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TODD: What an honor this is to be on this radio show, as I think about our beloved Rush in heaven watching his accuracy rating go up. But also, I find myself imagining the conversations he has and how thrilling it is for him to experience that even as we continue to miss our friend. It is the day the Lord has made, and these are the times God has decided we’ll live in. I heard a friend say, “If you trust God more, He can trust you more.”

He trusts us in these times, and amongst responsibilities we have is to speak truth. Another is to trust our innate skepticism and our innate intelligence. We were granted these things, and the modern left is doing everything they can to stomp skepticism out of people’s minds — and stomping it in ways that are obvious: Pretending men are women, or pretending that you can smell seafood through the woke masks but you certainly can’t get the covid through the woke masks.

Or the (laughing) $1.9 trillion spending fest is a recovery bill, or law. It’s not. In every way they try to beat out of us our innate knowledge or use of it or trust in it. The things that we see are real. Let me give you an example of this. The Daily Caller reports that Joe Biden is in regular contact with Obama on a range of issues.

This is according to Jen “Circle Back” Psaki. I remember — and I will never forget, because it wasn’t funny to me. It was horribly sad, but it was just chilling watching Joe Biden walk escorted — steered, it looked to me — by his wife into a building. This is when he first started to live behind the militarized apparatus that is now Washington D.C., militarized for theater, and he walked by the Marines.

This has stuck in my mind because it was so horrific. And Biden says, “Salute Marines,” like there was someone talking in earpiece in his ear. Now, I have no proof that there’s an earpiece in his ear, but I have proof that his term — this term — is an extension of Barack Obama’s term. I can see that. Look at the patterns.

Obamacare was a grab for power.

It was also a payoff to big hospital unions. It was a payoff to Big Pharma companies. It was a massive set of bribes and payoffs. But the ultimate goal for the left was to seize control over our health care: The delivery of it, the pricing of it, what you will pay for, what you will not pay for. I describe Obamacare as being forced to purchase products from companies you don’t like at prices you cannot afford for services you do not need.

It’s a great business model. Now look at the response to the covid flu. SARS-CoV-2 is a real thing. It’s an upper respiratory virus. The response to it has been outsized and deadly, and it will prove to be more deadly than the covid flu itself, and yet we have people like Harry Litman, the Los Angeles Times legal affairs correspondent who just said on Twitter about vaccine passports, “Vaccine passports are a good idea.

“Among other things, it will single out the still large contingent of people who refuse vaccines who will be foreclosed from doing a lot of things their peers can do. That should really help break the resistance down.” FYI, if people have to be threatened into an mRNA injection — which the Moderna and Pfizer paperwork makes clear it doesn’t give you immunity — maybe you should choose your skepticism and choose another path to protecting yourself.

I have a policy against being threatened into injecting stuff into my body. The coverage on this has been unbelievably skewed so much that none other than Naomi Wolf, a leftist in good standing… She was a woman, as I recall, who was brought to the Gore campaign to attempt to make Gore an alpha male. (laughing) Do you remember that? Rolling Stone did that airbrushed cover of him to make his man region, um, stand out more so to speak.

She even agrees that organizations like the Washington Post have, in her words, become corrupt, as evidenced by their noncoverage of the covid-19. We expected this from the Washington Post. All right. Now, Rush saw this. Rush admired other people with great minds, and here he uses Victor Davis Hanson and his work to destroy Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post’s pretense that (in this case) mail-in ballots are safe and secure and to explain from hence fascism in America actually flows.

RUSH: Our old buddy Victor Davis Hanson has a piece published today at Townhall.com entitled, “The ‘After Trump’ Era Begins.” I just want to share with you some pull quotes. Mr. Hanson is especially brilliant in predicting and tapping into the makeup and direction of the American culture as dictated by the American political climate at any given time.

And he points out hypocrisy as well as anybody. He finds it, points it out as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. So let me give you just a few of his observations here because he’s right on the money, and it is all part of what here is an ongoing effort to continue to inform people and educate them about what we’re up against.

Pull quote number 1: “Speaking of Amazon, it is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama.” Now, isn’t that interesting? Amazon was all for mail-in ballots for the presidential election, all for mail-in ballots in the Georgia runoff, all for mail-in ballots and any other kind of early voting whatever, all for it.

Except in an election of their own. Amazon is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. You know why? “Amazon says they’re worried about fraud.” Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, they’re worried about fraud. Amazon is worried about fraud in their own union election. So they say you people living in Alabama, you’re a bunch of cheats, you’re a bunch of frauds. They don’t trust you at Amazon.

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which ridiculed those who were concerned about massive mail-in voting in the 2020 election. … In our brave new world, we will hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the ‘fascism’ of the commander in chief,” like we did with Donald Trump. This is an area, by the way, I happen to know Victor, and this bugs him as much as I think anything does, the behavior of military people and their wanton disregard to the Constitution and their wanton disregard of military ethics.

