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KEN: There is a stall campaign and a misinformation campaign about so much that’s going on, which brings me to how, if the politicians lie — which they do on both sides — this is how we get into these messes. We got into this mess about so many different things, but let’s focus on what I would call “a true cluster,” and that is professional sports. But it doesn’t get that far.

It starts with politicians lying but it never gets that far unless the news media reinforces it; so the politicians start the lie. “Yeah, this new voter law in Georgia, it’s like Jim Crow.” “Jim Crow! I learned about that in social studies after I had my green energy course and my powerful women class.” Yeah, but Jim Crow is so far back.

It’s so long ago, when you look at how time moves. It’s 2021, and the fact that Joe Biden said, “The efforts to reform election laws,” I’m quoting Joe Biden, “in Georgia and Iowa are sick and un-American and they bring back Jim Crow.” This is what we’re up against. Now, can we win? Of course, we can. We outnumber them by about 340 million. Of course, we can win.

There are so many ways to push back peacefully and legally. But the news media keeps that from us as well, because the news media is on Team Biden, Team China, just like the Major League Baseball is on Team China. The politician starts the lie. “This is horrible! We can’t let people disenfranchise voters.” If one more clown says “disenfranchise” to me…

They don’t even know what it means. Woke has become a joke. Don’t hang with woke people. Hang with people that are awake. Hang around with those people, ’cause woke has become a joke, from major companies to airlines to sports teams. I’m so tired of seeing grown men on their knees. How did that even happen? You don’t think China’s laughing their butt off?

How did that even happen? How do we become the country where all the grown men take a knee and do exactly what they’re told? That’s kind of scary. So the news media keeps it going. The news media will not tell you the truth about Joe Biden’s comments. You know, voting’s gonna end at 5 o’clock? Wrong. Nothing changed in Georgia.

It’s still 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nothing changed. Where did they come up with this? “They’re gonna close the polls at 5 o’clock. You won’t be able to vote!” The pathological lying would not even happen. It would not continue (laughs) if the media didn’t do it too. In Iowa they moved up the closing time by one hour. So you know when the polls close now? 8 p.m.

In Iowa, the polls are open 7 to 8 in the new bill. So if you’ve been buying what MSNBC has been selling, you’ve been buying a whole ton of lies. And that ridiculousness about the absentee ballots? “There will be no absentee ballots!” That’s what Joe Biden said. “They want to get rid of absentee ballots.” Nothing of the sort.

Now, I grant you it means sitting down and reading the bill, and that’s something that a lot of news people will not do. If it’s not on the teleprompter, they won’t say it, and a lot of teachers won’t do that, either. You get a liberal college professor; they don’t need to read a book. They’re a professor, for God’s sake. There you go. They need to go Stanford, like Susan Rice.

There’s gonna be absentee ballots. In Iowa, they said, “You know, what? Let’s make sure that the ballots arrive by 8 p.m. on Election Day.” Now, anybody with common sense… That’s this entire audience, but maybe not your neighbor who’s still watching The View and Jerry Springer in reruns. How is that…? How does that disenfranchise anybody?

You can have an absentee ballot, you can send it days ahead, but you gotta make sure it arrives on Election Day by 8 p.m. See, what we’re trying to avoid is, another stolen election at 4 a.m. You see? Biden also went and said this is Jim Crow — and I can tell you firsthand, this is not Jim Crow, having read a lot about Jim Crow.

It was horrible. It was a horrible time, they were horrible laws, and it was a dark period in our history. But asking voters to provide the number of their driver’s license or a free state provided ID and put that number partially on your mail-in ballot is not Jim Crow.

Now, if there was a fire hose involved or if someone got a beating way baton or a nightstick or dogs were let loose or a door was slammed on your fingers, I could understand it. But somebody saying, “Hey, can you putt the last four numbers of your driver’s license on the lower-righthand copy of your mail-in ballot and have it in by 8 p.m. on Election Day?”

Jim Crow! No. Who is contributing to this? The Ding Dongs in professional sports. My God, just play! Just play, for goodness’ sake. You’re on the field. Play. You want to do stuff off the field on your own time when you’re not on ESPN, have at it. But for goodness’ sake. Talk about humiliating.

