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BRETT: We conclude today’s show with our EIB High Note, the purpose of which is to celebrate Rush’s spirit and infectious optimism. One of the things that Rush often said that he loved was sharing his passions with you, the audience. Tech was a big one. Apple never had a better spokesman for his products than Rush Limbaugh, who genuinely marveled at the engineering, the feats that went into making Apple products and was probably their best customer.

Here’s the thing. Even if you had no interest in tech, Rush made it interesting because he was so enthusiastic. He was like a kid is at a Christmas gathering waiting for a new update or product release, and his excitement had a way of rubbing off. He must have given way over a hundred iPhones throughout the years. It was something he absolutely loved to do. So we put together a montage of just a few of those special and unexpected moments for the lucky callers.

RUSH: (07/03/07) Let me remind you again what we’re doing here with our iPhone giveaway. Today, we’re going to announce the first winner. We have ten iPhones; we’re giving away one of them each day. The first winner, Tom L. of North Platte, Nebraska.

RUSH: (06/02/20) Eric, I’m glad you called, sir. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi!

ERIC: Hi, Rush! Thank you very much. I am so excited, I finally got through on the day you’re giving away a free iPhone.

RUSH: (07/05/07) This is the second of ten iPhones that we have now given away, another one tomorrow, and we’ll keep going until all ten have been given away. Now, as you know, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t give away things on this program that require our winners to spend money. We’re gonna send every winner enough money to pay for two years of service.

RUSH: (07/09/07) Time to give away another iPhone. This is number four, and we’ve got after six more to go.

RUSH: (09/06/07) I went out and I bought about 40 iPhones to give away to staff members and friends and so forth. I think they’re cool, and everybody I’ve sent one to just absolutely loves it.

MIKE: (09/03/19) Thanks to you I finally bought an iPhone, and I cannot tell you… You’d be amazed at what I can do with my iPhone as a blind person.

RUSH: Oh, believe me, I know the accessibility features.

RUSH: (09/11/19) “Rush, you haven’t talked about the new iPhone.” No, I have not talked about the new iPhone, ’cause if I bring up the new iPhones, I’m gonna hear from the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. But I’m gonna tell you… I’ll give you a little hint here. This new iPhone 11? This thing is gonna be hot. It’s blazing.

RUSH: (03/09/2020) Have you seen this? You can’t buy an iPhone 11 in New York. The Apple Stores are out of stock. I think I might have more iPhone 11s than they have. I still have plenty of stock.

RAY: (02/21/17) I’m calling on a dinosaur iPhone 4, I’m, I’m sorry to report.

RUSH: Uhh, Ray, you made a big deal here about having an antiquated, worthless iPhone 4. Do you want a replacement? I don’t have very many left. You know, I’ve given away over 130 of these, but I think I’ve got some back there.

RAY: Rush, you are generous and gracious, and this is part of what makes you the best guy on radio.

BRETT: Outstanding. This is why it was always such a pleasure to spend time working with Rush, because the passion for technology wasn’t forced. It wasn’t like an enforcer, you know, pushing a product. It was genuine and sincere and real. I used to watch as they would come in and they would install new equipment.

New computers, new Apple computers, Macs, you name it. He was stoked when that technology was coming in because he knew it was gonna mean cooler stuff that he could do in terms of projects and editing, writing, and all of that. It was all done with an eye towards improving the content experience for the listeners out there, and that’s always been a front-and-center desire and wish.

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