Yeah, he says, “we will hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the ‘fascism’ of the commander in chief.” Yet Biden’s unity agenda actually is fascism. I better take the time to explain this. So I’m gonna put this on the agenda. ‘Cause when they talk about unity, they’re being totally honest, but they don’t mean it like you think. They don’t mean unity where everybody agrees. They mean unity where they are accepted as the majority.

You accept them or else. It is the unity of fascism. Anyway, Mr. Hanson says that no longer will we hear military generals, retired military officers “compare the recurring violence of antifa or Black Lives Matter to that of Islamic terrorists.” Nope. “None will compare Biden, who dismissed antifa as a mere ‘idea,’ to Mussolini or the Nazis,” as they did Trump.

“Any retired officer who smears the president, we will be reminded, would violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” and he’s gonna be flogged for it. “The media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, top retired military brass, corporate America, universities and professional sports are all recalibrating the truth for our Year One,” which began on January 20th. “In about a month, they will have it down. And soon, we won’t even be able to tell the old reality from the new.” The after-Trump era has begun.

And you heard Biden basically admit what it is. It’s to eliminate every bit of evidence Trump was ever president and reestablish the Obama administration as being in its third term. That is where we are, with, by the way, some added goodies. The Obama administration serving as the Biden administration is now free to be even more radical left-wing, in their own minds. That’s where we are, folks.

TODD: It is where we’re at, and a grab for guns that they’re announcing that — I almost said “Obama,” because it’s more true — Biden’s dementia is thinking of doing this, the tracking you per mile that you drive. It’s a good thing God trusts us to be in this time, because we’ve got a lot of battles to fight. For me, there’s two very significant ones. I want to spend a little time on that. We also need to get to the phones at 800-282-2882.

That is the alleged need for a vaccine passport, which won’t just be for this injection. It’s gonna be for many more if people allow this around their necks. I’m not going to participate in that because I have no problem not going to concerts or movies. No problem with that, spending more time in my community versus going out and giving money to organizations that don’t like us anyway.


TODD: Let’s just keep track of the Democrats theory, if it promotes freedom or it promotes self-sustaining lifestyles, it is to be attacked. If it constricts freedom or forces to you hook up with import entities (a la the China model), forcing them to purchase prices they don’t want at prices they cannot afford it be to be fostered if it destroys the nuclear family it is to be forested.

This is the culture revolution we’re in, and in fact, Rush addressed that last hour. These vaccine passports, let me just lay out just a few facts on why I will not participate in this, and why I’ve already prepares myself mentally that I’m probably not gonna allowed on airplanes or to concerts. I’m already preparing mentally for that and I’m discovering that, “Oh, wait so I spent time at home with my family, reading books, at my church? Wow, I guess I’m the big winner.”

The virus is at 98.87% survival right. If you remove the people who are elderly — the average age of death from covid is 82 — the survivability rate is more like 99.9%. Then there’s this. If you think you had the covid flu or you live with someone who had the covid flu but you got it in your body, but you didn’t get sick, that’s called being asymptomatic; in all likelihood, you can’t pass that on even while it’s in your body, but there’s more.

The journal Nature has a peer reviewed study that shows that exposure to SARS-CoV-2, even if you don’t get covid-19, develops and activates T-cell memory. It’s a geeky phrase that means your body now knows how to defeat the virus and in all likelihood that and crossover immunity will allow you to defeat the variants.

But we need vaccine passports, right?

Or you can prove that you’re negative. Funny thing. The PCR tests they use don’t know the difference between you had the virus or you have it because of the high cycle rates they use. I will tell you, if you agree to put these vaccine passports on your phone, you are agreeing for a future where you will take injections of whatever they tell you to take into your body.

That’s what you’re agreeing to. So I invite you to think very carefully as to whether you want to do that or not. Let’s talk to Dale in Peoria, Illinois, leading off the program today as the first caller. High bar to set. Dale, welcome to Rush’s show. It’s Todd Herman filling in.

CALLER: Hi. It’s not to be believed that the Biden administration or Biden himself in his lucid moments didn’t understand exactly what was gonna happen when they opened the southern border. It’s not to be believed. And, therefore, when something doesn’t make sense, you look for a hidden agenda. What could the hidden agenda be?

Well, the hidden agenda is that this was all done intentionally to do what? Number one: Turn Texas blue. Number two: Introduce covid throughout the United States. Number three: To carry this over to ’22 and make ’22 an extension of ’21 where the country’s locked down, there’s more covid around, and people are fearful, and the Democrats believe that would favor them in the ’22 election.

TODD: You have presented an exciting trifecta (laughing) of bad things they would do to us. I think they could manipulate the covid any number of ways through high cycle PCR tests. But I totally agree that the border crisis is absolutely a manufactured crisis, and I think what they want to be able to say is, “Our hand is forced. We’ve got no choice but to pay $76,000 per night to have people in these hotel rooms and to put them up and to open the border.

“It’s the only compassionate thing.” Where I pointed out the United States is the lifeboat of the world. We’re 5% of the world’s population; we’ve taken in 20% of the world’s displaced peoples. It is a reverse of compassion to sink this lifeboat with people. We just can’t support everybody around the world.

