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BRETT: One of the incredible conversations that we continue to look at with the election that was just held in 2020 and with an eye towards what’s gonna happen happening in 2022 as we get ready for another go-round… Let’s not forget here you did have Biden and Harris ascend to the presidency.

But look at the tiny margins that Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have when it comes to the control there in Washington, D.C. They are not confident. They are deathly afraid. So afraid, in fact, that just a couple of weeks ago, you had Speaker Pelosi trying to pick off a duly elected congresswoman (laughing) who had been sworn in and had already been active in legislating.

She’s so afraid about that tiny, little, itty-bitty majority that she’s got in the House — and Chuck Schumer is certainly having fits pulling hair out of his head looking at Manchin and Warner and Sinema sinking all these crazy proposals that the Biden-Harris administration is pushing. People are not confident. On the left, they are not confident.

They’re worried. It’s why they keep trying to restart social unrest and drama and boycotts and things like that, under the guise of different sorts of motivators, right? Gotta get rid of Major League Baseball and the All-Star game. Gotta get rid of the draft there in Atlanta! We have to do all this stuff, all this stuff to keep people activated and angry and uncertain.

Well, the Washington Examiner has got a piece out that I think is absolutely fascinating. “Democrats don’t trust elections, either. Nineteen percent of all voters,” 19% of all voters, “say Biden and Trump were elected fairly.” That is a crisis of confidence. And that is the sort of crisis of confidence — let’s be honest — that an administration is gonna have a tough time overcoming.

You can’t convince people if they think that something “chicanerous,” if I can borrow a phrase from Joe Biden’s vocabulary… If they think that something chicanerous has gone on, it’s very hard to convince them that, no, no, it was fine. It was fine. You’re okay. There was a survey that was done by David Winston, Republican pollster David Winston, to wonder if election rejection was only a Republican thing, right?

You have Republicans who doubt Biden and Harris’ victory. “When he conducted his February Winning the Issues survey of a thousand registered voters, he included two questions to test his doubt, asking if Trump and Biden were elected fairly or not,” and the numbers are shocking. “In nearly identical numbers, partisans felt their candidate would fairly, the other guy did not.

“But only 19% of the country believe that both Biden and Trump won the elections fairly. Both sides, 87% of Democrats, 82% of Republicans believe their guy won fairly. Slight majorities in independents said both Trump and Biden won fairly,” which average people out there running around, it’s frightening.

“Sixty-two percent of Democrats believe Trump was elected because of Russian interference. Sixty-one percent of Republicans believe Biden was elected because of fraud.” So what do you do about this? How do you re-form the confidence that’s required in these elections? Well, Rush — just in the run-up to this last election — certainly laid it out for you telling you that the Democrats have undermined the integrity of our elections.

RUSH: These people, meaning the Democrats, their refusal to accept the results of 2016, they still haven’t, folks. They are still out pushing the idea that Trump stole that election with the Russians. They are still pushing.

They have done more to tarnish the reputation, the image, the sanctity of the American electoral system than any saboteur could. The Democrat Party has done more to ruin the perceived honesty and integrity of our electoral process than anything Vladimir Putin could. And it’s a shame because there is no way — and I want you to listen to me here — there is no way to rig a presidential election the way they are claiming Trump did.

Now, you would need a really close election where the Democrats could say we need an additional 50,000 votes in Cook County or we need an additional 80,000 in West Virginia, and you delay closing in those places and you manufacture the votes. You mentioned Al Franken finding votes in the trunk of a car two weeks later. You can do that. But you need the election to be over. You need it to be over, and you need to know how many votes you need and where. And then you need to be able to offer a good excuse why the votes haven’t been counted yet.

But to go in and rig the election before Election Day to make sure that no matter what happens your guy is gonna win, it’s not possible, folks. It simply isn’t possible and no less than Barack Hussein Obama has made this point. And yet the Democrat Party has done everything it can to make people in this country believe that’s exactly what happened, that the Russians wanted Trump, and so they made it happen. And that Trump knew about it and helped them and worked with them.

And I’m telling you, the American presidential election is so complex, it has so many precincts, you can’t predict anything about it, starting with turnout. After turnout, you can’t predict how people are going to vote. If you could, then there would never be any drama about this. It’s not possible to prearrange a winner, not the way Democrats have tried to convince the American people that it happened in 2016.

As a result, there isn’t an election going forward that isn’t going to be considered dishonest or suspect. If Trump wins on November 3rd, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Democrats have already set the stage. They’ve been doing it for four years. They’ve been setting the stage for the 2020 election to be rigged, to be stolen, that Trump’s already done it. And they have probably persuaded a lot more Americans than you would think that that’s true.

BRETT: So what ends up happening? What ends up happening, as I mentioned beginning of the hour, is you go in front of judges; you get judges to vote the way you want them to vote in terms of cases that come their way, to alter the way elections are gonna be held. And what do the Republicans do in response?

They go for the legislative fix because that’s what Republicans do. They go for the legislative fix. And that is a fight that can be held in the legislature. That is the fight that can be held in state senates. That is a fight that can be held as a result of that policy in the next election and the people of the state will have their say.

Nobody has their say when these judges do this, because these judges make these changes; the state Supreme Court suddenly decides they don’t want to review it. The federal Supreme Court’s not interested in doing it. So what you have is one group of relying on the essentially unknown characters, these judges who decide these situations.

“This is now the way you’re going to vote!” And you have the Republicans who are pushing to have the state legislature correct the overreach that they think existed. And what ends up happening as a result of that? Well, in the case of Georgia, you end up with defining this all the way downward — all the way downward to, “You’re not allowing people to have water.” It’s not true. It’s not true.

Repeating it on MSNBC and CNN and ABC and CBS and NBC and just saying it and saying it and saying it, makes it no more true than the fiction it was when it started. Now you have a president of the United States — who told everybody he was the great uniter — that the people of Georgia are reinstituting Jim Crow. That is a piece of information that is independently verifiable.

You can go and read the history of some of the horrible, horrible abuses of Jim Crow — put into effect by Democrat politicians, by the progressives, Woodrow Wilson, et cetera, et cetera. You know these were people who supported that, that way of thinking, and it’s independently verifiable that there are not separate lunch counters today.

There are not separate balconies in movie theaters. There are not institutional blockages to voting, because you just saw a massive amount of voting that has taken place — a record amount of voting. Tightening up the regulations and the requirements for ID for getting an absentee ballot. Or not having drop boxes here, there, and everywhere.

Or people who can knock on your door and harvest 50,000 ballots from a neighborhood. That’s all common sense. That’s election integrity. And those are issues that could be fought out in the state legislature. But instead they want to fight it out on TV, they want to pressure corporations, they want to tell Major League Baseball you have to get out of Atlanta.

You’re talking about Atlanta where the WNBA team is called The Dream. The seat of civil rights, the seat of a burgeoning black middle class and upper class — a state that is growing and is a model in so many ways for racial diversity and economic diversity — and yet, so angry are the activists about the changes that they would cut off the nose on to spite the face.

Look at Ralph Warnock, the Senator from Georgia saying, “MLB, get out. We don’t want you here. We don’t want your hundred million dollars.” Go a state that has more restrictive voting than Georgia. Go to a state that has a tinier population of African-Americans. Go to a state that is much more restrictive, in Colorado, than the state of Georgia. Absurdity. You can’t accept the narrative.

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