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KEN: You know, America’s anchor baby, Mark Steyn, is hosting Fox News Primetime the entire week tonight starting at 7 o’clock Eastern (the rumor is he’s gonna have Bo Snerdley on) and he’s here with us now. Welcome, Mark Steyn. Good to see you.

MARK: Hey, Ken! Great to be with you, as always. And, yeah, there is truth to that rumor that Mr. Snerdley is gonna be the first guest on the show this evening. So, I hope folks will tune in for that.

KEN: Well, I’m certainly gonna be watching. How tall are you, by the way? Are you the tallest person at Fox now?

MARK: (laughing) I’m six-foot-one, which I —

KEN: Oh, okay.

MARK: I don’t know. I don’t know whether that’s tall anymore. I think the tallest people on the planet are the Dutch and the Tutsis and I’m neither one of those.

KEN: You had to get the word Tutsi in there. I knew you were waiting for an opportunity.

MARK: (laughing)

KEN: So, what do you think — and I know you’ll probably be discussing this tonight. But something that I find so offensive is the news media and the Democrats embracing this whole Jim Crow terminology and genre to frame this Georgia voter law. It’s despicable, is it not?

MARK: Oh, absolutely, and if you take racism seriously, why would you…? And if you take the long history of the Democrats in particular with this thing through slavery and Reconstruction and Jim Crow and all the rest, why would you diminish the seriousness of that by applying it to these relatively peripheral changes in the Georgia voting law?

I find it particularly reprehensible that the woke corporations are the most disgusting… Apparently, it’s all right to be run by billionaires as long as they’re sufficiently woke. So you get people who are doing business with all the most squalid and disgusting people on Earth, like Major League Baseball with its Chinese deals.

They’ve got no interest in the electoral system in China. They’ve got an interest in voter suppression, by which they mean harvesting Uyghur body parts in China. That’s how they suppress voters there, but suddenly Georgia is the worst place on Earth, and even to bring it close to home, my hometown, Toronto.

The Blue Jays are a Major League Baseball team, and that’s a town where you’re only allowed to vote on voting day within the prescribed hours and within paper ballots. So how racist is that? The Major League… If they win, what they said, is they’d pull out of Toronto — and if the Blue Jays had any respect, they’d pull out of Major League Baseball, too.

KEN: (laughing) The China deal is the most overlooked thing in the mainstream news media and it drives me crazy, and the same with we have major airlines; we have soft drinks. I don’t think they realize the damage they’re doing to their brand, and then you have Joe Biden who was rooting MLB to leave Georgia. I thought he was president of all the states. Why would he want to hurt Georgia’s economy? Why didn’t he come up with a better solution than “Boycott states that didn’t vote for me”?

MARK: Yeah, I don’t honestly think there’s any great thinking behind what he does. I think a lot of times, he’s just… You were talking about the comedy shows (so-called), the late-night shows, where those guys don’t tell jokes anymore. They just essentially announce the correct attitude and then the audience applauds itself for having the correct attitudes.

I think that’s actually… When Biden’s asked a question, you can sort of see it in his eyes. He’s trying to think, “What’s the correct attitude? I can just about remember what the correct attitude was when I first came to Washington in 1973, but it might not be the same correct attitude now. So what is it?”

That’s how you end up with a guy who’s supposedly the nation’s chief executive, encouraging executive committee harm on one of the jurisdictions whose interests he’s supposed to be looking out for. Absolutely amazing. I think to cut him a break, it’s just ’cause he’s floundering trying to figure out what is the correctly attitude for a guy who — as he said — is 137, and things no longer work the same they used to do back when he started.

KEN: You know, the censorship, the banning of different platforms is poisonous. But I think one of the most poisonous things is when this attitude, this, “Oh, my gosh, Jim Crow! The Republicans are racist.” It ends up in schools. It ends up in mainstream entertainment. It’s over all social media. No one has taken the time to explain that most black Americans want voter ID, 70% —

MARK” Right.

