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BRETT: It is an incredible news cycle moving before our very eyes. Overnight you had a meeting between our secretary of state, our national security adviser (so that would be Antony Blinken, as your secretary of state, and Jake Sullivan is the national security adviser to the president), gathering with the ChiComs. That’s right, with the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party representatives from their Communist Party, from their foreign ministry.

They got together in Alaska, and things got hot and spicy very quickly. Antony Blinken is a very low-energy, deliberate kind of guy. I’m not being insulting about him. I’m just giving you his style. He’s not Pompeoesque. He’s not somebody who comes out with energy and commitment. He sat there in sort of a dour manner and went through the expectations the United States is hoping to have with China. Jake Sullivan was sitting there alongside him as well.

Both of these men are very well traveled, very well known to the world of diplomacy as allies to President Biden and even back when he was Vice President Biden. But as they sat there across the table laying out their expectations, their points, the spokesperson — or, I should say the real boss, the Chinese Communist Party foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi exchanged heated words.

This is what Jiechi said to the translator to Blinken.

JIECHI: (via translator) It is important for the United States to change its own image and to stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world. Many people within United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States, and they have various views regarding the government to the United States. In China, according to opinion polls, the leaders of China have the wide support of the Chinese people.

BRETT: Whoo. That’s tough. Remember back in the early days of the Obama administration when he went out on the apology tour, went around the world and apologized for America? This felt a lot like Chinese Communist Party saying to Joe Biden, “Now you apologize to the world! You don’t have any standing. Your country is racist, and people are dying.” Listen to what he said. This is Jiechi’s translator, cut number two.

JIECHI: (via translator) The challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years such as Black Lives Matter. It did not come up only recently.

BRETT: Wait a minute. So are you saying that when we do things politically in the United States the world knows about it? Yes that’s true. That’s right. Meanwhile, they have the Uyghurs in congregation camps, something President Trump hit back on, signing a bill last June condemning China’s concentration camps where an estimated one or two million Muslim Uyghurs are being detained and tortured and raped.

It’s every kind of awful you could possibly imagine when you look at what it is that China is doing. There is no such notion of human rights in the Chinese Communist Party regime. It just doesn’t exist, from slave labor to the forced consumption of pork and renunciation of their Muslim faith and forced consumption of alcohol and all of these sorts of atrocious horrible things.

The Chinese are sitting across from the Biden team and saying, “You know what? Who are you to lecture us? Your own country, you acknowledge you’ve got racism, Black Lives Matter has come about! You’ve got action in the streets.” Well, look. Back just a little while ago Rush made it clear to us that Trump’s been warning us about China since the 1980s. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: We could get sound bites of Donald Trump speaking on TV in the 2000s. We could get Trump speaking on TV starting in 2015 when he ran for president. One of his themes as a human being has been that the Chinese are getting away with scamming us and with cheating us, both economically, in currency manipulation and trade. Donald Trump alone!

Nobody in the Washington establishment has dared be critical of the Chinese. In fact, the Obama administration… Just to remind you, there was some Chinese foreign minister, some politburo member was in Washington, and somebody in the Obama administration launched into this guy for human rights abuses, and the ChiCom reaction was (paraphrased exchange), “Well, you got no right to preach to us about human rights abuses. You people created slavery!”

And the Obama guy said, “You know what? You’re right. I apologize. We have no right to preach to you.” So this guy in the Obama administration just threw away any moral authority that we do have, because they are communist pigs. We have moral authority over the Chinese just as we had it over the Soviet Union — and we had it over Cuba, Venezuela. We are the good guys!

And the Obama people just threw it away with one little bit of throwback from the Chinese. Donald Trump has singularly been sounding the call to alarm about China, and this is something the media will not be able to rewrite. Long before he came down the escalator to start his campaign, he has been warning everybody about China, about what a bunch of cheats they are, about how they have outsmarted stupid American leaders in trade deals, about how they are currency manipulators.

Even Democrats know that this is the case. Trump has been more astute and forward-thinking about the ChiComs than almost anybody else in this country. In fact, you could go back to the 1980s where you can find interviews of Trump talking about the threat that China posed to the United States. And now more and more Americans are beginning to see the problem posed by China.

BRETT: The layers this perception that Donald Trump when he was president of the United States was a bull in a china shop. Pardon the term, but you know what I’m saying). “He doesn’t know what he’s doing! He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he’s brash, he’s all these things. This is terrible. It’s terrible.” He was projecting strength as an American president.

He had Xi Jinping to Mar-a-Lago, and they had conversations. So at the outset, President Trump was saying to Xi Jinping, “Hey, I respect you as the leader of China, but you can’t do this to us anymore. We’re not doing this anymore,” and the big mistake the Biden administration is making so far and they continue to make it, is to hang on to this notion that if you just go around the world and say, “Trump’s not president anymore. Everything is cool. Let’s go back to 2016!”

