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BRETT: You know what’s amazing about Amazon? Amazon goes around and pushes all these social justice causes, right? They talk about how they believe in helping the downtrodden and all that kind of stuff. It’s a social justice, socially woke organization.

I shop at ’em. I get the stuff delivered to my place. You know, I’m not too proud to disclose that as millions of other people do. But when it comes to (What’s the word I’m looking for?) providing social justice to their workers, well, you get something kind of interesting happening.

Amazon gained enough votes to beat back the union effort. The counting’s continuing, but essentially what you’ve got is Amazon winning this go round. Rush talked about this effort from Amazon — “Amazon Says ‘No’ to Mail-In Voting” — back in January.

RUSH: Our old buddy Victor Davis Hanson has a piece at Townhall.com entitled, “The ‘After Trump’ Era Begins.” I just want to share with you some pull quotes. Mr. Hanson is especially brilliant in predicting and tapping into the makeup and direction of the American culture as dictated by the American political climate at any given time.

And he points out hypocrisy as well as anybody. He finds it, points it out as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. So let me give you just a few of his observations here because he’s right on the money, and it is all part of what here is an ongoing effort to continue to inform people and educate them about what we’re up against. Pull quote number 1: “Speaking of Amazon, it is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama.”

Now, isn’t that interesting? Amazon was all for mail-in ballots for the presidential election, all for mail-in ballots in the Georgia runoff, all for mail-in ballots and any other kind of early voting whatever, all for it. Except in an election of their own. Amazon is opposing mail-in ballots for its own employees voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. You know why? “Amazon says they’re worried about fraud.” Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, they’re worried about fraud.

Amazon is worried about fraud in their own union election. So they say you people living in Alabama, you’re a bunch of cheats, you’re a bunch of frauds. They don’t trust you at Amazon. “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which ridiculed those who were concerned about massive mail-in voting in the 2020 election.”


BRETT: It’s incredible. It is absolutely incredible when you look at the hypocrisy here involving all of this. We were told that the mail-in ballots were the way to go. “You have to do mail-in ballots! Mail-in ballots is the only way.” I mean, it’s an incredible thing. We’re supposed to get the mail-in ballots no matter what.

You know, I got a mail-in ballot here in Carolina mailed to me from California to vote in San Diego, a place I hadn’t lived in 10 months. But that ballot showed up at my door because, you know, you have to send those ballots out. So, as they say, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander — except for when it’s not. That’s what you’ve got taking place with Jeff Bezos (and, of course, Amazon) 100% of the time.

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