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BRETT: For all those people who say things like, “Well, there’s no pushback! There’s no pushback when it comes to the Biden administration and Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” I beg to differ. It is great to be here today with you as your guide host. Our telephone number, as always, 800-282-2882, and as Rush would say, “This is what pushback looks like.”

Shortly after signing off from the EIB Network yesterday, House Judiciary Committee members held a press conference following their two-day visit down to the southern border in McAllen, Texas, and it was to take the Biden administration to task over their handling of this growing crisis — a word, by the way, that Alejandro Mayorkas, the most senior member of the Biden administration to make their way to the border, refuses to use.


It’s too much for him. You know, we only have to hearken back to President Trump and his position on the border. President Trump was in favor of legal immigration but opposed to a porous border that permitted criminality, human trafficking, smuggling, drug smuggling coming into our country. Trump was always vocal about his position on illegal immigration. Emphasis on “illegal.”

He called for limits on asylum chain and asylum claims, a policy that many argue the Democrats are exploiting in the midst of all of this. Everything is suddenly an asylum claim, much of it is based on migrants moving northward in search of economic opportunity and, yes, in the era of covid-19 payouts, your dollars. It’s setting a dangerous precedent in the days and the weeks and the months ahead. Rush understood this and understood what Trump was trying to do, and Trump was tough on immigration, as Rush said.

RUSH: “As the Conventional Wisdom Changes” actually would be a great title for the daily Washington soap opera that is scripted by the Drive-By Media. Once again, it is that Trump knows the House is gone. He can’t save it, but he can save the Senate. He wants to save the Senate and have the Senate made up of people like him on immigration. Trump is also now calling for limits on asylum claims. He’s really making a beeline for immigration issues.

We are being overrun in this country. Whether you want to call it an invasion or not, we have minimum 12 million illegal aliens. We have sanctuary cities. We have an untenable situation. We cannot maintain our culture. We cannot be and remain the leaders of Western Civilization if this doesn’t stop! And it’s not because there’s any hatred for people. It’s because of self-preservation and a duty that America has to protect and sustain itself for the good of everybody! Trump gets the conversation started, like my old buddy Andy McCarthy said the other day: Sometimes you need somebody who’s gonna break the furniture if you are a gonna get the remodeling started. Well, here we go.

BRETT: “Well, here we go,” unfortunately, in the other direction now with the Biden-Harris administration. The headlines moving today are heartbreaking no matter how you slice it. “Governor Abbott in Texas: Children are being sexually abused and neglected at the San Antonio migrant facility.” “ABC: Texas is investigating child abuse allegations at the temporary migrant facility, governor says.”

As to the federal picture, where is Kamala? Where is Kamala Harris, the vice president, two weeks since being named the border czar? Harris still hasn’t visited. The closest she’s gotten to the border is Los Angeles, California, where she spent the Easter weekend with the second gentleman. “Washington Examiner: Our entire country is now a sanctuary nation — GOP lawmakers recount the trip to the southern border.”

Yesterday after this program those members of the House Judiciary Committee gathered together to report to the press assembled before them — and to the American people — what it was they were seeing. California Rep. Tom McClintock is from the northern part of the state of California, once upon a time a congressman representing Ventura County. But here’s what Tom McClintock, a man who is a veteran of these border fights, had to say about what he saw down on the border on the other side of McAllen.

MCCLINTOCK: In all of my years in the Congress, that has been the most disturbing field tour that I’ve ever taken. Yesterday we watched literally hundreds of illegal migrants crossing the border and turning themselves into the Border Patrol. Groups in the company of children who were under seven with their basic bioinformation taken down and dispatched to bus stations to continue into the United States. Unaccompanied minors are taking into custody by Border Patrol.

They’re warehoused in CDP holding facilities — those are the covid incubators that you’ve been seeing in the pictures that have been smuggled out from these facilities — until they can be transferred to HHS. HHS then makes travel arrangements for them to be sent to their final destination. Often a family member who’s already an illegal alien, all are being waved in, guaranteed by the Biden administration not to be deported even if they commit crimes. In fact, under his executors our entire country is now a sanctuary nation.

BRETT: We had a call on the board yesterday during the program — we didn’t have time to get to the gentleman — and he was asking the question, “Why don’t the governors take any action?” It’s impossible, because you have people transiting into these communities, cities, towns, small towns in the dark of night to the bus station where they’re just dropped off.

There is no big announcement of, “Here comes a caravan of people being brought up from the border,” so there really is effectively nothing that the local authorities can do to stem this tide. Governor Greg Abbott, Republican from Texas, was talking about the horrible abuse situation going on in San Antonio. Here’s what he said.