Thank goodness the Republican senators are proposing taking away MLB, Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption over them leaving Georgia, and I think you probably saw they want to take way some type of tax benefit from Delta, ’cause Delta’s gonna… Everybody’s involved in this wokeness.

But wokeness, like most of the lies of the left over the past decade, is based on a lie. BLM: Based on a lie. The wokeness, the voting, the January 6th event: Based on lies. And then they take these lies and they take them to the media, and the media goes, “Oh, my gosh. These are some good lies. I’m gonna expound on these.”

And then pretty sure Christina Aguilera and Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks are expounding on them, and Stephen Colbert is, and soon everyone is on board with the lie. No one reads the laws, no one reads the bills, no one reads the court transcripts.

We know they can read ’cause they’re playing on their phones all day. So we know they can read. Now, one of the few people in professional sports… When I heard Charles Barkley say this… You would think Charles Barkley listens to Rush Limbaugh all the time. Listen to this.

BARKLEY: Man, I think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up for our politicians. Whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, they are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power. They divide and conquer! I truly believe my heart, most white people and black people are awesome people.

But we’re so stupid following our politicians whether they are Republicans or Democrats. And their only job is, “Hey, let’s make these people not like each other! We don’t live in their neighborhoods. We all got money. Let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other. Let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other. Let’s scramble the middle class.” I truly believe that in my heart.

KEN: This is amazing. But this is not the first time that Sir Charles has made great comments about the truth. And it’s so refreshing because he is a sports icon, a black man, a wealthy man. I would consider him a American with a lot of clout, wouldn’t you? And there he is just saying the truth. So this audience knows better, but think about all the people that don’t know better.

They’ll watch a morning television show on a major news network, and they believe everything. It doesn’t matter how many times NPR or CNN or CBS have to go, “Oops! Sorry. That was wrong. That guy wasn’t a spy. My bad. Uh, that wasn’t Russian interference. Yeah, the Russians didn’t do that with Hunter’s… (Chuckles) Sorry, we just said that ’cause we hate Trump, or we hate you,” whatever. Whatever it is.

When you start unraveling these lies, you start to realize that the majority of Americans, they may not have the money Charles Barkley has, but they think like he does. This is why I was so heartbroken when I saw covid and other things negatively impact our kids for the last year, because children are at a point in their life where they it need to be taught hate.

And if they’re not getting taught hate, if they’re just being taught to respect each other and not taught fear of covid or fear of a particular skin color or fear of Donald Trump like some of the teachers… “How many videos do we see go viral on social media where teachers are saying and, you know, Donald Trump is gonna put people in prison and he’s gonna arrest your mom if you’re from Mexico and…” Remember that?

The news media never stepped in and corrected it. So you had 11-year-old kids. How much more can we traumatize our kids? We told ’em the Black Plague was gonna get ’em and it was a load of garbage, and you know it was. We told ’em that Trump was gonna get ’em. We told ’em the conservatives were gonna get ’em. We told ’em that the sun is gonna get ’em.

And Bill Gates will try to block it, if he can, when he’s done vaccinating everybody. The damage done to children. And children think like Charles Barkley, believe it or not. And that’s not to take away from Charles Barkley, ’cause what he just said was powerful stuff. But that’s how children think. Children don’t see color, unless Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper or Stephen Colbert point it out to them.

They don’t see it. They don’t care. Unless somebody says, “Oh, oh, oh. No, no, no, no, don’t… Not… No, don’t do that because of him and her,” and that’s such a shame, and that’s what we lost this year. We lost that this year when we gave in to our uninformed government.


KEN: It’s the EIB Network. I am your guide host for today, Ken Matthews on the Rush Limbaugh Show. A moment ago we were talking about Charles Barkley. And one of the most enjoyable things about watching Charles Barkley is nobody ever knows what he’s gonna say. Understand that sports networks and most news networks are so woke and they’re so on board with the narrative. And I love it when someone says, “So you know, Charles, you understand, four-by-four equals 75.” “No, it equals 8.” They’re like, “Well, wait, whoa. That’s not on the teleprompter, Charles.” And Rush knew this. Here he is.

