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JASON: I also want to get to this Evanston, Illinois, story about these folks approving the first reparations for their black residents. This is really the endgame on the woke culture. The endgame on the woke culture is the opposite of unity. Now, most nations are connected through bloodlines. The French are French; the German are Germans; the British are British, and they have this sort of bond along bloodlines.

It keeps them together. It defines them. That’s what it means to be a particular citizen. America is different. We’re mutts in America. We come here from all places. It is true. We used to come here legally from all places, but that’s out of fashion now with the new administration. But the key to keeping a nation like that together is not, for obvious reasons, assimilating along bloodlines.

It’s assimilating along ideas, ideals — and the most profound of those ideals is equality under the law, not equality of outcome. Equality under the law. Now, remember this. It’s very, very key. Equal application of the law, by definition, demands unequal outcomes. If everybody starts the race at the same spot, they’re not going to finish there.

What the Democrats are trying to do is make certain that people start the race in different spots so they all finish at the same spot. Call it a quota. Call it anything you want. The ultimate goal of that is reparations. That’s why they now call it “equity,” not “equality.” You can’t abide by equal protection under the law if you treat different people from different backgrounds unequally.

Whether Yale is discriminating against Asian-Americans or Evanston, Illinois, wants to discriminate against nonblack residents by offering reparations to whoever. Barack Obama’s offspring? They qualify. They’re really at a disadvantage. This is discrimination in the name of anti-discrimination — and it is not only unconstitutional, it is unethical.

But that’s why they keep saying “equity, equity.” Not “equality,” “equity.” Here’s what “equity” means. “Equity” means discriminating until you have equal outcomes. It doesn’t mean equality under the law. Here’s what Rush had to say on the issue on reparations.

RUSH: “Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said they both support reparations for African-Americans affected by slavery.” Well, I think there’s an obvious question, but you’re not supposed to ask it. When did slavery end?

Somebody give me the ballpark year slavery ended. Just pick a number, 1868, 1870, 1880, if you want. Anybody still alive from 1880? Okay. “Mr. Limbaugh, you know that’s not how we do this. We’re looking for families and people who are descendants of slaves.” Well, still talking about a long time. But, see, this is not a question you are supposed to ask.

“Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said they both support reparations for African-Americans affected by slavery. Asked about the matter last week … Harris agreed … that reparations are necessary to address problems of ‘inequities.’

“‘America has a history of 200 years of slavery. We had Jim Crow. We had legal segregation in America for a very long time.'” Parentheses (sponsored by the Democrat Party), end parentheses. “We have got to recognize, back to that earlier point, people aren’t starting out on the same base in terms of their ability to succeed and so we have got to recognize that and give people a lift up.”

And then, “The former attorney general doubled down on her remarks. ‘We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities,’ she said in a statement to the New York Times. ‘I’m serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities.'”

Because, of course, we have never done that. We have never made investments. Of course, investments are not even investments. Investments is a bastardizing language. Investments is another way of government spending and taxation. That’s all it is. Now, for her part, Fauxcahontas voiced her support for federal government reparations yesterday.

“We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations. Black families have had a much steeper hill to climb — and we need systemic, structural changes to address that.”

That is Fauxcahontas and her statement on this yesterday. Okay. So I have some questions. What if my ancestors fought and suffered injuries or died to free slaves? Would I get a tax credit? Would I be exempt from having to participate in reparations? Or could I even get in on the action since I might have ancestors, anybody might have ancestors that actually were down for the struggle way back then?

Can I get in on this if I can prove my ancestors died in the fight to end slavery? What if someone benefited from affirmative action in their life? Would that person get a lesser payout? In other words, if we’re handing out reparations for people affected by slavery — of course, this country has done more than any country in the world to try to correct these — you know what’s going on here.

What is really being done? What’s being done here is the tarnishing and the continued slandering of this country. That’s what this is. I’ve been trying to tell people that no amount of fixes, no amount of help, no amount of corrections is ever going to be enough for these people because no amount of fixing can ever erase the beginning of the country.

And the beginning of the country is always going to remind us of a nation founded in bigotry, founded in racism, founded in discrimination, founded in whatever. And it’s this basis on which they proceed in their whole quest to transform the country. to overthrow the country — transform it. I’m sorry.

JASON: What’s really interesting, in the name of combating stereotyping, stereotyping minorities, the left and their move towards a woke culture, towards white privilege, towards reparations is stereotyping all white people. And it’s discrimination in the name of anti-discrimination, and it divides the country.


RUSH: Let me repeat this assertion from David Harsanyi. Again, the piece is at National Review Online. The title, the premise is, “Destroy the ‘Public’ Education System.” It’s an advocacy piece for doing that. “State-run schools,” i.e. the public school system, “have undercut two fundamental conditions of a healthy tolerant society. First, they’ve created millions of civic illiterates who are disconnected from long-held communal values and national identity.”


“Civic illiterates” means that they’ve not been taught the founding. They’ve not been taught the greatness of the Founding Fathers. They’ve not been taught a single thing about the truth of the founding and the existence, the greatness, the decency of the United States of America. They are illiterate on it. Yet they think they’ve been told the truth. They have been taught that America’s the home of racism, that it was founded in slavery and racism and bigotry, that it is the home of white supremacy and that it must be torn down.