ABBOTT: The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children! To end this abuse, the Biden administration must immediately shut down this facility.

BRETT: This isn’t in some foreign country. This isn’t in some far-off place. This is in San Antonio, Texas. This is in San Antonio, Texas, where Joaquin Castro is a congressman. I don’t know that he’s toured the facility. I don’t believe AOC has toured the facility. I don’t believe that Kirsten Gillibrand has toured the facility.

We know for a fact Harris, Mayorkas, and Biden have not toured the facility. And there is abuse of children going on under the tutelage of the federal government, the Biden administration. Andy Biggs is a Republican congressman from Arizona. He knows this issue well. Here’s what he had said yesterday.

BIGGS: The policies of this administration are inhumane. This president must own the catastrophe he has created, this human suffering and misery that he has created.

BRETT: There is no middle ground here. You have to secure the border. There is no partial securing of the border, a little securing of the border. The border has got to be secured. It’s so interesting, in a country that is not talking about the border crisis, but instead talking about a voting law in the state of Georgia and boycotts and things like that and you see President Biden talking so much about Jim Crow coming back to Georgia because of the voting rights battle going on inside that state of Georgia.

Isn’t it interesting to think how much this is being ignored by presidency Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris? Well, Representative Burgess Owens, Republican from Utah, an African-American, understands the bitter, bitter irony of what it is that’s going on down at the border.

OWENS: I would say to President Biden and Vice President Harris, “Get some backbone! Get some compassion. Come down to the border and see what mess you made down here that we’re trying to fight to save our nation,” and, by the way, I don’t want to ever her the word “reparation” again from these Democrats. Reparation is for slavery 200 years ago?

We’re seeing slavery today. Human trafficking, my friends sex trafficking my friends today. Close your eyes there is nothing happening. Make sure this message goes out strong. I don’t care what side of the aisle we’ve on. We love our kids, we love our nation, we love our culture. We’re not gonna let the hard left destroy it by bringing misery to our nation.

BRETT: You can have a country that has a healthy and vibrant immigration system. It’s what America does, by and large. But when you choose to purposely ignore a 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico, when we choose to purposely ignore the security concerns as we need verifiably we have people coming in from Yemen and from Pakistan and from Iran and from Romania and from Africa and from deep in the triangle countries of South America and in Central America.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a healthy border.

This is not a healthy border, and the notion that we will have the sort of argument and fight we’re having over a change of the voting laws there in Georgia — and that we’ll get corporations involved and that we’ll get the sports institutions involved? The idea that that’s all going to happen while actual slavery is taking place across our southern border and the president and the vice president have no interest in visiting it?

In showing support? In holding the hand of a crying, terrified child who’s just been abused in a San Antonio migrant facility? We all saw with a broken heart that young boy lost on that frontier on the border between Texas and Mexico, crying out for help tie a man taupe had him out because the caravan he was with had left him. That little boy couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old.

There are thousands of those little boys and little girls crying out and being victimized. The party that claims to stand up for the downtrodden, the immigrant, the migrant can only turn their backs on those boys and girls suffering not just on the frontiers, but in the corridors of Biden-Harris migrant centers that are popping up in cities across the country.


BRETT: Have you been following these stories about illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, undocumented immigrants? You know, they play games with the terms. Have you seen these different sorts of stories about how they’re getting tons and tons of aid in a way that small businesses never got any aid because of the pandemic?

Well, Andrew Cuomo’s got a dangerous and discriminatory sanctuary state policy. That’s right. In Andrew Cuomo’s New York, illegal aliens to get $1.1 billion (with a B), more in taxpayer funded aid than small businesses. I alluded to this at the beginning of the program when we were talking about the crisis at the border and the fact that a number of extremely dangerous people have been interdicted.

We don’t know the number of people who have gotten through the lines, right, who snuck in and got in. But in the case of Andrew Cuomo, you’ve got $1.1 billion more in taxpayer-funded aid going to illegal aliens in New York than to small businesses. And the fact is there couldn’t MS-13 numbers. We know there was one that was busted at the border. We know that there were two Yemeni terrorists or at least men on the terrorism watch list.

They could have gotten the hookup as well if they got to New York. It’s absolutely shocking. It takes us back to Rush and his message to President-Elect Trump. That’s how far become this goes. Telling President-Elect Trump to yank every dime of federal aid from Cuomo, De Blasio, and anyone else, ignoring immigration law.