That doesn’t work. That doesn’t work. He got into a spat with Putin. We’ve got more on that later on in the program. He’s now got his secretary of state and national security adviser looking very weak in front of the Chinese Communist Party — on American soil! They’re in Alaska. This is not Osaka, Japan. This is not Seoul, South Korea. This is not Beijing.

This is Alaska.

This is American soil.

They’re insulting the United States. They’re insulting the president. And yet he continues to push this idea of, “Well, we’ll just go back to how it was in 2016.” To the Biden administration, the border is not a crisis. China’s not a threat; they’re a competitor. Now we’re gonna spat with Russia, and we’re gonna chase the Iranians.

“Please, please, please, won’t you please do a deal with us! Get back into the nuclear deal!” Are you kidding me? Where are the wins? I mean, I sit here, and I’m perplexed. I’m puzzled. I think back to what Bob Gates said to the Wall Street Journal. Do you remember what Bob Gates said when Joe Biden was running for president? Bob Gates is a serious guy.

Bob Gates was a CIA director under Bush. He was secretary of defense under Obama. Bob Gates told the Wall Street Journal when Joe Biden was running for president — and he served with Joe Biden in the administration. He said that Joe Biden has never been right on a single foreign policy matter in 50 years. In his entire career, he’s absolutely wrong on foreign policy.

It’s entirely possible, folks, that there is an expectation in the Biden-Harris administration that, “Well, you know, Joe understands how to talk to Xi and they’re gonna cut some deals and everything’s gonna be cool because, because, because past is prologue.” It’s not. You can’t just go back to 2016. The world was a completely different place, and for you to try to apply the remedies of 2016 to a problem in 2021? Woof. It only makes us lack weaker — and on American soil.


BRETT: We’re gonna go back to China here real quick. There is something very interesting playing out, and it’s in this unique sort of space that this is happening. The media and the left have a tremendous blind spot when it comes to criticizing actual, real tyrannies. The fact of the matter is when we talk about China, we are not talking about the people of China. We’re talking about China’s government.

The same way that when we talk about Iran, we’re not talking about the people of Iran. We’re talking about the mullahs in Tehran. When we talked about the evils of the Soviets, and of course what’s going on there with Vladimir Putin and Russia, this is not an indictment of the people of those countries. It’s about the government. Cubans, you know, want to be free.

North Koreans want to be free. The Chinese, the people in China want to be free, and they’re kept under the bootheel of these communist monstrosities in terms of the government. So what happens? Well, when the media and the left have an opportunity to say something about China’s official government policy of oppression and oppression, they get tongue-tied and twisted. They don’t know what to do.

Rush talked about this on October 10, 2019, the media and the left on China.

RUSH: As you stand back and you objectively observe the current U.S. Drive-By Media news cycle, there’s some things that stand out. Almost all of the Drive-By Media Democrats and NBA players and owners — almost all — are in support of Communist China and against free speech. And we’re told, “Well, the ChiComs have this gigantic market over there, Rush, 1.2 billion customers.

“People can’t forget that. They can’t look past that.” You got some freedom fighters in Hong Kong, some people waving the American flag. They just want freedom of speech. They don’t want to be subsumed and taken over and swallowed up by the ChiCom regime. And in the country that is ostensibly the leading light, the beacon freedom, it is the communist Chinese government being sided with, not freedom fighters.

Yet when you have left-wing, fascist Antifa on the roll out there destroying cities and beating up people because (impression), “They’re demanding civil rights and liberty and freedom,” the same Drive-By Media supporting the ChiComs, and the same sports league supporting the ChiComs support Antifa! So if you’re a left-winger demanding liberty and freedom and speech rights, then I guess the NBA and the Drive-By Media will be with you. But if you are somehow opposed to communism and want free speech rights, then you’re not gonna be supported.

So all of the Drive-By Media, almost — and almost all the Democrats and the NBA players and owners — are in support of Communist China and against free speech. A single tweet by the general manager of the Houston Rockets supporting the Hong Kong freedom fighters has caused this massive coalition of media Democrats, NBA players, and owners to side with the communist Chinese. But they were all against — to the point of boycotting — the recent North Carolina bathroom law, which they claimed went against their guiding principles of equality and mutual respect.

Something’s so way out of whack here. The news cycle here, if you look at this objectively, if you just stand aside, try not to be affected by it, just watch it and judge it, it’s just obscene. Almost all the Drive-By Media, the Democrats and the NBA players and owners, are supporting communist China.

Just like there was this almost magical utopian support for Cuba, which is a repressive, godforsaken regime. But still it was thought to be the potential utopia on earth. Now the ChiComs have the same kind of adoration from the supposed kings of civil rights, from the supposed kings of civil liberties, the descendants of Martin Luther King and Eleanor Squeal and all the other left-wing activists demanding equality here and equality there and free speech.

They are sidling up to the most repressive anti-free speech, anti-freedom regime you can find on the planet today! Communist China! Over one tweet by a general manager for the Houston Rockets supporting Hong Kong freedom fighters! Remember when the one guy stood up in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square, remember everybody stood up and loved that guy? This would be the equivalent if the NBA said, “Put that guy in jail!”

