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KEN: Imagine what it would be like to be involved in something, perhaps politics, and have everyone covering your back no matter what. And this is what Rush pointed out about Joe Biden never having to answer certain questions. Here it is.

RUSH: The pundits, the Never Trumpers, the Democrats, they’ll explain away Biden’s every foible. When he says the voters don’t deserve to know his view on a 150-year precedent, breaking idea of randomly packing the Supreme Court. They better not get away with this.

KEN: Interesting, because right now there are scores of lawmakers — and they’re not just Republican — who are really not on board with this idea. And if you missed it, it just broke — it just broke — that they just put out a bill to take the members of the Supreme Court from nine to 13. Speaking of which, July 13 in 1983, in Washington, D.C., at a hearing, this is what Joe Biden said about the packing the court.

BIDEN: President Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States Senate and the United States Congress a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law. He was legalistically absolutely correct. But it was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make, and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body — including the Congress, in my view, the most significant body — in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

KEN: Proving once again that only Democrats are permitted and supported to make bonehead mistakes and bonehead decisions. I happen to believe, like many conservatives, that the reason the Democrats cannot get anything done except damaging America — even when they control the Senate, the House, and the Oval Office, and now they’re going after the Supreme Court — is because their ideas are garbage.

Liberal ideas fail. Liberal ideology fails. And the only way to move your agenda forward… Because if you were to sit down and have open, lively, objective debate, the Democrats would get their tails handed to them on a regular basis. So what they do is they dominate the machinery that moves their agenda along. Here’s Rush with a little history.

RUSH: In her New York Times op-ed, the columnist Michelle Goldberg accused Republicans of “bad faith.” She mocked Republicans for being shocked at Democrat plans to “play constitutional hardball” by packing the Supreme Court. She says constitutional hardball is how Republicans play, so they have no right to complain.

Now, in her mind, Democrats are victims. President Obama’s lower court nominees, and Merrick Garland, were blocked. She says Democrats are champions of equality, while Republicans are racists who have opposed pro-civil-rights judges since Reconstruction. I mean, it’s ridiculous drivel.

Let’s talk about equality. The Republican Party was born to counter Democrats. They were the party of slave owners and the KKK. If it weren’t for Republicans, the civil rights legislation of the ’60s would not have passed. Democrats were blocking it, including segregationist Democrats Joe Biden buddied around with. Now, let’s talk about “hardball” history. Judge Bork. He was smeared — he was Borked — by Ted Kennedy.

Justice Thomas was smeared by Joe Biden’s judiciary committee. Justice Alito, smeared. Justice Kavanaugh was subjected to the most despicable smear campaign in judicial history. Now, Republicans have never played that kind of hardball. Not with Justice Sotomayor, Kagan, or even their liberal icon Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg. No matter how far left their nominees are. And no, we’re not shocked when Democrats play “hardball” and descend into the sewer. That’s where you’ve gotta go meet ’em. We expect it.

KEN: On more than one occasion, at least three of our Founding Fathers talked about the importance of an informed electorate. They talked about how important it is for We the People to be aware of not only how our government works but what is going on, because we cannot keep a republic if we’re not either paying attention or — or, in our defense — because we have lives to lead and jobs and families to raise and communities to contribute to.

In our defense, if we don’t have a free press that informs us of what’s going on — here are the good reasons to put extra people on the court; here are the bad — maybe there aren’t any good. Here’s what really happened with this. Here’s what happened with that. Here’s this investigation. Here’s this investigation. If we don’t have a free press — and the Founding Fathers knew this — and if we don’t have a discerning electorate, if we just have a group that’s gonna pump a narrative, people won’t even know this.

You could say this, and they would say, “Well, where did you hear that? I never heard that.” How many times have you heard that from your liberal friends? How many times have you seen a video, or somebody sends you congressional testimony from some — some, uh, poor, elderly man with dementia, like Joe Biden. You see it and you go, “Oh, my gosh,” and you can’t wait to go to happy hour after you get permission from your governor and you put your mask on.

