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BRETT: In just a couple of moments, I’m gonna let you hear just how wrong Biden has been on the gun issue. It’s really an incredible thing to look at and to say, “The crisis is not at the border, but the crisis is inside the Second Amendment.” In fact! In fact! You know, there’s no border crisis and there’s absolutely no reason why you would have the federal government and the Biden administration asking for volunteers from different federal agencies, including NASA.

Did you know this? NASA employees have been reportedly asked to volunteer to work with unaccompanied migrant children! What does that mean, exactly? I mean, how many…? (laughing) How many other agencies could there be that might be more useful, before you get to NASA. As Maimone is pointing out to me — and he’s exactly right — this ain’t rocket science to secure the border there, Mr. President.

You gotta think twice about sending NASA to the border! You ought to think twice about that. Remember, this is the same president, Biden, who once upon a time issued all kinds of predictions about science and how NASA is gonna accelerate our travel all around the world within an hour or whatever it is. Here’s how wrong Joe Biden has been over the years. Here’s his take on travel.

BIDEN: I tell the kids, the young people that work for me — I told my kids — when I go on college campuses, you’re gonna see more change in the text 10 years than we’ve seen in the last 50 years. We’re gonna talk about commercial aircraft flying subsonic speeds, supersonic speeds, be able to figuratively, if you may — if we decided to do it — traverse the world in about an hour, travel 21,000 miles an hour.

BRETT: These are the same people that went after Trump, by the way, for developing Space Force, which was lampooned and made fun of, this idea, “We’re not gonna go have Star Wars up there in outer space. This is crazy!” No. It’s about securing the United States from an attack coming from other powers on the planet targeting the United States of America.

But this is a person who is unserious about the securing of our national border. So of course, we look to the stars or we look to the Second Amendment because that’s all easier stuff to talk about, right? I mean, that is much easier stuff to talk about. We’re gonna get much deeper into the gun issue and this attempt to regulate your right to keep and bear arms by the Biden-Harris administration coming up a little bit later on.

But let me just give you a little forecast for what it is that we kind of have on deck. Back then, this would be Vice President Joe Biden. He was doing a Facebook town hall, was hosted by Parents magazine, and it was way, way back on February 19th, 2013, Joe Biden gave you his prescription for what to do about firearms. Let her rip, Joe.

BIDEN: If you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells of a 12-gauge shotgun, and I promise you as I told my wife. We live in an area that’s wooded and it’s somewhat secluded. I told Jill, “If there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here. Walk out, put that double barrel shotgun, and fire two blasts outside the house.”

BRETT: It’s not even good advice! It’s dangerous! You can’t just stand on your balcony and fire rounds out into the ether. What goes up must come down, Joe. What are doing? And, by the way (impression), “We live out in a rural place.” In February of 2013, vice president, you were Mr. Vice President. You had Secret Service protection. So I assure you Jill Biden — Dr. Jill Biden — was not gonna need to go out and bust caps off the balcony.

It just doesn’t make any sense. But this is the simple sort of nature that we have that we’re dealing with in terms of policy. Let me tie this back to the border for a brief moment, if I can — and I can, ’cause I’m the guide today. You have a situation where verifiably the border is insecure, where people are being trafficked, where people are suffering at the hands of cartels and human smugglers and traffickers and all sorts of predators that are out there for any number of reasons.

We know this all to be the case, and you do want to talking about guns. I understand that. You do want to talk about something that’s much easier to divide the country rather than the border. Because as you look at the polling numbers out there, people by and large — and across the spectrum — want the border to be secure. They want the border to be security.

They’re not marching to tell you, “Stop immigration! Don’t let those people in. Don’t let these people in.” We want to know who people are that are coming in because the first great crisis that was striking this country before we got to opening the border was covid, and you still have these people coming in and not being screened and being put in overloaded cells where they’re going to suffer the ravages of covid.

