush laid this out before and, based on this, I think we all know what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing is going to make the border worse. Here’s cut 1.

RUSH: Solving a problem means you don’t need the bureaucracy anymore. Solving the problem means you don’t need the Democrats anymore. Solving the problem means you can’t blame Trump for it anymore. But apparently the pictures are so bad, and the suffering of the children is so bad, that not even the Drive-By Media wants to cover for the Democrats.

Mexico, especially on the southern border, is simply behaving like they have been committing to behave for decades — well, maybe two decades, 20 years. They’ve been letting their southern border slide, and nobody was pressuring them on it. Well, we all know the reasons. Both political parties in America didn’t mind open borders. The more the merrier! The Democrats for voter registration; Republicans, ostensibly, for cheap labor.

So Trump is the game-changer here now, and the reason the Mexicans are doing what they’re doing on their southern border? It only took a couple of days after threatening to slap a bunch of tariffs on ’em, and look what happened. They started adhering to law that was already on the books. This entire situation that we are in with illegal immigration could be rectified with the simple enforcement of existing law, which is what the ICE raids are going to be.

There’s simply… There’s nothing new about them. There’s nothing Draconian; there’s nothing outrageous. There’s simple the enforcement of existing law. We haven’t done it for so long is why it looks inhumane and mean to people, but it’s existing law! There is so much law in this country, that if we would just enforce a lot of it that we don’t, we wouldn’t need any new laws of any substance — consequence, is what I’m trying to say. But we don’t enforce a lot of them.

Let me give you an example. Remember when to the state of Arizona under the governor, Jan… Jan… Come on, mind. What is it? She was a Rush Baby, the governor there, Jan… Anyway, they were so frustrated that the Obama administration would not enforce basic (Jan Brewer!) United States immigration law, that they crafted state immigration law that mirrored federal immigration law. You know what happened?

The Obama Regime sued them under the premise, “You guys don’t run immigration. The federal government does. You don’t get to dictate immigration policy; we do. So screw you!” And of course the courts upheld that. All right. Here comes Andrew Cuomo and whoever else — Gavin Newsom, the rest of these Democrat governors — advocating that illegal aliens get driver’s licenses. We don’t need any new laws that involve TSA. We just need to have somebody at the federal government to say, “You can’t do that! You don’t run immigration law.

“You don’t have the authority to grant driver’s licenses to noncitizens, to illegal immigrants. Now, Governor Cuomo and his crowd would fight it because, as you mentioned, this is one of the first steps — driver’s licenses — to Motor Voter voter registration. We all know what the game is. This is my point about not needing new laws. All it takes… But a law is worthless if it’s not gonna be enforced and violators are not gonna be held accountable.

So since these laws are not being upheld, this gives us reason to come up with new laws.

We don’t need any new laws when you get right down to brass tacks. All it takes is somebody to say to Andrew Cuomo and the people of New York, “You can’t do that. Immigration law is not your province.” It’s the same thing with sanctuary cities. Now, people say (grumbling), “Wait a minute, Rush. What about federalism and states’ rights?” Well, yeah, states have rights. But in matters of federal law, the states do not trump, per se, and the federal government has total purview, because the federal government controls the unified border.

You can’t turn over border control to individual states.

KEN: We will be right back celebrating the wisdom and wit of Rush Limbaugh next.


KEN: I want to go back to the border for just a second, because for years, of all the issues that are out there, don’t you think that the border is among the simplest to understand? There are so many analogies. You know, there’s a reason you keep a gate around your pool. There’s a reason you keep a fence around the power plant or people put up fences.

It’s so easy. I never understood. And then, of course, you realize there’s so much more to open borders. There’s one political party that’s making money off the labor issue and another political party that… You know, I think it was… Was it Matt Gaetz? I can’t remember which congressman, but it was a funny line but it was true or false.

He said that under Biden, it’s “catch-and-release and vote,” which I thought was dead on. Catch-and-release and vote. So put it this way. The sad thing about what’s going on at the border, is chances are people coming over the border may have already been exploited at some level. Is that a…? I think that’s a safe thing to presume.

Maybe they’re trying to escape something or someone, and yet they’re met with more exploitation, whether it be employment exploitation or (God forbid) human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug muling. And then the icing on the cake for the Democrats, of course, is voting, ’cause you could be any of those and still vote.

The Democrats in California, they’ll come and pick you up. “Oh, yeah, we’ll be there and we’ll bring a gift certificate to on your favorite stores, too.” So you think about what’s happening at the border, but people forget. They forget it’s a security risk. The national security correspondent for Voice of America is named Jeff Seldin.

He recently asked Air Force general Glen VanHerck… Now, General VanHerck is the commander of the U.S. Northern Command, and he said this. Stand by cut 2, Mike. Have you seen any evidence that terrorists are actually trying to come across the southern U.S. border?

VANHERCK: I can’t go into the intelligence that I see with regards to what nations, what’s coming across the border. But I will tell you that I have seen intelligence that gives me reason to be concerned about what comes across the border. So you are correct. Border security is national security. And we need to know exactly who is coming across that border and what their intent is. And how we get there is a policy decision, but it has homeland defense and national security implications.

