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KEN: One of the most upsetting things — and you just heard Rush talk about it — is the amount of damage that is being done, and I don’t think anyone deserves damage or vandalism or destruction. No one deserves it. But the fact that so many people that have nothing to do with these issues get destroyed — you know, black-owned businesses, small businesses, people that really care about the community, people that really care about justice and the issues.

That’s the most frustrating thing to me about what’s happening now and how the Democrat Party is manipulating things — and it’s always something to do with race, isn’t it? That’s one thing about the Democrats: They can insert race into anything. They could put it into the covid thing. They could put it into an election. They can put it into a math book, a math textbook, or put it in a movie theater. They just make up a story, and I think that’s what happens.

So all these people hit the street. Like Foot Locker’s such a great example of these people probably mean well, and all these people that are jumping on the woke bandwagon. Woke is a joke. It’s a joke. There’s… It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. You’re being played. They might as well call it Punk’d, like you’re on Candid Camera. “You’ve been punk’d!” “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!” Smile! You bought into being woke.

It’s better to be awake, and if people were awake, they would see the strides made in areas of justice and police reform. It’s slow but sure. But it’s happening. Most people want justice. Most people don’t want anyone shot or hurt by police. Most people don’t want police overreaching. A very, very small, small amount of law enforcement makes those kind of mistakes — and then that’s magnified, and you know the rest of the story.

Which brings us to today. H.R. 40. Okay, the H.R. 40 is reparations. Remember that that was big on the campaign trail? House Democrats are voting today on slavery reparations. Yes, yes. Yep, the border is still wide open, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry. Those fish would be the American people and their wallets, what’s left. So this is not just a handful of academics. This is not just a couple gals on The View or that other gal, Don Lemon.

This has a $12 million budget, and it goes from commission members to experts and consultants and contracts and departments and agencies and bureaucracies and different segments of the federal government and state agencies and schools and colleges and private firms and institutions. You get the picture. This is a full-court press. “To heck with the border! We need reparations.”

This follows the classic Democrat pattern of using everything at their disposal to take your tax dollars and give them to left-wing activists.

RUSH: One of these stories I wanted to share with you is a column by Emily Atkin at the New Republic. It’s a liberal Journal of Opinion, young Millennial journalists. The headline: “The Green New Deal Should Include Reparations: The Democrat Party Is Talking About Both Issues Separately, but They Make More Sense in Tandem.”

“Environmental justice activist Anthony Rogers-Wright lives full-time in Seattle but just happened to be in Massachusetts last weekend when he heard that Senator Ed Markey was holding a town hall about the Green New Deal in Northampton, a crunchy college town in the heart of the state. So Anthony Rogers-Wright environmental justice activist attended, in the hopes of asking Markey whether the Democrats’ emerging grand plan to fight climate change includes reparations for black and brown people.”

First off, what is an environmental justice activist? You know what environmental justice is? It’s just another name for socialism or left thinking. Look, the bottom line is this writer goes on, quotes the case that we need to just make sure that whatever we do with the Green New Deal, whatever we spend there, we cannot ignore the need for reparations, because it’s all under the umbrella of justice.

Here’s a pull quote. “No one–neither the mainstream media nor the Democratic candidates–is talking about the two issues in tandem, and it’s increasingly obvious they should be. The historical efforts to segregate and discriminate against black, brown, and native peoples in America didn’t just result in higher incarceration rates and lower incomes. They forced those communities to live disproportionately close to coal plants and oil refineries that spew poison into the air. They forced these communities near Superfund sites that leach toxins into the soil; and near water sources tainted with dangerous chemicals. Those communities thus get sicker and die younger. And now they’re bearing the brunt of the climate crisis.”

Oh, yeah. The climate crisis is hurting brown and black people more than anybody else, “whether because their housing can’t withstand extreme weather, or they can’t afford air conditioning, or they can’t afford air conditioning?” Air conditioning? You guys are gonna get rid of air conditioning. Anyway, is there no end, is there not one idea the Democrats have that does not include taking our money and giving it away? Is there not one idea? Every idea they have includes them picking our pockets on the basis that we represent adversaries.

We represent obstacles and adversity to them getting justice, and we must pay for it.

KEN: It’s amazing how many people, young in particular — and I was explaining this to my sons, who have both have worked for almost three years. They’re both teenagers, and I was explaining to them, “Look around. When you go to the capital of your state or Washington, D.C., you indirectly paid for all that. We paid for that. We the People paid for that.”

I think that’s one of the hardest lessons to get across to young people. Young people say, “Oh, I’m getting this thing from the government. I’m gonna get a check from the government.” It’s your money! It’s your money. It’s like the refund. Tax Day is tomorrow. It’s the refund. “Oh, look at all the money they gave me! I got all this money back.” You didn’t get anything back. They stole it from you and then they put some of it back in your pocket when you weren’t looking.

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