If the NBA and the Democrat Party and the media said, “Run him over! Run over that guy, he’s insulting our brethren in the Chinese communist government.” That’s the equivalent. They’ve done a 180 off Tiananmen Square. And that guy who was celebrated as a hero, if that happened today, he’d be lynched. And the NBA and all of these communist Chinese loving American enterprises would be demanding that guy be made an example of.

Now, while they’re doing this, remember, they were all almost on the verge of boycotting North Carolina over the bathroom issue, which they claimed went against their guiding principles of equality and mutual respect. In other words, if North Carolina didn’t bend over, grab the ankles, and let anybody use any bathroom they wanted for any reason, the NBA wasn’t gonna go there, the NBA was gonna boycott, the NBA was gonna pull out.

And any other state that tried to say men had to use the men’s room and women had to use the women’s, they were bigots, they were creeps, we’re not gonna do business in those states, either. And yet sidling up to the ChiComs? Do you know what China does to transgender people? Do you know what China does to homosexuals? Do you know where those people end up in China? They end up in reeducation camps with the Uyghurs.

Do you think there’s a transgender element running around communist China demanding rights, protesting the Chinese government? Do you think Mayor Bloomberg is one of their advocates? What do you think happens? What do you think happens to homosexuals in Saudi Arabia? They-are beheaded. That’s why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanted the students at Columbia University to tell him if they knew any in Tehran. Remember that?

Now, the NBA is — what is it, 85% African-American players, 85, 90? And they’re defending a country where basically the entire country is enslaved to a communist government? Well, we all know why. It’s money. Once again, money trumping ideas. Too much money to be made there in China.

BRETT: And we’re talking about billions — billions and billions of dollars — all there in China, all as part of the deal. In fact, that’s clearly the inducement for these players and for owners of NBA teams to not be as vocal as they ought to be. Under any other set of circumstances, they would be backing the people of Hong Kong who were protesting.

Jimmy Lai is still in prison. He’s been in prison since before Christmas. He’s one of the wealthiest men in China, and he’s also a Christian who was locked up by the regime, and we don’t know what his current condition is. That should be a person who is upheld and celebrated as a civil rights exemplar. But silence, because the money.

The opportunity, the power that the National Basketball Association gets and the players who have their deals with companies that do lots of business inside China. Nike. A number of them. Apple. A number of them. And these folks are gonna be absolutely silent because they don’t want it cutting into their bottom line, and the media is more than happy to whistle and look the other way.


BRETT: Let’s jump out and talk to David in Springfield, Pennsylvania. David, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Show.

CALLER: Thank you, Brett, for taking my call. You know, Rush was great to us in so many ways, and one of the ways I like to think of him, honor him, is he was a great teacher. I’d like to first honor him, the great Rush Limbaugh, by trying to emulate him by trying to make the complicated simple when it comes to explaining the increasingly ravenously radical leftist behavior of the American media, and I’d like to do by using just one word.

BRETT: Sure.

CALLER: “China.”

BRETT: Hmph! (chuckles)

CALLER: I think it’s obvious that the Chinese Communist Party has a very strong controlling relationship over a majority of American media conglomerates. I think it’s despicable and very unpatriotic, but I’d like my question to you. What do you think of the CCP being quite ingenious in ensnaring of the majority of the American media conglomerates to do their bidding and, you know, which is further demoralizing our country with their propagandize messaging? So thank you for taking my call.

BRETT: Thank you.

CALLER: (chuckles) God bless Rush and the EIB Network.

BRETT: Thank you David. That’s David in Springfield, Pennsylvania. We appreciate you calling. So, how do I feel about the Chinese doing this with the elite media left? I’m disturbed by it. It’s horrible. It’s one of the ugliest chapters in modern America history, the way we have decided to take a powder when it comes to this fight.

There is nothing… There is nothing that should be more important than the aspirations of human beings around the world to be true. And the idea that somehow you have the American news media — the American media left — carrying the water for the communist Chinese party is atrocious and shocking. And, again, let me say this is not about the people of China.

They are not free.

They are under the bootheel of the Chinese Communist Party.

They deserve to be free every bit as much every American deserves to be free, every bit as much as anybody else around this world deserves to be free. It’s the natural state of being; tyranny is not. So you have these people who will say to you, for example, when it comes to climate change, “Well, you know, China is an emerging economy.

“They can’t be held to the same standards as United States.” Really? “Yeah, they’re an emerging economy. They’re not a totally developed economy. They’re emerging. They’re a poor country that needs to get extra considerations and subsidies and wave-throughs and all it is sort of stuff.” That’s the game that is played.

It’s because, by and large, people in the American media/left, do not want to call China out for what they are: A dictatorship. Because if you call the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, a dictatorship, it puts a lot of things into perspective in a different sort of way. It means they’re not a free country and their people are not free to choose their government.

It’s one man, one vote, one time, one party for the rest of your life.

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