You go to happy hour, you wear your mask in, you take it down to have a beer with your friend and you go, “You’re never gonna believe what Joe Biden said,” and what does your liberal friend say? “Oh, now, where did you hear that? I never heard that.” See, we’ve allowed ourselves — half our population has allowed ourselves — to trust the wrong people to give us information, and the Founding Fathers warned that.

They warned against that. They said, “If you’re not informed, if you don’t know what’s going on in your government, your government will take over, and it will no longer be We the People, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” It’ll be you will become subjects of the government. That’s the brilliance of the Constitution. It’s the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. They explained it.

It’s just like Martin Luther King Jr. said, this Constitution is designed for a moral, Christian people. These people have to be in play. When these things fall apart, you get police shootings. It’s funny how it all ties together, is it not? When these little pieces of the puzzle… If voters are uninformed — if voters are angry, if they’re brainwashed, if voters don’t care about freedom of religion — the republic starts to fall apart. Let’s go to Tom Cotton from this morning.

COTTON: President Biden and every single Democrat needs to be asked and must answer whether they support this radical proposal that would fundamentally alter the structure of American law and life.

KEN: And there’s that word “fundamentally” again. And we’ve had that… That’s been part of the dialogue for how long? Well, since Barack Hussein Obama kicked off Obamunism, eight years of “fundamental change,” eight years of saying, “No, no, no, the police are bad! The — the convicts are good; the police are bad. Yeah. Yeah. The… No, no. Men are women. Women are men. Yeah.”

Remember, eight years of it. Eight years in the schools, in commercials, on the Weather Channel. Just eight years of fundamentally transforming America. “It’s bad. It’s wrong. It’s a colonizer,” and the sad reality is, all these grown-up leftists believe it. Let’s go to Justice Stephen Breyer if we can. Thank you.

BREYER: A discussion of so that you will change should include discussion of certain background matters, such as the trust that the court has gradually built. A long period of time needed to build that trust. The importance of that trust in a nation that values, speed depends upon, a rule of law. This lecture seeks to supply background. And particularly for those who are not judges and lawyers, it will help facilitate that discussion. Indeed, what I’m trying to do is to make those whose initial instincts may favor important structural change or other similar institutional changes — such as forms of court-packing — think long and hard before they embody those changes in law.

KEN: And the brilliance of that statement reflects the fact that many of us, myself included, don’t know all the moving parts that go into a lot of these fundamental changes. That’s why the Democrats are incapable of debating them openly and honestly. That’s why it’s always an executive order. That’s why it’s always, “Well, I got a pen and a phone.” Well, what about We the People? What about the 320 million of us? “Well, I got a pen and a phone,” and here we are.


KEN: We have people that go in, and they think they’re going to play by the rules of the Constitution, but the Democrats change that, and they change it frequently. In fact, here’s Rush with a great comment on how the Constitution is being changed.

RUSH: Let me run through the list of things here that the Democrats want to do. And all the while they are running around talking about how Trump is assaulting the norms in our country, that Trump is assaulting our cultural norms, Trump is assaulting our political norms, that Trump is blowing up everything. It’s the exact opposite. It is the left today that is assaulting American norms, if you will.

Court packing? Abolishing the Electoral College? Abortion after birth? Open borders, anybody wanting to come into the country gets in? The government totally taking over health care, Medicare for all. You think that’s not assaulting norms? Everything the Democrats want requires trampling on the Constitution.

And the left is simply trying to streamline exactly what they’ve done on the administrative state by getting rid of the Constitution, as often as they can, in the electoral process and in the governing process. That’s what this is all about. They want to be able to decree things. They don’t want to have to compete. They don’t want to have to win. They don’t want to have to debate. They want to be able to command. So all of these things that they are talking about. Packing the court? (Snort!)

