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BRETT: Let’s talk about the left and how it is that they seek to rule over you and rule over me. Now, the left, the statists, they love to rule by dictate. It’s usually spelled d-i-k-t-a-t because it looks more Sovietesque. So by diktat, by dictate, not respecting any higher law at all. We see this unfold with their covid commandments.

Now, EIB’s own Dean Karayanis, a/k/a Koko Jr., host of the History Author Show on iHeartRadio, has an op-ed in the Washington Times today — it’s fantastic — called, “Let’s Sweeten Our Approach to the Pandemic.” He compares the Biden administration’s angry, bully approach on covid-19 to the smart and kind way that we vaccinated away viruses like polio, smallpox.

He also notes “that for every tinfoil hat or anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan opposing vaccines, there are thousands of Native and African Americans who — thanks to government atrocities like the Tuskegee Experiment and 1832 Indian Vaccination Act — have legitimate doubts.” It’s a really important piece. It’s over at the Washington Times.“Let’s Sweeten Our Approach to the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Now, Rush broke down how our side pulls in many directions as individuals, but how the hardcore left always unified in one objective: Raw, unchallenged power. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I think the easy explanation to, “Why do we have nothing like the left”…? Now, some of it is personality. We’re not deranged, because we’re not lunatics, and we do not love government as god — and they do. Government is not our religion. Government is not our reason for being. Government and controlling it is not who we are. It is them.

But it’s more than that with them. You look at it and this is never going to stop, this “resistance” or what have you. And they, on the left, are all on board. They don’t have anybody saying, “You know, we need to back off here a little bit. Maybe cross the aisle, work with the Republicans.” They don’t have anybody that ever does that. They don’t have any moderates. They don’t have any compromisers. This is all about destroying their opposition. This is about wiping out the opposition. This is about eliminating it.

Why do we not have this kind of mentality toward them? They look at us as the greatest enemy they face — greater than Al-Qaeda, greater than ISIS, greater than an asteroid that might hit us because of climate change. They look at us as the single biggest enemy that they have. And they treat us accordingly. And they never stop trying to demoralize. They use their media to destroy people with innuendo and character assassination. They use their protest armies to destroy property and to intimate.

Why do we not do this? Don’t say it’s about respect for the law and they don’t. I think it boils down to one thing. They have a cause. Their cause is purely ideological. Their cause is liberalism, socialism, communism, and everything that incorporates. Blaming America. America is the great evil in the world. America is the problem in the world. America is unjust, immoral. They believe all this, and their effort to establish it and dominate is on display 150% all day, every day.

My theory is that we don’t have anything close to a set of beliefs or organizing principles that animate us, define us, motivate us, energize us, fuel us. Meaning, we are absent conservatism and have been for a long time. Long before Trump came along. The conservative movement’s fractured for a whole bunch of different reasons. What do we have when something on the right is not conservative? What is it? I defy you to define it. It’s mush, it’s mishmash, you don’t know what it is.

It’s “I gotta get a book deal and get on Fox.” It’s, “I gotta get a job at a think tank and get a TV appearance.” It’s, “I gotta get a book.” It’s “I need to be a TV analyst.” It’s “I need a big appointment at a think tank.” Whatever it is, those are the desires and objectives of many on our side. What is theirs? Theirs is much bigger than all that. They’re all about transforming America and unwinding it and undoing the Constitution and not officially replacing it with anything. They just want to assume total control and rule by diktat.

They don’t want to have any official documents guiding them. They just want the raw power. As such, the best we can muster on a consistent basis — and it’s not that consistent — is opposition to them. “Well, what about Trump, Rush, what about Trump?” Well, Trump came along, specific things, specific issues that were in direct opposition to all of this. Trump even not being ideological knew how to oppose these people, knew how to stop them, knew how to beat them. Nobody else on our side knows how to beat ’em, or they would have been.

BRETT: That was the key: Have the issues that stand directly in opposition to what they’re trying to push and defend your principles and your beliefs and be confident in that regard. 800-282-2882, the telephone number on the Rush Limbaugh Show to be a part of the conversation. Let’s go out and talk to Scott in Miami. Scott, welcome to the program. What’s on your mind?

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Winterble. I’d like to see say that Joe Biden represents the U.S. government and I say that because they’re hell-bent on taking away guns from the law-abiding American people when our Second Amendment rights are already threatened and so are our First Amendment rights. What concerns me is that George Soros funds Antifa, Black Lives Matter — and the Anti-Defamation League also gets involved to take away meshes Second Amendment rights, both Soros and the ADL are Jewish and communist are hell-bent on making America —

BRETT: Here’s what I’m gonna say Scott, let me jump in on this. I understand you may want to run some kind of identity politics argument here, but the fundamental core argument at play here isn’t personalities, isn’t names, isn’t any of that. The fundamental issue at hand here is what it is you’re doing to defend the American constitutional republic, all right?

You may not like these people, those people, whatever, but do you love the Constitution enough to get out there and defend what the Constitution represents? Do you love the Constitution enough and the beliefs and the values and the Bill of Rights therein? Do you love it enough to get out there and defend it?

And by defending it I mean persuading people in your immediate circle, persuading those people who may be wavering. I don’t own a gun. I don’t know about you gun nuts. Any gun, the gun is a question. I don’t know. You need to say to them, “Listen. This is about a right to self-defense. This is about defending your rights against what may come.”

There is no reason to have to quantify any of the rights in the Bill of Rights. They were enshrined in the Bill of Rights to protect the individual and restrain the government. And they were granted by God. And that’s the important thing we have to remember. The right to self-defense is fundamental. The right to free speech, practicing your religion, the redress of grievances, to be secure in your persons, not have been government agents quartered in your home, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

These are fundamental rights granted to us by God. But the only way we preserve these rights is to go out and make the argument, to go out and to convince people of the rightness of our cause and the clarity of our point. It’s what Rush was talking about. Hewing to the beliefs of conservative values all day, every day, and not turning it into a mishmash.

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