KEN: — 75% of all voters want voter ID, and how do they compare voter ID to dogs and billy clubs and fire hoses and the real Jim Crow horrors? How do they put that with a straight face. It’s just mind-boggling.

MARK: Well, you know, the Democrats are great opportunists. Whatever happens in the news, they’re very quick to just sort of seize it and use it for their purposes to the point where it doesn’t have to bear any relation to reality. I don’t think… I mean, I don’t actually think this is about African-Americans. I don’t think it’s about blacks. I don’t think it’s about slavery. I don’t think it’s about Jim Crow.

I think this is about the fact that as a conscious choice to maintain and advance power, the Democrats want large numbers of people who are not citizens voting in elections. So the people they want to vote are the people they’re throwing over the fence on the Rio Grande right now.

They want all those 3- and 4-year-old babies who are getting thrown over the fence and crashing down to the desert below. They want those kids to grow up to be good Democrat voters even if they’re living in the shadows. Even if they’re not legal residents, never mind citizens, they want them voting.

And this bill is designed to ensure that they can get any voters they want. And as you point out, actual black citizens of America are overwhelmingly opposed to this, because they don’t like the racist argument. “Oh, yeah, you guys… You guys can just about function if you go to your town library or if you ask for proof of identity when you want to buy a $70 TV at Radio Shack and you want to stretch it over six months.

“You’re just about capable of that, but you wouldn’t be capable of getting ID to vote. So because you’re too stupid, we have to have no requirements for picture.” That’s the most racist attitude of all, and it’s not even about them because it’s really about these people who aren’t white Americans, who aren’t black Americans, who aren’t brown Americans, who aren’t Americans at all, but just these people that are pouring across the southern border that Democrats see as America’s next voters.

KEN: And I just to want make it clear before we move to the next topic, Mark, for people tuning in, although Mark is America’s anchor baby, he was not dropped over a wall on his head.

MARK: (laughing)

KEN: It was a different time. It was a different time.

MARK: No, I came over Niagara Falls in a barrel and washed up on the New York side.

KEN: Yes.

MARK: That’s how that worked.

KEN: And I figured out why I think you’re so darn hall, but Mark’s gonna be hosting Fox News Primetime 7 o’clock eastern all week long and Bo will be on tonight. But I figured it out because I said, “Why did I think he was so tall.” You were standing next to Greg Gutfeld once and you looked you were six foot nine, and I said, “My God, how tall is Steyn?”

MARK: No, that’s… (laughing) I’ll give you that just as a personal. I was one photographed with Bernard Lewis, who was one of the great scholars of Islam in the years after 9/11. Bernard, at that time, I think was something like 97/98, and there was a whippersnapper alongside us of like 93/94, and the only comments on that photograph were, “Wow, Steyn is way younger than I thought he was,” because next to the two nonagenarians, I looked like I was 12-year-olds — and next to Greg Gutfeld, I look like I’m nine-foot-six.

KEN: (laughing) And Greg looks tall next to Dana, Dana Perino.

MARK: That’s true. (laughing) He’s very sporting to put up with all those kinds of jokes, but that’s basically my tip. It always looks tall dark and handsome. Well, that’s ’cause standing next to somebody who is rather diminished in that regard.

KEN: You know, I’m sure you saw the Sunday shows and Operation Pity Hunter is in full swing. I cannot believe how the news media is bending over backwards to dance around the hard drive and how no one has asked Hunter, “You forgot everything about the hard drive. In fact, you forget everything. But you had the presence of mind and the memory to write a book that you’re trying to sell now.”

MARK: Yeah.

KEN: What’s your take on this Hunter Biden thing? Is the truth ever coming out on this, or what?

MARK: Well, I think the short answer to that is no, because I honestly don’t… One of the most disgusting things — and it’s really a hard thing to be funny about or to be amusing about, because I think it’s true — and that is the total corruption of the justice system, particularly at the federal level. But it leaks and bleeds down to your local county courthouse in some respects too.

