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BRETT: So we have twin crises now emerging in front of us. We’ve got a crisis of our Second Amendment being laid siege to by the current administration, the Biden-Harris administration, and against that backdrop we continue to see the siege taking place at the border with Mexico. You know, it’s incredible to think about America’s borders between Canada and Mexico. Two of the 12 longest borders in the world are right here in the United States.

The Canada-U.S. is the longest border in the world, and the border with Mexico and the United States is something like number 11 or 12 on that list. And that border needs to be secured. That border needs to be guarded. And the very opposite thing has happened as a result of Joe Biden’s executive orders signed in January. We watched in February as a hundred thousand migrants were confronted at the border.

Many, many more got in regardless, but this past month — so the month we’re talking about would be March — border officials encountered 172,000 migrants at the border in March, a 71% increase from February. It’s the latest indicator of the extent of the crisis at the southern border. But one that the Biden administration trying to pin on the Trump administration. Now, for 172,000 migrants be encountered, the majority were single adults. It included 18,890 unaccompanied children.

That’s a 100% increase on the already high numbers encountered in February and the highest number recorded ever. In February, a hundred thousand migrants overall were encountered. CBP, Customs and Border Patrol, has experienced an increase in these encounters and arrests. Encounters have continued to increase since April of 2020, and the experience is that this will continue. The Biden administration is failing in trying to handle this mess at the border.

It’s a fact. It’s a fact — and it’s not surprising. It’s predictable. Why? Because they opened the border, and they encouraged people to come in. When you look at the numbers in terms of population, it’s shocking: 172,000 people. Just to give you a perspective on that very quickly, 172,000 people, you’re talking about a city the size of Salem, Oregon.

It’s a city the size of Oceanside, California, Rancho Cucamonga, California, these are large populations of people being encountered at the border, and we don’t know the number underneath that. Well, Rush has long been an advocate for legal immigration, celebrated legal immigration. Here’s a call he took from a legal immigrant from El Salvador who called into the program.

RUSH: Here is Sandra in Miami. You’re next. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: It is an honor. I am a legal Hispanic from El Salvador, Central America, where the MS-13 gangs are coming; invading — because that’s the word we have to use, invading — the USA because illegal immigration is an invasion. There’s nothing wrong with that. And my husband escaped communist Cuba. People have to understand one thing.

People don’t know who are supporting socialism, how bad it is. They think it’s what the Democrats are saying, is wrong. I lived through a war in El Salvador escaped. My husband escaped communist Cuba. We know what it is. How can people, people died to come to the United States.

RUSH: Well, now, this is another interesting point. People who have come here legally from socialist enclaves around the world, either the Eastern Bloc in Asia or from Cuba, Venezuela. They all know what socialism is. They want no part of it. They’ve escaped it. The United States is a panacea. It is a God-blessed salvation to them. But we would make a mistake in assuming that the illegal immigrants that are being brought here as part of a political operation feel the same way.

Maybe some of them do. I think the take-away here is that of course people who have fled socialism and communism to come to the United States understand exactly what’s what, and they want no part of the Democrat Party. But they haven’t wanted part of the Democrat Party in a long time. Let me ask: Sandra, when’s the last time you voted Democrat?

CALLER: Never! (chuckles)

RUSH: Well, see, that’s my point. But a lot of Hispanics do. A lot of Hispanics and a lot of Latinos do. And many of those who are coming here via illegal immigration, which is a political operation. Folks, let’s pull the blinds back. This is all a political operation. It is designed to register voters. It’s designed to create this permanent underclass that the Democrat Party needs. These people coming from existing socialist countries in Central and South America are not coming here in the same way Sandra did. They’re coming here for totally different reasons. My point is it would be a mistake to assume…

Well, what Sandra’s trying to point out is that she resents the fact that every Hispanic and Latino is considered a socialist, and that’s how the Drive-Bys are portraying all this people. The Drive-By Media is portraying every one of these people coming here illegally as some kind of a deserving victim of this country, and that’s not how she views it. But the fact is, that’s who the Democrats are finding.

They’re bringing people here for the express purpose of adding and promoting the party agenda. But it does illustrate — calls like Sandra’s illustrate — that the Democrats don’t own the Hispanic vote. They don’t own the Latino vote. It’s just another daily Drive-By Media myth that everybody has to seemingly tolerate. Thank you, Sandra.

BRETT: And the voting response in 2016 and into 2020, indicate that people in communities along the border in the Southwest, certainly in Florida, are not happy with these policies that Biden-Harris are championing. Nobody is clamoring for open borders. Nobody took to the streets to protest and say, “Please, Joe Biden, open those borders.”

People were clamoring and saying open the economy, open business back up, let us go back to work, let our children go back to school. But you were told, we were told, “No, no, no! That’s the wrong position to take. You can’t do that. It’s gonna be a long, dark winter that will go for months and months and months.”

People do not want their communities uprooted, they don’t want their communities burdened by unfunded federal mandates that are dropping off people from other countries into the neighborhoods and expecting that governors and mayors are gonna have to deal with this.

And yet the Biden administration continues to hide from this very scandal, continues to hide from this very catastrophe, and doesn’t take any responsibility for it. What say we get another press conference underway where President Biden and Vice President Harris answer some real questions about some real issues like the border? Take some questions from reporters that want to know what the plan is. Not unreasonable.

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