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KEN: Covid, covid, covid. Wow. That has been one of the most powerful tools of manipulation. Have you ever seen anything in history that had the impact? Julie had a great question earlier. She was talking about these covid passports, and I forgot the name of the university. I have it here now. Cornell University is mandating covid-19 vaccine for students and staff.

So you have to show up with the vaccine passport or the covid proof to return to class at Cornell, and this is how it will begin. People constantly, as Julie did and others, call the show and you ask for suggestions and advice, and I do my best to give solid advice. But I think the more we are compliant, the more we’ll be taken advantage of.

Here’s where I get that assessment from: Reading history. I’m a history geek. I’m a student of history. I’m a political geek. I’m a book junkie. Every single country you look at, it always starts with compliant citizens. It always starts with, “Oh, just do it. It’s big deal.” Remember over a year ago when conservative people in news media were saying — over a year ago — “Okay, we flattened the curve.

“We don’t need to shut down anymore. This is ridiculous. We flattened the curve. We know it can hurt people. Covid makes people sick, especially people in the risk areas and what have you. But you don’t need to close the schools. You don’t need to shut down the entire world.” But people were compliant, and they were compliant because the giant fear machine known as mainstream news media.

Here’s an example. This is from Reuters. Listen to this headline: “Pandemic Poised to Surge Again in Silicon Valley.” What does that even mean? Well, we don’t know. It’s designed to keep you afraid. Here’s one. “Pandemic Sharpens Inequalities, Could Fuel Unrest.” No, no, no. The pandemic does not “sharpen inequalities.” (laughs) The news media does.

People are not walking around talking about race and gender and sexual preference. They have other things on their mind. It’s the news media! The news media sharpens everything. That’s why it’s so dangerous. Oh, here’s another one that drives me crazy. This is from the New York Post. CDC, Center for Disease Control, “says vaccinated people can travel, but you still have to wear your mask.”

Told you. There were conservative people saying a year ago, “It’s never gonna end.” “Oh, it will.” “No, it won’t. It’s too late. It’s too late.” Once you get middle-aged men walking around wearing a mask on a jogging trail or driving around in their car with a mask or driving their bicycle with a mask, it’s over. It’s over.

The covid card, if you will, is at the same level as the race the card for the Democrats, same level. And you know the race card, they use that with everything. Well, they use the race card with the covid card. They mix the cards together. “Covid’s really bad for women! Covid’s really bad for people of color!”

This, that, and the other thing. It’s just this big stew of hate, and they serve it up with the ladle. “Here, have some. Have some. Have some.” We shouldn’t have any of this. It’s run its course, everybody knows it, and when you think about this covid vaccination passport based on a virus that was fraudulently filtered through the news…

We still don’t know the truth about the number of cases. We still don’t know the truth about the number of deaths. We never got the truth about the number of hospitalizations, and that was evident in New York. That’s the greatest example. We’ve been told from day one, “It’s so bad, the hospitals will be packed. People will drop in the streets! You must put a mask on your 1-year-old.”

It was insanity, and all they had to do was say, “Look, if you have the following comorbidities or pre-existing conditions, and if you’re over 65 — or if you have upper respiratory, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera — you should be super vigilant with sanitary things and health and whatever.” But they didn’t. They said, “Oh, my gosh. What an opportunity to shut down this economy,” and they did, and they’re continuing to do it.

The thing that I can’t believe is, even when you’re vaccinated (laughing), you still have to wear a mask. Why? Why? I know what you’re thinking, because they said so. But they never told you why. For one year the left has said, “Follow the science. Follow the evidence.

“Follow the facts,” and for one year, people like you and I have been saying to the CDC and the World Health Organization and some of our dumb governors, “Where is the science? Where is the evidence? Where are the facts?” and their response has been, “Shut up and put your mask on or you’re not going to the mall.” Check this out.

RUSH: The pandemic lockdowns gave the Democrats, quote, unquote, “permission” to impose massive regulations on anything and everything. And that was the moment the dam began to break. Biden’s election and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia broke the dam. There will now be a flood of Biden executive orders shortly after his inauguration, bills from rabid leftists in Congress will follow. You just watch.