But at the federal justice level, there’s simply the people who are in the club and the people who are not in the club. So we all know that there’s no possible… Hunter Biden, for what is on that laptop, ought to be at risk of losing his liberty, to put it mildly. But he knows that’s never gonna happen. Because he knows, you know, they’ve already exonerated him.

He’s apparently the victim. This is a guy who treats people like used Kleenex, but somehow, he’s the victim in all the things he does. He’s become a multigazillionaire even though he’s never actually done anything that could command even the most modest remuneration. He lives among movie stars in Beverly Hills, and yet we all know that even…

It’s not like poor old George Papadopoulos and all the other people caught up in the Russia investigation. If there were a Ukraine investigation, none of these people would ever go to jail for anything, and he knows that.

KEN: Mmm.

MARK: Once you know which team you’re on, are you part of the team that’s on inside? You’re part of that team? If you’re one of the guys who’s on the inside like Hunter, you got nothing to fear whatsoever. If you’re one of the guys who’s not in the club, my advice is clear out your checking account, get in the car, and drive across the Canadian border, if you can find a border post that’s open.

KEN: (laughs)

MARK: Because you’re going down and Hunter isn’t. And that lack of equality before the law is really something that’s actually one of the biggest issues in this country today.

KEN: Mark Steyn is with us. Can you stay for another segment?

MARK: Yeah, okay. Sure. Love to.

KEN: Okay, well, great. Well, Mark Steyn will be back on the Rush Limbaugh Show right after this.


KEN: A pleasure to be talking with Mark Steyn, the longest running guest host on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and Mark will be hosting Fox News Primetime tonight, 7 o’clock, all this week at 7 o’clock, and Bo Snerdley will be joining him. But it is a pleasure to have you on and to be conversing with you, Mark, because it’s been such a strange last three months in the history of the country when you factor in everything that’s gone on in the news and here at EIB. It’s almost surreal and bittersweet from day to day.

MARK: No, no, it is, and I can’t get over the way there’s synchronicity about that. I have absolutely no doubts that when Rush got his diagnosis at the start of 2020, he set himself the challenge of making it through to Election Day. And then of course Election Day turned, as it does, into the election morning after and all the ballots arriving in the small hours of the morning and all those kinds of features.

Rush, I think, gave it 130%, and I look back on those last few months of the election campaign, and I wish some others had devoted themselves to the cause the way he did. It was a spectacular final effort, and I do think it had some adverse consequences just from the strain on him and actually working so hard to put Trump over the top on November the 3rd.

KEN: Well, he was an example of walking the talk. He came in swinging almost, you know, four decades ago. He came in swinging, and he went out swinging, and 2020… I didn’t think it was possible for him to get more focused and more like a laser into what is going on in the world and in our country and what we need to do. But he knew, and he just tightened his focus, and he was a lifeline. I think he was a lifeline for millions of people across the world during 2020.

MARK: Yeah. I think in some strange ways… (laughing) He said at one point, “I was the original social distancer,” by which he meant that there’s times he just likes to be alone and on his own. With his health, that, I think, in a certain sense accelerated that, and he did his… He was seriously social distancing before all the covid stuff came in and keeping people slightly away.

One consequence of that was he was incredibly clear sighted about the stakes in this election, about the bigger picture on whether America is losing global dominance to China. All those issues, Rush was there sitting in Palm Beach not wanting to see a lot of people, and absolutely focused on the miserable state of the world if these guys who are running the joint get their way.

KEN: Well, thanks for being on. You know how it works on the EIB Network, ’cause you’ve been doing it a long time. So we do have an obscene break here coming up.

MARK: (laughing)

KEN: However, however, I’ll be watching you tonight 7 o’clock on Fox News with Bo and all the best to you and we’ll talk again soon.

MARK: Thanks a lot, Ken. Always a pleasure.

KEN: Mark Steyn, America’s anchor baby.

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