So you end up killing the lifeboat, and you end up killing places for people to go. It’s a great call, Dale. Thank you very, very much — and, you know, Dale actually he’s a great, great way to transfer into this. Rush had predicted — many of us, in fact, predicted this — what would happen in the wake of the medically useless, deadly selective lockdowns.

RUSH: You know, folks, people have asked me — like when I play golf with people that can play the game very well, I ask them if it ever gets boring hitting the drive straight down the middle all the time, whatever distance, 250 yards, does it ever get boring. And they always say no. See, I would think that it would. But then I am asked the same thing myself. “Rush, does it ever get boring being right? Does it ever get boring when your predictions just come true and then come true and then come true?” And I’d say no, it never gets boring. So I kind of understand it.

So what did I predict? And anybody could have predicted this. A lot of people did. So I can’t claim a hundred percent credit for this. The idea here that somehow after we open up everything’s gonna be hunky-dory is a pipe dream. People are gonna continue to die because the virus is there, people die from other things as well.

I tell you, this business of journalism and the media has become so corrupted. It’s worse than anything you imagined that it is. You know what? People have forgotten. Why did we social distance in the first place? Why did we mitigate in the first place? Why did we stay home? Why did we shut down? To flatten the curve. But what was the purpose of flattening the curve? It was not to stop the virus, it was not to get rid of the virus, and it was not to slow it down. It had nothing to do with anything other than ostensibly preventing an overrun of hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units.

TODD: And now, in fact, you have hospitals that are folding because they fired or furloughed staff that they decided to pretend were nonessential. And you have people dying from being turned back from medical treatment for things that they decided to pretend were not essentially, things like kidney stones, which if they get exacerbated, can cause you real problems — or gallstones or, “Gosh, you know what?

“My left arm keeps getting numb. I wonder what that could be.” There were people who died because of that. The teen suicides are through the roof. And one day this story will be told, and today it can be told. It’s told here, and you can tell it. And there are choices. There are choices.

Ron DeSantis — and this comes by way of a woman named Jennifer Cabrera who does a fantastic job of demystifying a lot of the lies around the responses to the covid. She writes at a place called Rational Ground, which is another great place. Ron DeSantis has announced that he’s going to sign an executive order blocking vaccine passports.

Thank you, governor.

Folks, if you allow yourself to be told, “You will inject this stuff into your body…” You may want it; that’s fine. You’re an adult. Make your own decision. But if you are going to be forced to inject something into your veins with a 99.87%% survival rate as the excuse, and this is the passport to engage in life… Anybody who puts up with this is saying, shoot me up with whatever you want.


TODD: Speaking of the covid, Crystal in San Antonio, Texas, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. It’s Todd Herman, your guide host this week. Crystal, welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Todd. Thanks. I am a registered nurse here in San Antonio, Texas, and I have a son in high school, and the local school board is going to be hearing parents come before they make their decision, if they should make masks mandatory or optional. I plan to go and speak coming from a mental health perspective, and I hope to get them to be optional. But I was wondering what some important points you would suggest that I include when trying to persuade them to make that decision.

TODD: Well, first of all, tomorrow we’re gonna delve way into masks. I’m obsessed with this topic, and you need to know that. Secondly, I’ve got a covid fact sheet that hopefully we’ll put up at RushLimbaugh.com, which is a wealth of information to this day that will give you a lot of ammunition from a perspective of health care that these are called non-mitigating facial apparatus.

They simply don’t work. We could talk physics, immunology, but from a perspective of mental health I would start with the younger kids and I would talk to the council and the school board about mirrored synapsis. Clearly being a nurse, you know that a mirrored synapse is a portion of our brain that allows us to learn how to deal with other people in society.

We have these synapsis that we see a smile; we grow to understand that a smile indicates a pleasant mood or a frown can indicate anger or confusion or if you’re speaking to someone and their face indicates that they are not following you — perhaps they don’t speak your language or perhaps you’re speaking too quickly or not being understood or related to.

There is a strong bit of research on the brain. I’m reading a book right now about our ability to restructure our brains literally the structure of our synapses in a positive way, even overcoming things like traumatic brain injury. There’s good reason to believe that mirrored synapses are, in fact, what creates empathy in kids.

That’s how we learn empathy ,and that people who are absent those forces of their brain, they can sometimes lack empathy all the way up into sort of being psychotic or schizophrenic or narcissistic. So I know that’s a whole lot, but I would really focus on that — and then from the younger kids, I would work up into the older kids in terms of making rational decisions.

We don’t want a nation of robots. So I might… You probably don’t vape because you’re a nurse, but there’s videos of people… This is a simple way to show the math. There’s videos of people vaping one, two, three masks on and then one N95 and then two N95s and they’re vaping in really cold weather at night, and you can see the steam of their breath escaping these masks.

So I would present that to them and say, “We can watch this video. Some of you can think that the viral particles are stuck. Others of us can look at this and make our own judgment.” So I would do that. That’s how I would present that. It’s a great focal point. Listen tomorrow, but we’re gonna spend more time on this, Crystal. I appreciate you calling Rush’s show. Thank you very much.

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