Trump’s policies triggered the great recovery. Biden’s will begin the great reversal. The great decline. And we will no doubt be told again that we are in a decline, we’re a nation in decline, and it’s a good thing the Democrats are in charge ’cause they know, they know how to manage declines, which could be true, but Democrats have different goals than Trump. The Democrats want and need a dependent, permanent underclass. They want it, they’re opening arms, and they’re gonna make sure that open borders becomes the order of the day because they need a dependent and permanent underclass.

They also need to suppress real news and free speech. They need to control narratives in order to control people. But here’s the thing. You know, talk about squandering opportunities. In politics, the Democrats are not looking for what has worked well for the American people the past several years. This is where so many people I think have gone wrong in this country. So many people believe that the Republicans and Democrats basically have the same objectives, just different ways of going about them.

People believe the Democrats think government’s necessary in a big and omnipresent way in order for the country to be great. And Republicans, conservatives saying, “Nope, nope, nope, the exact opposite. The less government, the better. The more grassroots politics, the more entrepreneurism, the more liberty and freedom, the greater the country.” Well, we don’t share the same objectives. The Democrats do not have the same goals and objectives, just different ways. If that were true, the Democrats would be looking for what has worked well for the American people and would try to spin it while continuing it with their fingerprints on it.

They would keep the border closed. They would continue to find a way to support Trump’s revised trade deals. They would keep us out of the Paris climate accord. They would try not to close down the Keystone XL pipeline ’cause all these things have worked and many more. The Democrats want to tear them all down, and they want to reverse them all. They do not want to expand on what has worked for the American people the past several years. The borders are gonna be opened.

Opposing points of view (i.e., free speech) will be silenced. Disposable income will be reduced via tax increases. Travel will be restricted. Energy costs are going to skyrocket. They don’t want you to have any memory of the greatness of the Trump economy, Trump trade deals, or any other thing that his fingerprints are all over. And the pandemic is what permitted them to remove all the breaks. The Democrats saw what was possible. Trump’s impeachment is needed not just to destroy Trump, but to provide diversions and distractions to cover for what is coming.

KEN: So much truth. And you just heard it right there.


KEN: A moment ago, we were talking about compliance and how a government needs our compliance to do anything. If you and I stop paying taxes… I’m not suggesting you do that. I don’t want anybody going to prison. At least not today. But if you and I stop paying taxes, the government would have no money.

There would be no desk or armored cars or planes or envelopes or files. Nothing. Nothing! The government produces nothing. It’s all our money. All the money going to the illegal immigrants is all our money. The money and the trillion-dollar this and the infrastructure and the over-structure and the understructure and maybe my structure; I don’t know.

All tax money. All tax dollars. One of the most offensive things that I’ve seen — and I cannot believe it’s happening in America — is the abuse of the First Amendment, not just freedom of speech, but freedom to practice religion. And they have come at it from every different angle. And I want to just share a little slice of this for a few reasons.

Because I’m a Polack born in New Jersey, and I know there’s a lot of Polish people listening, including members of my family, and I found this sound bite (it’s on Breitbart, by the way) and I’m gonna play a section of it. You want to listen to the whole thing. It will energize you. “A Polish pastor chases the police out of his church.” This is in Canada. This is over the weekend in Alberta Canada, and this is how it went.

The health inspector showed up, started demanding that everybody put their mask on — this was just two days ago — with five armed cops. You.

ARTUR PAWLOWSKI: Please get out. (unintelligible) Get out of this property! Immediately get out. (unintelligible) Get out of this property immediately. Out! (unintelligible) I don’t want to hear anything. Out of this property immediately! (unintelligible) I don’t want to hear words. (unintelligible) Out. Out. Out of this property immediately until you come back with a warrant. (unintelligible) OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! (unintelligible) Out of this property! Immediately out!

KEN: So that’s how you do it. Now, that may frighten some snowflakes or some soy boys, but that’s how you do it, because they have no right in that church, especially during worship. It’s unconstitutional. That’s unconstitutional. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s going on right now that’s unconstitutional, and we are afraid — not all of us, but some of us are afraid — to peacefully, legally tell people to get out.

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