RUSH: Charles Barkley is in the news again for what he thinks about politics. And this is another example. Barkley has said something that is by no means, no means is it revolutionary, no means is it unique. But because it’s Charles Barkley, it has made news. It’s on Breitbart. Charles Barkley says voting Democrat has not elevated black people. Duh. And yet Chuck votes Democrat. Here’s a pull quote. “Charles Barkley is not impressed by what he saw, telling reporters that every black person I know has always voted Democrat, but most are still poor despite that support.” Well, I — and course, not to make this about me, my friends, but I’ve been making this point for a long time. And so has Trump. Trump in campaigning for African-American votes said to them, what have you got to lose?

You’ve been supporting this party that’s been promising to fix every grievance you’ve got, to fix every economic hellhole you live in, and you’re still complaining after 50 years. African-American voters who vote straight party ticket are still unhappy and still critical and still miserable over the very things that they became Democrats over. The Democrat Party takes the African-American vote for granted because they know that black votes not going anywhere. So you African-Americans who that vote Democrat, let me tell you something.

The Democrats don’t have to do a thing for you. They don’t have to waste any money on you. They don’t have to waste any resources on you because they know how you’re gonna vote. It’s the same with California. Democrats don’t have to spend anytime in California, don’t have to spend any money, they don’t have care a whit because they know that California’s gonna vote Democrat so they can take them for granted too. Now, isn’t wrong. And I’m not — don’t misunderstand. I’m not unhappy he said it by any stretch. I’m just saying this isn’t new. It’s about time everybody started figuring this out. The problem with Chuck is that he still doesn’t get what Trump is doing. He says, it’s an economic thing. That’s what both parties have been neglecting, especially the Democrat Party.

No, Chuck, Trump is not neglecting the economic thing. African-American unemployment is at an all-time low, ever since such records have been kept. Same thing with Hispanics, Chuck. The Wall Street Journal has an editorial today describing the latest employment data, and it’s revelations on vastly increasing average wages in America all — for I gotta of the American people, wages are you positive, taxes are down. The Republicans have not been neglecting the economy. Trump has not been neglecting the economy. The Democrat Party doesn’t want a good economy, Chuck.

The Democrat Party can’t politically afford a really roaring economy. They would love to take credit for one, but they don’t benefit from it. People doing well, Chuck, people engaging in self-reliance and doing okay on their own, that doesn’t help the Democrat Party. Democrat Party needs people who are incapable of that. Every black person I know has always voted Democrat, with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor. Well, chuck’s finally got there, he finally arrives at the truths. It’s been a long time coming, but at least she’s there. This has been obvious for decades.

KEN: And once again you see how history repeats itself. You can go back to FDR, you can go to Johnson, you can go to Obama, you can go to Clinton, whatever, history repeats itself. And not to keep beating up on the mainstream news media, but God knows they’ve done enough damage with lying. And they’re allowed to get away with it. They’re allowed to get — I mean, who checks them? We know that they’re not gonna check Biden or Hunter, and I watched that interview with Hunter Biden, and the arrogance of Hunter Biden, that’s how you know he’s Joe Biden’s son right there. The arrogance. Like, remember when Joe Biden said, if you don’t vote for me — or have you vote for Trump, then you ain’t black.

The arrogance of that. Think about that. Joe Biden is like the only person auto earth that could get away with saying something like that. That is — it’s insulting, but beyond that, it’s this taking human beings for granted. And what Rush said in that sound bite was perfect, because the reason everybody attacked Trump when you went into Detroit, I believe, and he was speaking to that black audience, and he laid out the facts and he broke down the damage that Democrats have done with so many of their programs that are not designed to empower and to free the economic power and resources of communities of color, they’re designed to keep those communities attached and dependent on the government.

And when Donald Trump said, what have you got to lose? All these white woke Democrats melted down in the news media like, oh, that was so insulting. What was so insulting about it? What have you got to lose? It was a fact. What did you have to lose? Well, obviously it worked because more voters of color and more women voted for Donald Trump than any other Republican, and Donald J. Trump got more votes than any incumbent president in history. Excuse me. I just had to clear my voice. This is why the left and the news media is still afraid of Donald Trump.

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