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BRETT: One of the things Rush often spoke of was this idea that Donald Trump was not a member of that inside-the-Beltway club, right? He was an outsider, and that meant — right out of the box — that about, I don’t know, what, 70, 80, 90% of Washington, D.C., was gonna absolutely hate him ’cause he’s not in the fraternity.

He’s not in the club. He’s not one of them. You’re seeing it manifesting right now in the administration of President Biden and Vice President Harris in the absence of leaking coming out of the Beltway, coming out of the swamp, coming out of the Biden administration. Make no mistake, there is in an abundant amount of stuff that could be getting leaked.

We could be hearing stuff about Hunter Biden and Burisma and investigations and all of that sort of stuff — tax liability, what have you. We could hear things about the Iranian nuclear negotiations, North Korea, China really eating our lunch when it comes to dealing with the Biden administration. We can hear leaks about uncertainty for court packing, admitting new states to the union.

A desire to focus on the issues that matter most to Americans rather than the sort of theoretical exercises that we get from Joe Biden in which he declares and utters the phrase “Jim Crow” at least four times in an answer. We’re not getting any leaks. Without Trump in office, the swamp doesn’t leak as much for Biden. It’s incredible.

There’s a piece out there that says, “The Trump White House Provided Reporters with a Gusher of Leaks. With Biden, Everything’s Changed.” The message here is — because Biden is a member in good standing of the swamp, and he’s not an outsider — that things are running smoothly. Therefore, no leaks. Rush talked about this back in May 2017. Here’s what he said.

RUSH: Now, if I were Trump, I would already be crazy with whoever is leaking all this stuff out of my White House. Because there is no question that place is leaking like a sieve. And it has to be people close to him. It’s not just the deep state. It’s not just people in the administrative state. There have to be people in Trump’s inner circle who are leaking. Now, in order to find out who you start going down a list of names and asking, “Why would they leak? To what end? What is the objective here?”

And I will give you the answer. There are many others, but I’m gonna give you the main, overriding answer for all of these questions, and that is: Washington, D.C., is the place you go if you want to acquire raw power. It’s the place you go if you want to acquire wealth. It’s not the only place for that. But, in terms of power, that’s it. And, if you have a falling out with your boss, if there’s friction within the staff and you happen to be on the outs, one of the ways you get even with the boss (in this case, Trump) is to start leaking things.

You would leak in order to ingratiate yourself with the media. You would leak in order to buy yourself either no coverage or favorable coverage. You would leak maybe if an enemy of Trump was offering you riches and power if you lose your job because you’re discovered as a leaker. It’s a cesspool. It is insidious. And it is why I said yesterday that much of this that is happening is due to disloyalty to Trump in his inner circle. And these people are leaking…

The leaks are so profound, The leak is like a flood. Every day there’s more leaks coming out of there. They know who it is. Of course, they’re not gonna identify the leakers. So when you hear about this, you say, “Well, my gosh, Donald Trump, nobody in his business has leaked. People that work for him at Trump Enterprises, Trump organization, nothing but love, praise, adoration. There was none of this kind of behavior.

“Why here? Has Trump chosen the wrong people? Did Trump not know the kind of people to choose? Did Trump not understand the lay of the land?” I don’t know. Those are all valid questions. But there’s no question there is massive, massive leaking, and it’s not just from Trump enemies. Well, I know that’s… (sigh) People you wouldn’t think are Trump enemies. Are there people on the Trump inner circle who are there because they have the ability to get them there because they have influence with Trump who may not actually like Trump, for instance?

Are there people on Trump’s staff who were promised something and don’t think they’ve gotten it, and other people have, and their noses are out of joint, and so the way they get even is leak against the president for mistreating them? All of these things are possible. But something like this or variations of this has to be going on there. And the purpose is to undermine Trump. And you would say, “Why would people who he’s asked to be in his inner circle — which would be an honor to have that kind of access to power, to be involved in this revolutionary administration that has a chance of changing the world…? Why would you want to sabotage it?”

