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Apr 15, 2021

  • RushLimbaugh.com: The Riots Are an Offshoot of the Democrat Party – 06.02.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Kevin McCullough on Election 2020 – 10.12.20
  • Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Hardball History – 10.14.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Democrats Can’t Win Without Gaming the Constitution – 03.22.19
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Poll of African-American Views on Cops Debunks Myths – 07.08.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Georgia Phenomenon: New Cases Down As Testing Increases – 05.15.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Dr. Manny Gets Mad About the Morning-After Pill – 05.01.13
  • RushLimbaugh.com: It’s Undeniable! The Left Targets White Men – 10.05.18
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Obama and Trump Tear Gassed Illegals, Yet They’re Hitting Record Numbers! – 11.27.18
  • New York Post: Why would anyone want to be a cop with the way they’re being treated
  • Gateway Pundit: BLM Rioters Chase Off CNN, Egg Their Vehicle, After Nailing One of Their Crew Members in the Head With a Water Bottle
  • Law Enforcement Today: Kenosha cop who shot Jacob Blake – sparking deadly protests – cleared of wrongdoing, returns to duty
  • New York Post: Man parades pig’s head in a cop’s hat on a stake during protests in Minnesota
  • Washington Post: Minneapolis police union head blames Daunte Wright’s death on his ‘non-compliance’
  • USAToday: Daunte Wright shooting: 24 arrests as demonstrators demand justice, accountability on fourth night of Brooklyn Center protests
  • Washington Times: Going grifting via Black Lives Matter
  • Epoch Times: No Charges Against Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt: DOJ
  • USAToday: Pelosi on Jan. 6: ‘They would have had a battle on their hands’ if the mob had caught her
  • New York Post: Democrats planning to unveil bill that would add 4 justices to Supreme Court
  • NBC: Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices
  • FOXNews: Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court
  • Western Journal: NFL Fans Up in Arms After Politician Announces Vaccination Will Be Required to Attend Games
  • Western Journal: ‘Let’s Make It Higher’: CNN Director Admits Network Weaponized COVID Death Toll – Bombshell Project Veritas Report
  • Washington Times: Migrant surge is too big for full COVID-19 testing, agents tell Rep. Tom Tiffany
  • Washington Times: How did top U.S. scientists get so much wrong about COVID-19?
  • Nextgov: What Inspired Digital Nomads to Flee America’s Big Cities May Spur Legions of Remote Workers to Do the Same
  • National Review: FDA Lifts Restrictions on Abortion Pill amid Coronavirus Pandemic
  • MSNBC: Covid vaccine hesitancy among men is its own public health issue
  • Good News Network: Girl Surprised With Pet Dragon After Surviving Cancer and Making-a-Wish – ‘It’s a Marvel of Engineering’
  • CBS: Make-A-Wish Teams Up With Arrow Electronics Robotics Team, Brings Teen’s Vision Of Imaginary Dragon To Life
  • Power Line: What Do Blacks Say About The Police? – Paul Mirengoff
  • New York Post: CNN staffer tells Project Veritas network played up COVID-19 death toll for ratings
  • Project Veritas: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That’
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