Yeah, let Trump come out in favor of it and start nominating a bunch of Neil Gorsuches and see how they feel about it. I think as the left continues with this craziness of the Green New Deal and banning cow farting and just go down the list, banning the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court. I think there are more people that are raising eyebrows and really alarmed at what they’re hearing from the Democrats than we will ever be told. The media’s never gonna report on the left this way.


KEN: Let’s go to Edward in Los Angeles, California. You’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

CALLER: Hi, Ken. You know, I just wanted to talk about the court packing situation. You know, when news broke of it last night, you know, I was, like, deeply saddened because, you know, this is an assault on the Constitution. This is a political assault on truth itself, when you really look at what they’re trying to do here. You know, you have the DNC uses the news media as their mouthpiece.

Social media, you know, silences all dissent. And then, you know, they’re rewriting our voting laws so people can’t even make their voices heard there. And once you capture the court, you’re just rubber-stamping anything that they want to do. It’s unlike even adding states. If you add states that’s, you know, a purely political process of trying to add more senators and congresspeople. This is violating the very social contract we have, that we gave up power to the state in order for them to protect our rights. And what’s gonna happen after that?

KEN: That is a very good point. I want to ask your opinion, because obviously you’re very fluent on this court thing. Do you think that the Democrats are running scared and that’s why there’s all these absurd overreaches of power? I mean this is an overreach. We’re seeing power overreaches like we’ve never seen before in the last, say, 15 months. Do you think they’re just terrified that the gig is up?

CALLER: Well, I think what they’re doing is they’re learning from their lessons of ’08 in the first two years of the Obama administration. This is what I called “a smash and grab.” They are trying to grab everything and rewrite the laws and change America as fast they can, so by the time we get to 2022, your voice cannot be heard, you will be silenced, and your vote will be submerged in this mystery sea of, you know, unverified ballots.

And they are just trying to make sure they hold on to power forever. They are moving so fast. What drives me insane is that I have friends who, you know, they voted for President Trump in the first term and even agreed with his policies and the administration, but then didn’t vote for him in the second term and said, “I just want the crazy to stop. I just want it to go back to normal and quiet and unity.”

And here we are. We’re fundamentally rewriting the nation and changing things that don’t need to be changed. Like, why do we need to change the Supreme Court and add equally one member more — four people, one member more — than the current majority?

KEN: Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: You know, Nancy Pelosi goes on and says this morning, “Oh, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not a good idea.” Well, you are one of the top leaders of this nation and you have no opinion on that?

KEN: Yeah. Well, see —

CALLER: Well, then you shouldn’t be a top leader of the nation.

KEN: She hasn’t gotten the narrative yet. They don’t… They will not speak until they’re told what to say. You know that.

CALLER: That is true. However, I do think she’s very calculated. The same way in ’18 she went around saying, “No, we’re gonna do jobs and for the people and we’re not gonna impeach,” and as soon as she got the gavel, she impeached twice, right? So she’s playing this game because she wants her empty-the-Treasury bill to get passed and she doesn’t want to muddy the waters of her empty-the-Treasury bill. So it’s not infrastructure. She’s literally turning the U.S. Treasury upside down and shaking every coin out of it, until there’s nothing left. What do you think “open Biden” meant? “Open Biden” meant, “Open the Treasury; let us have all the money.”

KEN: Well, great, great points, Edward. I’m glad you called, and I’m thrilled that we have such a expert in Los Angeles. When I say “we,” I mean the conservative side. We have people… I guess you’re embedded in that liberal section of the country. But it is amazing what they’re doing. I do believe a lot is what Edward said. I also believe that I think there’s some Democrats running scared. I think you’re gonna see more resignations.

I think people are thinking, “We’ve got to get rid of any option for people to bring justice to the American people.” So I don’t think they’re… I think they’re scared that the truth is gonna make it to places like the Supreme Court or like a certain hearing and they’re trying to shut this down. Like they’re trying to get rid of the filibuster. They do not want debate. Debate is… It’s like kryptonite. They don’t want anything that exposes both sides, because they’re trying to… As Edward said, they’re trying to lock everything up.

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