KEN: So here you have national security implications, health implications, criminal issues with the exploitation on either side, all the illegality that’s attached to this. You have people masquerading as someone or people that they’re not to get young people across. It’s despicable.

And on top of it all, your kid, your grandkid, your child, you might be in college, whatever. You can’t go back to school in some areas of the country that are under Democrat Party occupation because of covid. But these people are being let in with covid. They’re not being quarantined. They’re being let in.

“Checking for covid!”

“Okay, this one’s got covid.”

“All right. Just go to the left.”

“What do you mean, the left?”

“Well, just go that city there, whatever. Here’s some Kleenex.”

This is what is actually happening. We’re in the middle of — according to Joe Biden, the one they installed on January 20th — the biggest pandemic in the history of the human race, and we have an open border, and people are just pouring in. Sometimes it’s a terrorist, or sometimes it’s just a kid who never learned not to sneeze in everybody’s face.

You’re not allowed to cover it. Is this not the third or fourth part of the government that the Biden administration has said, “Okay, you can’t cover this.” So the Border Patrol… Nothing against the Border Patrol because they have to follow a chain of command. So they’re saying, “No, you can’t come on these ride-alongs .You can’t cover this operation at night. You can’t do this.”

The FBI says the same thing. DHS says the same thing. So little by little we’re getting less access. Yet citizen journalists and some woman that lives in El Paso goes out with her iPhone, and she does better reporting than we’re getting from the network news. So we have a crisis at the border, but you’re not allowed to call it a crisis. But FEMA’s down there. Why else would you send FEMA down there?

It is crazy.


KEN: I want to wrap up one more thing about the border because, once again, Rush gave us the truth, and now we are seeing it with our own eyes — and what happens when you and I start seeing things with our own eyes? That’s when the news media says, “No, no, no! You’re not seeing that. No, no, no,” and isn’t that the most frustrating thing?

Especially for you folks that live on the Texas border. New Mexico, Arizona. You live on these borders, and you see things with your own eyes, and you see the news truck come from some fancy market, and they show up to cover it. Then you’re watching the news, and they’re watching it… We’ve all experienced this, especially with mainstream news media.

They’re covering it, “Behind me is the Rio Grande river,” and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and you’re like, “That is… Nothing you’re saying is true. I just picked my kid up from school a mile from there, and you’re lying.” So we now have to pay attention like we’ve never paid before. By the way, speaking of kids, Rush had a great comment that nails the entire issue. Cut 3.

RUSH: We had this couple that called yesterday that said they are being asked by their church, who was asked by the Regime, to house kids in their homes! They were told, “Do not discuss this,” and they were so outraged by it, they called here and told me and you. I’m kind of surprised that didn’t get picked up anywhere. It did not get picked up anywhere. This is Bridenstine. He’s the Republican from Oklahoma who has been just outraged that you can’t get in to see these kids. I mean, they’re hiding them. They’re trying to shelter them.

They’re not using the usual liberal accompaniments for this cause. There’s something else going. They want this actually happening under the radar. Whatever is going on, they don’t want you to know about it, and here’s proof of this. Bridenstine was on Fox today. Bill Hemmer said, “You were turned away on the 1st of July. You’re gonna get access on Saturday at Fort Sill in Oklahoma?”

BRIDENSTINE: That’s correct. The rules are very stringent. Number one: You can’t ask questions. Number two: There can be no recording devices. Number three: You can’t talk to any of the staff. You can’t talk to the children. You can’t talk to the medical personnel. And if you have questions, you can send an e-mail. You can’t take any pictures, but after the tour, they will send pictures to you. But there can be no pictures during the tour. This is not what we expect in the United States of America, and certainly the media here needs to stand up for itself.

RUSH: See, normally when it’s “for the children,” they want you to know everything in the world they are doing so that they can benefit from the display of compassion. But in this, they’re hiding. They’re trying to keep everything that is happening with these children from public knowledge. The media’s not allowed to talk to ’em. Members of Congress are not allowed to talk to ’em. No pictures, no nothing. So it’s obviously something very clandestine going on there.

KEN: If we haven’t reached it already, we’re on track to reach a level of news manipulation — hand in hand, openly — with this administration that many of us have seen if we’ve studied history, and I know people in this audience have had the misfortune of living under dictatorships and communism, and they’ve watched things morph slowly from socialism.

Socialism is just communism without armored vehicles and guns in the street. That’s the only difference there. That’s it. And we are witnessing that now. We are witnessing the Biden administration saying openly, “Oh, no, we don’t refer to that this way — and then we’ve made it clear to the news people: There’s certain things we don’t talk about.

“There’s certain things you, American citizen, are not allowed to say. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you’re not allowed to see. But thanks for paying for everything.” That’s something else that we have to keep in mind. Millions of people are losing their businesses, kids out of school, people out of work, and we’ve decided to take on the equivalent of another country coming in to our own and pay for it. With what?

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