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TODD: It’s Todd Herman, your guide host this week on the EIB Network and coming up in this segment, one position that Rush just excelled at was explaining how what I refer to as the scientifically… Actually, I refer to them as medically useless, deadly, politically advantageous, selective lockdowns of schools, churches, and small businesses. I fancy exactitude. That Rush described these things as uniquely un-American and did it in a brilliant way.

We’re gonna hear that, because they’re back to peddling panic. You had the current CDC director crying, it appeared, talking about impending doom, even as the natural immunities in our country are going to reach herd immunity, which happens when between 20 and 40% of people have encountered covid (or SARS-CoV-2) and not developed covid.

A peer-reviewed paper in the journal Nature shows that when people get access to or are touched by SARS-CoV-2 (the virus) but don’t develop covid-19 — in other words, they remain asymptomatic — they do develop immunity. And that’s been known for some time, but this peer-reviewed paper again cements that. But even as that’s happening now, we’re hearing about the variants, and the crazy thing about the era of the covid is I’ve had so many discussions…

I mean, you can watch some of them. I’ve released videos of some interviews I’ve done with epidemiologists who are near tears when they say, “Why are we departing from scientific rigor, like in how we define what a case is?” One of those dynamics is there is what’s called an extinction verse for viruses where they become more contagious and less deadly.

There’s no education to believe that these variants are anything but that, but our CDC director is scared of impending doom. We have — and we’ll get to — this Biden sound bite. We have the covid vaccine passports. New York’s gonna have this vaccination proof system for you to participate in polite life. Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, says this is gonna hit all parts of society. So, naturally, the government’s involved.

But unlike other parts of the world, the government here is not viewing its role as to create a passport or to place or hold the data of that of citizens. They view this as something the private sector is doing and will do. What’s important to us — and we’re leading an interagency process right now to go through these details — are that some important criteria of these credentials be met.

You know, I’ll just say this. If you like what you read about in TIME magazine in terms of technocrats fortifying the election, well, perhaps you’ll like what they’re going to do with these vaccine passports. Remember that article? “We didn’t steal the election; we fortified it.” There is good news. There is a group called Team Reality that is really focused on the reality that this is a 99.87% survivable virus, that there’s no data that masks work.

There’s a great article Scott Morefield wrote. Scott helped start a group called Team Reality. Scott’s at Townhall and Daily Caller that MIT has had to admit that people like me and Alex Berenson and Scott have won hearts and minds in relation to reporting reality about this virus. Biden, on the other hand, is joining this panic pushing. By the way, when I refer to Joe Biden as “Joe Biden’s dementia,” it’s not my intent to be cruel or mock people with dementia. It’s to point out that this emperor is, sadly, naked.

Here’s Biden proving my point.

BIDEN: Reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, and local leader, Please! This is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down, and businesses require masks as well. The failure to take this virus seriously, precisely what got us to this mess in the first place, risks more cases and more desks — deaths. Look, as I do my part to accelerate the vaccine distribution and vaccinations, I need the American people to do their part as well. Mask up! Mask up! It’s a patriotic duty.

TODD: If you can smell seafood through your mask, you can sniff the virus through your mask. That’s a simple way to put it. Rush was the first and best at making the argument that these selective lockdowns were un-American.

RUSH: Folks, they’re portraying us as having no chance. It’s hopeless to even think about returning to normal. Anybody that doesn’t want to return to normal needs to be really, really looked at. That is highly suspicious, I mean, to make such a strident case about not wanting to return to normal. All you have to do to answer the question, “Why would somebody want that? Why would somebody be so actively eager and involved to promote the idea that we can’t go back to new normal?”

Well, to answer the question, go back and look at what it was. What was the normal just two months ago? And then by extension, six months ago and a year ago. The new normal was a revitalized U.S. economy — an economy that the Obama administration, the Democrats told us for eight years could not happen again. It was record employment, record low unemployment, rising wages. This is just the economic side of the ledger.

There were a number of things improving all over the country. We were getting a handle on a number of things including controlling the border and immigration, illegal immigration. So it’s obvious that if you don’t want to go back to that then you might think, “Why, that would be harmful to me politically.” In other words, it’s the Democrats and the left that doesn’t want to go back or don’t want to go back to the old normal.

They’re doing what they always do. They’re using scare tactics to try to convince everybody that it isn’t possible and that we shouldn’t even want to. The idea that we shouldn’t expect to return to normal? Balderdash. I’m so fed up with this pessimism. I’m so fed up with people taking the advantage, the opportunity of this dreaded disease to implement a political agenda that would be, by definition, harmful to the American people! It’s already bad enough as it is.

TODD: The idea that one can hide from a virus is nutty. In the Spanish flu era, you could be shot for not wearing a face covering leave your house — your local sheriff could shoot you for breaking quarantine — and it didn’t contain the virus. In fact, there’s some reason to believe that more people died from getting bacterial pneumonia from wearing a face covering all day than died from the Spanish flu itself. As Rush said: Our goal shouldn’t be a new normal; iut should be a return to actual normal.

Yes. I think we should be greatly suspect of people who don’t want that in light of a 99.87% survivable virus.

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