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BRETT: The border crisis continues to rage — and this is far, far, far from anything that we have seen in the recent past. As much as you’ve heard the spin coming from television news — anchors, cable news anchors, pundits, what have you — trying to defend this as some seasonal reality that takes place every year about this time, what you’re seeing on the news, the coverage you’re seeing, the sense you have — and remember.

One of the core tenets of the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network is, you know, you can see for yourself what’s happening. You don’t need a filter through some of these anchors and reporters telling you that you’re not seeing what you’re seeing. You are seeing hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border over the course of the last couple of months.

And when we got that report in the last 24 hours… Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, right? He leads the Republicans in the House of Representatives, the congressman from California up in the Fresno area. He reached out to the FBI and the CIA for a briefing after two men on the Terrorism Watch List crossed.

When two men from not Mexico, not Honduras, not Guatemala, not Nicaragua, not El Salvador, but from Yemen — Yemen! — were stopped at the border with Mexico, Kevin McCarthy wanted to ask some of these tough questions about what it was they were up to. Why were they coming in? Sadly, folks — as you well know — these are the two guys that we caught.

We don’t know who else got through that border that is intending us a great deal of harm from anyplace else around the world. President Trump has come out. He tells Fox he has real doubts about Joe Biden being the guy who’s in charge of this thing, being the guy who in charge of making these decisions.

Sure, when President Biden was inaugurated, he had that stack of executive orders and got to work signing them. On those executive orders, one of them, one of the first ones was to essentially shut down interdiction at the border, stop building that border wall — and now, instead, open the pathway for people to come into the United States.

Not remain in Mexico, but come into the United States and be transported into the interior where they’re sort of on the honor system of showing up to court at some point in the future. You know, this is very bad, ugly, scary stuff. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the head of the DHS, is now talking about restarting construction to fill the gaps in the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

They just killed this border wall off, what, two months ago? Now Mayorkas says, “You know what? There are these things that we gotta do. We gotta fill in these gaps.” Vice President Harris was tasked with being the point person on handling border security. We watched the president appoint her to that position two weeks ago. Was it two weeks ago?

She said, “Okay. I’m gonna take that on,” and then promptly disappeared. She went out to Los Angeles this past weekend, I guess on an Easter vacation, with the second man, Doug Emhoff. She hasn’t had a press conference in 13 days, hasn’t talked about border security in all that time. Well, remember, it was Rush Limbaugh who was right on this case back in 2019.

Back then, it was Jim Acosta down at the southern border, and he was talking about the tales of woe, the kids in cages, the abuse these innocent people were suffering at the hands of the evil CBP and ICE and the states were resisting Trump. Well, Rush came across quite a bit of hypocrisy from Jim Acosta as Jim Acosta almost kind of made the case for the wall himself. Go.

RUSH: This is hilarious. Jim Acosta, the little gnat from CNN, tweeted this: “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation… at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.”

This clown does not realize that he is making the case for a wall! The reason that there aren’t any illegals and the reason there isn’t a crisis is because there’s a steel slat wall, and he’s standing right next to it! No one is there because there is a wall there! They’re going elsewhere to cross the border because there’s a wall there. And there are people at the wall guarding it. But this clown thinks that he’s proving there’s no crisis by standing next to a wall and saying, “See? There’s nothing happening here. There’s no national emergency. No one’s here.”

This is kind of like Yogi Berra talking about the most popular restaurant in town, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” What do you mean, nobody goes there, it’s too crowded? This is just priceless. Jim the gnat Acosta. This is classic. He thinks he’s so much smarter than Trump. He’s so much smarter than anybody else and he’s standing there essentially making the case for a wall by pointing out there isn’t anybody at this wall and therefore there isn’t any national emergency. Translation: Trump’s so full of it and I’m down here very intelligently proving it.

BRETT: He did prove it. He proved it exactly right on — and if you remember, as Acosta was walking by that wall, walking down that wall, you can see through the wall. You could see it was tightly together, pieces of that wall, but you could see through it. It was important for the Border Patrol to have that ability to know what was going on on the other side of that wall.

It’s not a solid wall like the Great Wall of China, and so many have forgotten what the purpose of the wall is. It sounds like a basic question. But the purpose of the wall was to erect it so that people would not be crossing through the frontier areas, but would be making their way to legal checkpoints. McAllen, Texas, is a major checkpoint along that border wall.

You can go in. There’s a Border Patrol station there, and you can present yourself with your documents, come in to the United States to do business or whatever it is you’ve got planned. But you know what on the other side of McAllen, Texas, is Reynosa, one of the most violent cities — forget the Western Hemisphere — in the world.

We have running gun battles over there. That’s the sort of place where us atrocities committed. Body parts are hanging off of bridges over in Mexico on the side of the border because you’ve got cartel fights happening. The building was wall was never designed — and Trump said this. President Trump said this a hundred times. It was never designed to just keep everybody out willy-nilly.

You wouldn’t build a wall around your house with no door.

It was to build the wall at the border in the areas that couldn’t be secured ’cause you have mountains, you got ravines, you got rivers, you got farmland. But for those great open spaces that people can just walk through, it was to funnel those people down along that wall to a place where they can present themselves to the Border Patrol station or to the checkpoint so that they can come in legally.

If you put a wall around your house, it doesn’t mean you don’t want people visiting you. It means you want people going to the front door. And if somebody should climb that wall and drop a child over the fence into your yard, you’re going to call the police, ’cause they’re trespassing. You know, this is not complicated stuff.

I get the emotional appeal that’s being delivered and being sold by the progressives and by the Biden administration trying to say, “Well, no. We have these surges every year at this time.” We do not have these surges every year at this time. We’re getting up closer to almost a half a million people that have come through since Biden’s president.

Only one person’s responsible for that. That is Joe Biden, President Biden, Vice President Harris. He signed the executive order. He signed that order as written by Ron Klain, the chief of staff, and signed off on by that administration. His administration!

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