RUSH: From the U.K. Daily Mail: “Governor Andrew Cuomo Takes a Stand Against Trump and Offers People ‘Under Attack’ to Take Refuge in the Empire State — Cuomo wrote: ‘Whether you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black or white or brown, we respect all people in the state of New York.'” That’s BS. Just, what was it, a couple years ago Cuomo invited all pro-life, pro-gun conservatives to leave New York State? Does anybody remember this? He said New York is not open to conservatives. It’s not going to be a welcoming place.

If I were Trump, I’d call Andrew Cuomo and say, “You want to do this?” But I’d call De Blasio, too. He’s going to do the same thing in the city, and I think Rahm Emanuel is doing the same thing in Chicago. I’d call these guys and say, “Fine, you want to do this? You keep it up, and I’m gonna impound every dime of federal money your cities are getting. I’m not gonna sit here and openly tolerate lawlessness like you are encouraging, Governor Cuomo.

“Illegal immigration is illegal. Sanctuary cities are illegal. Sanctuary states are illegal. And we are not putting up with this. We’re not gonna look the other way in the eyes of ‘compassion’ or what have you, while you continue to bring in undocumented hopefully soon to be registered Democrat voters under some premise that they’re being discriminated against by a bunch of hatemongers because none of it’s true. And if you want to keep getting federal money, you’re gonna shut this down and stop this right now.”

That’s what I would do — and if Trump asked me what he should, that’s what I would tell him he should do. Trump has not asked me. Ha.

RUSH: By the way, the mayor of Los Angeles is also in on this, mayors, Governor Cuomo, city of Chicago, will continue as immigrant sanctuary and the mayors of New York and Los Angeles pledge to remain immigrant sanctuaries. All of this is Reuters, U.K. Daily Mail, AP. This is lawlessness. Sanctuary cities are against the law. Illegal immigration is against it law.

It is not rooted in racism. It isn’t rooted in bigotry. It isn’t rooted in anti-Hispanic. It isn’t rooted in anything but the rule of law. And Democrat Party officials getting away unpunished with breaking the law has got to stop. If it doesn’t, the Democrat Party is going to continue becoming an even bigger minority.

RUSH: But here is Alan in Allentown, which we also own. Great to have you, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. It’s wonderful to talk to you. I’ve been listening for a very long time. I used to watch your TV show. Actually as a kid I introduced my father to your program when I —

RUSH: I know. There was somebody from Allentown in the TV audience every show. I’m not kidding.

CALLER: It was a wonderful program, and I was sad to see it go.

RUSH: I appreciate that. I really do.

CALLER: I’ll get to my point. What maybe you could elaborate on is I seem to remember Democrats reminding Republicans that immigration is federal law and I just wondered if you could elaborate on that and maybe refresh my memory. I just remember there was a big to-do about that a couple years back where Republicans were trying to do things and we were reminded, “Hey, step aside, it’s federal law.”

RUSH: Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ll give you an example. You’re talking about Arizona. State of Arizona, federal law is not being enforced immigration law, so the governor at the time, Jan Brewer, all right, we’re gonna do our own set of laws here that are gonna mirror federal law, and we passed ’em, and they implemented them, and Obama sued them.

Obama’s Department of Justice sued the state of Arizona claiming: You don’t have any control over immigration. That’s a federal purview. That’s federal law. We run the borders. We protect the borders. We do all that with the border and you don’t have anything to say about it. Our law trumps yours, no pun intended.

And they rendered Arizona’s law, and a judge backed ’em up, every Obama judge they could find backed ’em up. So he’s got a great point here. Federal government told a governor (raspberry) you. You have nothing to say over immigration. Now he’s asking, well, how can the governor of New York and how can the governor of Chicago and the mayors of New York and Los Angeles get away with defying federal law by establishing their states and cities as sanctuary cities expressly for the purpose of housing and paying for illegal immigrants?

And the answer is — dadelut dadelut dadelut — according to the law, they can’t. But Obama chose not to enforce it. Obama chose not to enforce very much of immigration law, which is why I said, if I were Trump, I’d call these guys and I would say, “If you don’t renounce this, then every penny of federal money you get is gonna be impounded until you do.”

BRETT: That would just be the greatest thing ever, but it requires spine. It requires the ability to be able to pull that off. But Rush was a hundred percent spot on, and let’s also not forget what’s at the root of this current crisis at the border. This is about getting people into as many new states as they can, because in many of these blue states, they’re hemorrhaging population.

They’re worried about what that means for the census that will coming around in 10 more years. They need to replace these people that are fleeing their high tax rates. I mean, Cuomo’s got the highest tax rate in the country now. They’ve actually surpassed California. This is what it’s all about. It’s all about elections, turnout, body count. It’s about body count.

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