And then go into communities — disproportionately, likely communities of color that have been disproportionately, negatively affected by covid-19 — and they’re going to spread this illness, which is terrible. Which is terrible. So I understand why you want to go guns. I understand why you want to talk about Jim Crow. I understand why you want to talk about an infrastructure package, a Green New Deal, pie-in-the-sky ideas with the Iranians.

I get all that. But interestingly enough, the border is actually the easiest thing to solve. Damage has been done, but the border’s the easiest thing to solve because all you need to do, Mr. President, is take that executive order you signed and reverse it. Put the Remain in Mexico policy back into place. Tell the Border Patrol that they’re allowed to do their jobs.

Resume the construction of the border wall, which has already been contracted and in many ways paid for, and then figure out a better pathway forward. But the stubbornness you’re exhibiting doesn’t punish your political opponents. The stubbornness that you are exhibiting, sir — with all due respect — is punishing the hardworking American people in the communities affected by this and the very poor migrants you claim to care so much for. Plenty more straight ahead.


BRETT: We talked extensively in that first hour about border security and of course the issues that current administration in Washington, the Biden-Harris administration, don’t really want to focus on in terms of the most important issues before us. Instead, they want to spend their time talking about the voting laws in Georgia.

They want to talk about nationalizing elections, doing, of course, infrastructure. And today’s latest piece: The taking on of your Second Amendment rights, your gun rights. And they have a very interesting approach they’re taking to destract the American people from the border crisis. They’re going to two very specific components on guns, neither of which are going to be put through via any sort of legislative idea, law, suggestion.

None of that. It’s going to be executive orders, executive orders which — you remember as well as I do — were the mainstay of Obama-Biden administration back in 2008 through early 2017. You had approach that said, “We’ll just kind of tweak around the edges. We’re not gonna push through legislation because we know that this legislation is not going to pass.”

Gun control is not a popular issue.

Crime control is a popular issue.

Stopping criminals from getting guns is a popular issue.

Safe streets, border security, stopping cartels, all of those are all popular issues that you can allies get legislation done. But when it comes to guns, Democrats tend to have an approach that targets the American people and their Second Amendment rights, which are nonnegotiable, quite frankly. So let’s take a trip back in time to 2013, back when then-vice president, Joe Biden, under President Obama, was sort of spearheading the push for more gun control, for gun grabs.

Rush said this then about the gun grab.

RUSH: So the vice president has put it on the table that the president is actively considering options with guns involving executive orders. Now, what, pray tell, could a bunch of liberal Democrats be thinking about doing with guns? I wonder what that would be. Maybe taking them away from people? I think so. I know enough liberal Democrats who have said that to me.

They wish they had the power to take people’s guns away. They’ve advocated it. So when Biden, himself a liberal Democrat, says that himself and the president and cabinet with the attorney general — all a bunch of leftist Democrats — are talking about using executive orders… And when you say, “For what?” It could only be to take guns away from people. And who knew that an executive order could trump a constitutional amendment?

You know, after they finish that, why don’t they just issue an executive order outlawing abortion, if they really want to save lives Speaking of Obama’s upcoming gun grab, here is the vice president. This is at the White House. Vice President Bite Me held a gun violence task force meeting with “victim groups” and gun safety organizations. Victim groups! And this is what he said.

BIDEN: The president is going to act. There are executive orders! There’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.

RUSH: All right, now, when a bunch of liberals get together and start talking about guns — and include the possibility of executive orders, executive action that can be taken — what are they talking about? (interruption) Well, of course not involving Congress, but they’re talking about taking guns away.

What are they talking about here? Executive action to do what? Shore up the Second Amendment? I hardly think so. So that’s what Bite Me’s talking about. My only point is that. What could a bunch of liberal Democrats worried about guns, talking about using executive orders…? What could it possibly be about? A gun grab. So make no mistake: They are planning a gun grab.

And I don’t think that they have any qualms with us knowing that that’s what they’re thinking. Biden’s not hiding it. It’s all over the media. And, by the way, the media’s all for it. There are many lessons people can learn about the left. One of the key lessons is they never give anything up. Once they begin a quest, they don’t stop until they’ve got it. The other thing that you need to learn is, they’re never happy even after they succeed. They are never happy because there can never be enough to satisfy them. They can get everything they want, and it isn’t enough. They always want more.