That’s what they’ve been taught. It’s illiteracy. They’ve been taught it, and now they’re out there — as they’ve grown up and become adults — programmed almost like Stepford kids to act on it, genuine mind-numbed robots who think that they are supremely educated.

So “they’ve created millions of civic illiterates who are disconnected from long-held communal values and national identity. Second, they’ve exacerbated the very inequalities that trigger the tearing apart of,” a culture. They’ve exacerbated the very inequalities, rather than be taught. As I said yesterday, you know what the greatest assault on slavery in the world has been? The United States Constitution.

“What do you mean, Rush? The Constitution was written when there was slavery!” The Constitution provided the road map for getting rid of it. It’s very simple. It establishes the premise that the individual citizen has primacy over the government and that everybody’s equal. Everybody is equal. The United States, as long as there was slavery, was not meeting its promise.

The Constitution provided the route to ending slavery, at the same time the opportunity to be true and devoted to the Constitution. Had the Constitution not been written, did it not stand for what it stands for, there would not have been a legal premise for ending slavery and a legal premise for the Civil War and so forth.

Now, I realize this assertion is just gonna enrage people who have been taught that the Constitution enshrined slavery, the Constitution enshrines white supremacy. Nothing could be further from the truth — and we’re 50 years behind now, two generations, in having this message, having this something be taught.

“If you’re interested in ferreting out ‘systemic racism,’ go to a big-city public-school system. No institution has fought harder to preserve segregated communities than the average teachers’ union. And I don’t mean only in the schools.”

Systemic racism, that’s what they want you to believe the United States is. It was founded with slavery, systemic racism. Systemic racism is found in any institution, including a big city public school system where segregation is sought, where it is achieved, where it is maintained. And segregation is the order of the day now, by orders of the radical left.

“Prosperous Americans already enjoy school choice,” if you’re doing okay financially, you have access to school choice, “and not merely because they can afford private schools. Anyone who has ever tried to buy a suburban home in a major metro area can tell you how acutely school districts influence home prices.

“Many middle-class and working-class families are priced out of areas with good schools because of inflated home values and high property taxes,” and you think that’s an accident? It isn’t. It’s a way to keep certain people out. It’s a way to further segregation by making really attractive, decent places unaffordable for the people you don’t want living nearby.

And who’s doing this? White liberals with their plantation mentality. “And families who might otherwise choose to live in more diverse areas are kept out because of failing schools,” and a failing school, by the way… You can’t change it. A failing school is itself a weapon. A failing school is itself useful to the segregationists.

“It provides the only option for many Americans who are being artificially priced out of neighborhoods and schools they would prefer to send their kids to. Even in cities where limited choice exists, most poor parents, typically black or Hispanic, are compelled to send their kids to inferior schools.”

And if you’re gonna be compelled to send your kid to an inferior school, there better be an inferior school around. They have to keep up these inferior schools. They have to prop ’em up so as to send people somewhere. If you’re not gonna let them move where they want to move, if you’re not gonna let ’em live where they want to live, if you’re not gonna let ’em go to the school they want to go to, you gotta have someplace for ’em to go.

“More than a decade ago…” This is Mr. Harsanyi writing here. “More than a decade ago, I sat in a Denver auditorium with a single Hispanic mom who was, quite literally, praying that her kid’s number would be picked in a charter-school lottery. The mother wept as her number was passed over, not because she was a partisan reactionary — she didn’t care about politics — but because she knew her son would now be forced to attend a subpar and unsafe high school rather than one specifically designed to help first-generation kids assimilate.”

You know who loooves charter schools? You know who loooves school choice? It’s African-Americans and other minorities, and guess who opposes all of that? You’re damn right! Their political party, the Democrat Party, the party looking out for ’em. The party’s gonna protect ’em against all these evil white devils practicing racial primacy, systemic racism, and all this stuff.

It’s the Democrat Party that is denying upward mobility opportunity in everything, including education. Harsanyi writes, “It was a heartbreaking scene. And it’s only gotten worse. Colorado has since become a blue state, and Democrats have killed or obstructed numerous school-choice initiatives once supported by moderates in their party.

In Denver, schools systems have helped solidify segregated communities, and the achievement gap between white and minority students is one of the worst in the country,” under Democrat control. Segregation’s been maintained, performance among poor minorities is getting worse because they are going to inferior schools, which are being kept open on purpose. It is a crying shame.

This where I believe — if you want to talk about losing the country — and it’s not final yet, of course, but this is where we’ve lost so much ground is in the education system. A lot of people, “Nah, it’s the media, Rush. If we had control of the media, we could fix it.” The media is a crucial element of it, too, I know, but education largely dominates.

JASON: Thank you, Rush. Well, well, well, live radio, everybody. Isn’t it great? We had some technical difficulty in our connections from New York and throughout the country. We apologize. But thankfully, we had Rush clips, and so there was really no time lost. This is the beauty — this is the beauty — of what we’re doing on remembering Rush and guiding you through this. Even in the midst of technical difficulty, it’s still the fastest three hours in radio when you’re listening to El Rushbo.

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