My friends, all valid questions, but the answer is the pursuit of raw personal power. Human beings are human beings. It doesn’t take much to get people to think they know everything. People that think they’re the greatest people on earth, get their nose out of joint when they’re ignored or when their advice is not taken or when other people’s advice is preferred. You never know. But places like this… You couldn’t…

If you work at a small business or corporation and you get mistreated, you can’t leak and have it hurt anybody or help you because you really have to be in the executive circle to do that. You wouldn’t be privy to the information, the data that would be interesting to anybody, to leak. But that’s not the case in the Trump inner circle. Everybody in the Trump inner circle is fully informed and up to speed on everything going on. Plus, they don’t have to be truthfully about it.

They could lie! Call up the media and tell a lie.

And the minute a leaker starts leaking, the media loves him and circles the wagons and will protect that leaker forever. Leakers are never exposed. Do you ever wonder why there were no leaks (or certainly nothing comparable) coming out of the Clinton White House for eight years or the Obama White House? There weren’t even any tell-all books written about the Clinton administration? A couple of FBI agents, but Clinton inner circle? Obama inner circle? Zilch, zero, nada. Not a single leak anybody can remember, nothing of any great consequence.

No tell-all books. Why is that, and why is it happening to Trump? These questions answer themselves. And it has to do with Trump being an outsider and hiring insiders to be on his staff. Trump’s anti-establishment, anti-globalist, but he’s got a lot of establishment and globalist types in his inner circle. They would love nothing more than to — within their own circle — be seen as responsible for taking Trump down, because I’m gonna tell you something, folks.

The purpose of these leaks is the destruction of the Trump presidency and the purpose of the destruction of the Trump presidency is not just to destroy Trump. It is to dissuade anybody else from ever trying what Trump tried here. This is a message: “This is what’s gonna happen to you if you try to become president outside the establishment. If you try to come in here and take over our little operation — if you’re some ruling class staff puke and you come in here and try to act like you’re in our club — this is what’s gonna happen to you.”

BRETT: Just go down the list of stuff that ought to be happening in the current administration. Just go down that list. You have Kamala Harris being tasked with being the czar on the border, and she hasn’t been seen for 12, 13 days — certainly hasn’t been down to the border. Wouldn’t you think there would be some drama inside the White House that would leak out?

Somebody on the Harris team saying, “Well, you know, Joe Biden’s not really up to the task on this border issue. It got out of hand faster than we thought, so, you know, (sputtering) we’re really concerned about this. We’re hoping he can get a handle on this situation. This could end up with an electoral wipeout for us!” That would be the obvious one that would come out or, “Joe Biden’s upset that the left has so much influence with the direction we’re going.

“He wants to be a uniter, but the progressives in his cabinet and on his team are all undermining him and trying to give everything away to the far left of the party,” or this one: “President Obama’s really calling the shots. Joe Biden is running some of the issues and the concerns and nominating processes, but it’s really President Obama — former President Obama — that’s working with his loyalists inside that Biden administration.

“Obama’s optimistic that in the second year Joe Biden will really pick up some” whatever. That’s the sort of stuff that you expect: Border policy, internal politicking in the White House. All of that is the stuff you would expect to be coming out. You know, I would do one small addendum to what Rush was talking about as it relates to the Trump administration.

A lot of the reason why the press hated the Trump administration (aside from ideological differences) was they had to work. They actually had to work. During the Obama administration, they took dictation from Ben Rhodes on the Iranian nuclear policy. He bragged about how he misled reporters into basically taking talking points and reporting the talking points on the Iranian nuclear deal.

Reporters during the Obama administration for eight years, Obama-Biden, they took dictation from the administration and then put it in the newspaper. When Trump showed up, now these, folks, had to work 24/7, 365, including weekends. You don’t do that to the elite media!

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