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KEN: You know, Kathryn Limbaugh back on the program tomorrow for Open Line Friday. Join us in welcoming her to recognize the hard work and sacrifice of individual business owners with our Great American Business Award. Now, this idea was started by Rush in response to the struggle many small businesses faced in 2020, and you can nominate yourself or a business that you think is worthy of recognition by Kathryn on behalf of Rush.

You can do it at RushLimbaugh.com.

You know, I’m always talking about the website ’cause there’s so many cool things on it. Beautiful photographs and great memories and opportunities to follow and continue to keep Rush and the EIB Network in your life. All kinds of stuff on there and it’s easy to get to. For example, look for the tab at the top of the website labeled “Nominate” and be sure to tune in tomorrow. Kathryn will be here. It will be Open Line Friday.

It’s such a wonderful time to recognize hardworking Americans.

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