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KEN: It’s amazing when you look at Ukraine and you look at how it was distorted by the news media and never fully investigated, and you remember they tried to get Donald Trump on a quid pro quo and when Joe Biden actually did the quid pro quo, and then I guess Hunter would be the “kid” pro quo because Hunter was involved in the Ukraine.

The investigations into Biden and Hunter in the Ukraine — and the fact that nobody talking about it is amazing. Now here we are: “Ukraine’s military announced Saturday that it will hold joint military drills with NATO troops later this year amid,” and I’m quoting The Hill, “escalating violence with pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country.”

And, furthermore, in the past two weeks, “Moscow has moved to test Washington.” I wonder why they do that? Do you think it’s because Joe Biden doesn’t know what day it is? Could be. (laughing) You know what’s sad — and I hate to think this way. But if I was an enemy of the United States, come on. Joe Biden’s last speech? I’d be giggling about it.

So Moscow is moving to test us and our allies on land, in the air, and at sea with the buildup of military equipment in eastern Ukraine. I don’t know if you’ve seen the videos of this. It’s pretty powerful stuff. All kinds of tanks and vehicles on trains for miles. Miles of train carloads of military equipment. Plus military flights near Alaskan airspace and submarine activity in the Arctic.

So you have to ask yourself, if you voted for Biden, “Do you think Joe Biden has a handle on this?” This was Rush regarding this whole situation.

RUSH: Ukraine was a corrupt hellhole under the previous president, not Zelensky, but the president prior to him. During the Obama administration, Ukraine was a corrupt hellhole, and it was during that era that Biden arranged the deal with Burisma for his kid, which is $83,500 a month, three-point-some-odd-million dollars a year. And the kid doesn’t know anything about natural gas or energy.

So during that period, Russia had attacked Ukraine. We did not provide any aid whatsoever, despite being obligated to do so. The Obama administration refused to help Ukraine as Russia came in and literally took one-third of it, with no opposition. We had made a deal with Ukraine: If you will disarm to make Europe safer — if you’ll disarm — we’ll come to your defense if you’re attacked.

They disarmed. Russia attacked them to annex Crimea. The Obama administration did not come through with any aid. Don’t know why. The story is that he didn’t want to irritate Putin. It was Obama who had this soft relationship with Putin, didn’t want to make him mad, didn’t to want disappoint him, what have you.

KEN: So there it is. If you’re wondering… You hear the Ukraine the come up a lot. But the fact that it’s never been explained that clearly before as Rush just explained it should concern you all we heard about the Ukraine was, “Quid pro quo! Was it a good call? Was it a bad call?” and, “Trump didn’t do this, and Trump didn’t do that.”

This is not the first time that President Obama has, in my opinion, and probably some other people, left America vulnerable on the world stage with regard to our enemies. So I can’t help but wonder, since Joe Biden was part of Obama’s administration, if he has the same mind-set and that mind-set is… At least this is what President Obama made perfectly clear to a lot of us.

“Don’t upset your enemies. Just chill. Just do what you’re told,” and that’s scary. That’s scary. And I always got the impression, especially during the Obama administration, whether it was Susan Rice, the former national security adviser… By the way, she’s the domestic policy adviser now, for people who don’t know. Susan Rice is back in the administration of Joe Biden.

John Kerry’s back in there. There’s a whole bunch of players from the Obama campaign and administration and from Hillary. So we’ve got this same gang of people that want to placate and be compliant with people that threaten our very way of life. It should frighten people, but of course it doesn’t, because they’re busy focusing on who knows what.

The latest controversy about a Republican congressman. But when you think about what happened with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, in Ukraine, you can imagine the opinion they have of Joe Biden, based on the behavior of his son and the deals with China. How could you have a good opinion of our current leader in the Oval Office, Joe Biden?

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