BRETT: “They always want more,” and they want to push that further and further and further against your rights. Democrats are very clever. They’re able to use terminology that is scary terminology to the American people. They understand how to press emotional buttons. Look at the terms that are being used in the context of the gun debate in our country. We’ve often heard “the assault weapon,” right?

“We need the assault weapons ban back! We need the assault weapon ban!” What is the assault weapon? Define “the assault weapon.” What does that mean? It’s a scary looking gun that scares people because it’s an assault gun, right? It’s a term that most people — most people — are thinking that they’re familiar with but they don’t really know what it is. They basically picture, like, an AR-15 in their mind.

It’s a scary gun. It looks like a gun you would use if you were trying to take over a building or something, right? That notion. So now they’re introducing a couple of new phrases. “Ghost guns! We’ve gotta get rid of the ghost guns. Who could support the ghost guns?” and red flag laws. Well, of course red flag laws would be important because you’d to want red flag somebody that you wouldn’t want to have a gun.

So with the red flag laws, what the Democrats are doing — it’s very clever — is they’re taking advantage of the broader ignorance — and I’m not saying that to be pejorative, use the word “ignorant” as pejorative saying stupid or dumb. They’re taking advantage of the broader ignorance of the vast swath of American people who don’t have firearms, don’t understand firearms, and just know them to be really scary.

One of the byproducts of this pandemic we just watched that played out was an explosion in the purchase of firearms. People were very interested getting protection for their property, their business, what have you, and exercising their Second Amendment rights, and it was across the spectrum. Men, women, people of color, you name it. People were going out there and legally obtaining firearms.

You were hard pressed to get ammunition. You were hard pressed to get certain firearms. People were practicing those Second Amendment rights, and what were they doing? They were learning how to shoot, becoming proficient, understanding that, you know, you need to be responsible for your own personal security and be responsible in all possible ways.

But those people that did not care to go out and do that, instead found themselves thinking, “What about this gun thing? We’ve got so many guns in the country.” The number they use sometimes, 300 million, 400 million guns, and a billion plus or two billion rounds of ammunition out in private ownership. Well, te overwhelming majority of people who own firearms are law-abiding citizens.

So here comes Biden and Harris and they decide we gotta distract from the border crisis — which is an actual crisis — and what we need to do is focus on gun control. Taking guns from people who shouldn’t have them. What is a ghost gun? The average person could not tell you what a ghost gun is. They’ll define it for you. You’ll see the rounds being made by the people inside the administration on the Sunday shows, and they’ll tell you that a ghost gun is this frightening thing that’s made by criminals.

Essentially, it’s a firearm that doesn’t necessarily have a serial number on it. You can purchase components and you can upgrade your firearm. You can change the lower, change the receiver, change things that are on the firearm. And, you know, hobbyists and people who enjoy doing that sort of stuff are going to do that. Can criminals do it? Sure. But criminals can also take a machete and ram a checkpoint at the Capitol like happened last Friday and kill a police officer.

It’s not the fault of the car, it’s not the fault of the knife, it’s the fault of the criminal. Same thing with firearms. The Democrats understand that they can use scary terms, frightening terms to try to scare you into making certain decisions. The red flag laws, right? Red flag laws allow family members or law enforcement agencies to petition state courts to temporarily block people from obtaining firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others.

Biden says that states with red flag laws have seen a reduction in the number of suicides. So is this about suicides or is this about people going out and committing homicides against other, folks? You know, this is a tough question that has to be answered. Let’s go back to that horrible, tragic murder rampage by Mr. Al Issa, allegedly, in Boulder, Colorado, a few weeks ago.

In the days immediately after that rampage where we were told essentially it was, you know, maybe a white supremacist running around or something like that. And then Mr. Al Issa — who was an immigrant from Syria as a young person — was known to be a volatile character. In fact, his family members said he had been walking around with this weapon, with this AR-15.

