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TODD: Jimmy in Livonia, Michigan. Jimmy, you’re on Rush’s show. It’s Todd Herman, your guide host this week. Welcome, Jimmy. What is on your mind, sir?

CALLER: Hi, Todd. How are you, sir?

TODD: Doing great.

CALLER: Nice to talk to you, and I wish I was able to talk to Rush before he left. But anyway, I hope our elected officials are listening to me, because, I’ll tell you, we as UAW workers have elections every year, and they think this…? You know, Debbie Stabenow, Debbie Dingell? I hope they’re listening, because we have elections every year, and if they’re gonna try and pass this H.R. 1 where, you know, anybody willy-nilly can come in and vote, then we might as well not have ID checks for our elections that we have for our union elections. So, you know, I hope they’re listening, because I’m sure there’s a lot of UAW members out there that agree with me on this issue.

TODD: Oh, it’s —

CALLER: I’ve been a UAW member for 40 years, and I tell you what, Rush changed me. So I’m out of that little swamp area that they live in.

TODD: Well, I appreciate what you’re saying.

CALLER: But I (garbled).

TODD: No, it’s a great point about those elections. I would just add this. It’s not just unions. @Breaking911 on Twitter has a screenshot of the Coca-Cola company. Their CEO’s out criticizing the Georgia election-integrity law, saying it can’t stand, et cetera, to paraphrase. According to this screenshot from @Breaking911, Coca-Cola requires a valid photo ID to be admitted into their shareholder meetings, and they’re criticizing this.

So, no, it’s a great point, and it crosses a lot of different realms from unions to corporate, you know, wokesters who are playing that game. I appreciate the phone call, Jimmy.

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