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KEN: One thing that the left has been consistent with — and they are good doing it. You know, they have their job, especially in news media, to protect one group of people over another. And if it means leaving out the truth, they will. Listen to this quote from Cecilia Rouse. Now, she is the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, and yesterday…

I shouldn’t have been watching news because, I know — I know — it was Easter. But I had to prepare. Yesterday she said, “It’s important that we upgrade our definition of infrastructure when we discuss Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal.” Translation: “It’s a bunch of lies so we’re gonna do what we always do; we’re going to redefine the definition of what we’re doing.”

We talked about this before. Rush has talked about this before. The Democrats can write anything they want. They can make a 6,000-page bill, a 2,000-page bill, a 900-page law, and then they put a fancy title on it like, “We Love Children So Much Bill” or “The Air Is So Clean Bill” or “Look at How Crystal Clear the Water Is Bill, ‘and then people that are too lazy to do the research (which is most of the news media), sell it off the title.

A great example would be Senator Blunt from Missouri. This is a great example.

BLUNT: Democrats have figured out that infrastructure is something we need and something that’s popular, and so they’re trying to take 70% of this bill and call it infrastructure in a new way than we’ve ever talked about infrastructure before. And that means you’re looking at another partisan package just like we had with covid.

KEN: You know, one of the most interesting things about your tax dollars and my tax dollars? By the way, I hope you’re keeping track, ’cause it’s 10 days away. Yeah. We’re ten days away from April 15th, and there are thousands of illegal foreign nationals that are counting on your money. So I hope you’re not planning on short-changing the Biden administration or the illegals that he’s invited over to vote.

Now, Rush talked about what we just mentioned about redefining the language.

RUSH: I remember way back when this program first started. I forget why I made the point, but I uttered what has come to be acknowledged as a profundity: “Words mean things.” And I made the point that this is a program that is substance over style, whereas most of politics — sadly, most of our culture these days — is style over substance. I called it something else, just different terminology.

But symbolism over substance, style over substance, same thing. Words mean things. I’m the mayor of Realville. I believe in the substance of things, not the phoniness. As an example, when I was establishing goals for this program, one of them was to be a real number one, meaning the actual most listened to program, not one that was said to be. You wouldn’t believe how many radio and TV shows have really a pittance of an audience but because of the guests they have and those guests constantly talk about that show or that host, the impression is created that show is much more popular and bigger than it is.

We don’t do any of that here. Don’t have a PR firm or PR agency. We sink or swim day to day on the substance and the quality of what happens here, the product. So, to me, words mean things. “Words matter.” In fact, it got to the point where that became such a profundity that the Democrat Party began to go out and hire wordsmiths. Remember this guy named… Yeah, George Lakoff (rhymes with). It was his job to give the Democrats different words and phrases, other than the real words and real phrases, in order to convey a false meaning. It was a way to lie and to build Democrats and their agenda items up, which could not stand on their own.

KEN: How can you not love the fact…? One of my favorite things about Rush is he would pull the curtain back. He was constantly doing that. He could do that with any topic ’cause he was America’s Real Anchorman, but he was also a man of the world. You had a guy that had his own jet, and he had his own network. But he didn’t talk to you like that. There wasn’t any of that.

And he had no trouble pulling back the curtain like with the ratings thing he just explained. This is how most of the news organizations stay alive because instead of working to be number one. CNN is such a wonderful example. I mean, their ratings are in the toilet. As soon as President Trump left the scene and stopped tweeting, they had no content.

They could have incredible content now but understand there’s a whole list of things that CNN and most of the mainstream media cannot talk about. There’s a whole list. Among them is Biden and immigration and Hunter’s laptop. There’s just a list of things you can’t talk about. So it was so good when Trump was around because you could take Trump’s dessert and turn it into a story. “Yeah, I heard he had two scoops of ice cream! I can’t believe it, man! I can’t believe we hired a man who has ice cream over and over.”

It was incredible.

But I love the way Rush used to pull back that curtain. He’s pull it back about everything, whether it was being successful, being wealthy, or being in the news media, and this is why it’s so dangerous to have all the news media (probably 90%) in the same pocket as a current administration, and then that is in the same pocket with academia, and that’s in the same pocket with cable TV, and that’s in the same pocket with Hollywood.

It’s very dangerous to have that, because as Cecilia Rouse said, “We need to upgrade our definition of infrastructure,” t that could not be done unless the left knew it had a lot of people on their side, from late-night television, which I think… I think late-night television has become the most poisonous media platform, because in every monologue…

Think about the late-night TV monologue where you used to wind down at the end of the day and you’d watch whatever late-night host you preferred, and you’d see that monologue. It all started with, what, Carson and Jack Parr before that, I think. But it’s no more like that. What you get now with late-night TV, you get what they believe is funny, and you get a list of Democrat talking points.

So during Trump’s time in office, it was trash Trump for the whole monologue, and people would giggle and laugh, and now it’s trash Trump for the whole monologue and people giggle and laugh. And it’s saying how great Biden is. All you have to do is be in the Biden administration, call a late-night show whether it’s Colbert or Kimmel or whatever, and say, “Look, here’s what you need to do.

“You need to start making fun of people who don’t want to wear a mask or start attacking people that have questions about covid,” and they do it, which is kind of scary when you think about it. So the fact that they’re gonna redefine infrastructure… If you went out on the street before this redefinition process started and you said, “What do you think infrastructure is?”

You know, roads, bridges, things that connect us all. Perhaps you could say “electric grid,” maybe power grid, things of that sort. Communication grid probably would fall under that umbrella. But that’s about it. But if you expand it, if you include in infrastructure, “We need to make sure that some of these white middle schoolers grow up hating the right people,” that’s not infrastructure.

But that’s how the game is played. You know what else they did it? They did it with the term “choice.” I was just talking to one of the team before the show. I said, “That, to me, is the most misused word of the left, the word ‘choice.'” You see the bumper sticker, “I’m pro-choice.” But any pro-choice is different than a lot of pro-choice. If I say I’m pro-choice, it means that you should have a choice.

Do you want to vote? Do you want to own a gun? Do you want to live here? Do you want to work there? To me, that’s a choice. It has nothing to do with a living child in a womb. But look at the brilliance of that campaign — and that took years. Let’s face it. That took decades. But they do that with a lot of things, just like the Clean Air Act.

You know, it talks about what we need to do to your house and your car. It’s not the Mechanics Act. It’s the Clean Air Act. So we need to be hypervigilant for this, and this is going to be as the news media continues to try to save the Biden whatever he’s doing up in Washington. I don’t even want to call it a presidency. I can’t figure out what it’s doing. For God’s sake, keep him off stairs. But as the news media tries to save this debacle from the border to the bank, keep an eye on how they start rewriting the language.

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