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KEN: I was wondering if CNN could lose more credibility. A CNN director just admitted on Project Veritas hidden cameras that the network weaponized covid death tolls.

“You mean they lied? No way! Not CNN.”

Here’s Rush.

RUSH: But remember when the whole subject of testing came up everybody said there’s a phenomenon that you’re gonna have to adapt to. As we start testing the number of cases is going to skyrocket. The only way we know how many people have the virus now is if they show up at the hospital. But if we start randomly testing people outside the hospital when they’re not suffering any symptoms, we’re gonna find a lot more people that have become infected.


Now, as that happens the mortality rate plunges because the number of deaths are what they are. There’s no test for death. There’s actual death and not death, and if people die and if they attribute the death to the COVID virus, that’s a static number. It changes every day as they change the count, but it still is a static number. It does not change with testing. So as more people are found to be infected, the mortality rate plunges because the denominator stays the same and the numerator skyrockets.

So you have an ever bigger universe of people who have the disease to compare against the number of people who are dying from it. The reason for testing is to find out the people that have got this disease that we don’t know have it. And we gotta test and we gotta find out so that we can keep people safe. We gotta test, we gotta test, we can’t open up ’til we test. We need more tests. And we now have more tests than anybody in the world, now they complain and gripe to Trump for pointing that out.

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