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KEN: You know, we’re very excited here on the EIB Network. As you know, we wrap up every program now on an EIB High Note, and we dedicate this to Rush and Rush Limbaugh’s eternal optimism. He always admired creativity and ingenuity. You know, he was a tech wonk. He loved tech stuff.

Today’s High Note, I think he’s really gonna like it. Through the magic of VR, virtual reality, the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned 14-year-old cancer patient Belle Cress’ imagination into reality by granting her wish of a trip to a medieval castle to train a dragon. But it didn’t end there.

After she took off the VR headset, the actual mythical creature that she had envisioned for years in her own drawings, they took that and brought it to life thanks so the company that took those drawings, and they created the dragon for her. Can you imagine how that must have felt to her, that level of empowerment? Take a listen to the project manager describing it and hear a bit of the dragon itself.

VICTORIA PEA: It does wag its tail. It moves its head. It gives you a wing display. It does sit. It does lay down. We designed the animations and pre-programmed it to react accordingly. It’s very much alive in its own way.

DRAGON: (roar)

VICTORIA PEA: Oh, my gosh! I did not expect it to look this way, look this good!

KEN: Isn’t that amazing? You have to see it to appreciate it. You can see it over at RushLimbaugh.com. The whole story is there, and video posted on the website. And, you know, speaking of Make-A-Wish, Rush and you, this audience, have been part of raising millions of dollars over the decades for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

So, that’s what we wanted to do today. We wanted to have the EIB High Note be about the power of the imagination, the wonders of technology. And we hope Rush’s enjoying that. And there are so many good things about technology. That’s one of the most frustrating things about so much stuff going on in the world, we don’t have time to stop and say, “Wow! Think about what’s in the palm of your hand.”

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