He had been talking about how he was gonna shoot and he was shooting. And one of his sisters said, you know, he didn’t seem right and he was carrying around a quote, “machine gun.” It’s not a machine gun. It’s a firearm. Wouldn’t he have been a prime candidate for the red flag laws? Well, why didn’t his family call the authorities and say, “There’s something not right about Mr. Al Issa here.

“He has a firearm. We’re afraid he’s gonna hurt himself or somebody else.” They could have called the police. They could have evaluated him if he had some type of a psychiatric issue. That could be done! But that sort of stuff is done at the local level. What is Joe Biden going to do with the executive orders? What he’s gonna do is he’s gonna tell the BATF to be more difficult when it came to allowing you to purchase firearms, extend the background check periods, do all this sort of stuff.

It’s about preventing law-abiding sentences from owning firearms. The overwhelming majority of people who own firearms in this country are peaceful and law-abiding citizens. The people who are causing problems with firearms are criminals.

And you have an administration — and a political party, more broadly — who is much more interested in getting people out of jail and out of prison and putting criminals back on the streets who can actually do real harm to innocent people than they are committed to keeping us safe. It might help if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually spoke to gun owners instead of speaking to the caricature of gun owners.


BRETT: Rob is in Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rob. What’s on your mind today?

CALLER: Hey. I appreciate your talking about my call, and thanks for carrying on the legacy. You guys are doing a tremendous job.

BRETT: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: So I’ve been listening to Rush for years. One of the things that I learned from him early on was on listen and watch people’s actions. Listen to what they say, and then over the years, that turned into just observe, and observing all areas of your life, what people say, what they don’t say, how they act — you know, everything — and then come up with your own conclusion. So today I caught most of Biden’s outing.

BRETT: Yes, sir.

CALLER: And besides calling ATF the “AFT” —

BRETT: (chuckling)

CALLER: — besides lying about background checks and those things, one thing that struck me was — and I’m paraphrasing here, but he basically said as he’s trying to get everybody on board here — that we don’t want guns to fall into the hands of those who aren’t able to lawfully possess them.

BRETT: (groans)

CALLER: Sounds great, right?

BRETT: (laughing) Right.

CALLER: It jumped out at me, leaped at me, screamed at me and said, “Okay. So the next thing that’s coming is the definition of who can legally possess a firearm and the enforcement of that.

BRETT: So you would go the front of the room. You would go to the front of the room in Rush’s classroom there ’cause you’re exactly right. What else did you want to say?

CALLER: Well, and so to me, that’s very spooky. I know that everybody has learned from Rush. But at the end of the day, it comes down to the enforcement. But the thing that I try to do when I’m listening to this is to find out… Because his outing today basically didn’t do much to the general transaction of how guns are purchased in this country. You have to do a background check at gun shows already.

BRETT: That’s right. That’s right.

CALLER: I didn’t know ghost guns were an issue until a couple of weeks ago the Dems picked up on that narrative. They’re not an issue.

BRETT: Right.

CALLER: You can build a gun for yourself. It’s not illegal to do so. So all of these things to build the narrative, and then it comes down to the endorsement of it, pick and choose what laws are gonna be enforced.

BRETT: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: It’s very… This wordsmithing and word changing and definition changing is extremely dangerous for the future of our country.

BRETT: Absolutely.

CALLER: One thing that I absolutely listen to every time I watch, I observed — and listen. I haven’t read the text of the EO yet.

BRETT: Amen.

CALLER: We all have to do that and see if what he says today matches the EO. Because he could sign an EO that has way more in it than what was even talked about today at the outing.

BRETT: Absolutely. Home-run call, Rob in Fort Worth. You’re exactly right. Everybody needs to follow that homework assignment. We all need to be reading this executive order top to bottom, spend the time because it’s what they’ve buried in it that they’re not talking about that we need to know about. Dynamite call, Rob. so happy you called the program today. Well said.

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