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BRETT: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was talking on her program yesterday and she said “that if an alien landed in America seeking the most destructive force on the planet, they would look to the Republican Party.” That’s kookery. That’s nonsense. What is she…? What? It just so happens that Rush helped us understand whatever happened to Nicolle Wallace back in 2019.

RUSH: These people on the left… It’s like Nicolle Wallace. Nicolle Wallace, I never met her, but I always knew of her. She was in the comms office during the George W. Bush administration. There was a time she would defend Bush against all the silliness he was being accused of. She was at one time hated by the Drive-By Media because they hated George W. Bush. But she was especially prominent during election campaigns. She was equivalent to the Kellyanne Conway of today. Something happened.

I don’t know when or what, but she’s now ended up at MSNBC for the last, I don’t know, 10 years, and she’s just gone. Whatever she was is gone now. Whatever linkage… You know, she was the one the McCain campaign assigned to Sarah Palin during that campaign, and apparently, I think, this was it. She apparently thought Palin was so unqualified that she couldn’t vote for her. She felt really bad. She felt the party was making a big mistake.

Anyway, on MSNBC earlier, Nicolle Wallace actually said that Trump’s objective is the “extermination of Hispanics” and Latinos. The extermination! Nicolle Wallace, who has apparently totally lost any grounding, now saying that Trump wants to “exterminate Hispanics.” Now, she’s since apologized for it. She said, “I misspoke about Trump calling for an extermination of Latinos. My mistake was unintentional and I’m sorry.

BRETT: Who’s she sorry to? Who is she sorry to? Is she sorry to her public who she misled? Is she apologizing to President Trump for telling a slanderous lie about him? You know, this whole, “Uh, my mistake was unintentional. I’m sorry. I misspoke.” Who’s the apology delivered to? The reason why you see increasingly radical rhetoric coming out on the leftist cable channels is because they see that their grip on the American electorate is slipping.

One of the great stories that we will uncover at some point — I haven’t seen it borne out yet in polling or anything like that to a deeper degree — is the toll that the border crisis is taking on Latino and Hispanic voters in the Southwest and throughout the country, really. Because you’ve now taken these folks who are coming across the border with Mexico and delivering them to different communities around this country.

There is a huge misunderstanding, a huge mistaken notion — or, let’s just say, an absolutely brutally calculated notion that for whatever reason that because you share a cultural heritage, a cultural tradition, a similar last name, that even though you are a law-abiding citizen as an American who may have been here for five or eight or 10 generations of Hispanic descent, that you, of course, are okay with illegal immigration.

And you, of course, are okay with people not respecting our border laws and our immigration laws. And that is nonsense! There’s a reason why Trump was effective at picking up black votes, Hispanic votes, Asian votes. There’s a reason why he appealed to people, and I think it was because he was putting America first. Patriotism owes allegiance to no particular identity but to the people who love America.

We have to remember that, and we have to inculcate that in our children’s minds. It doesn’t matter how you look. It matters how you feel about your nation and your Constitution and your desire to see it continue to flourish. That’s what it comes down to. The left only sees identity politics. We see a constitutional republic to be preserved. That’s one of the key lessons I got from Rush Limbaugh.

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