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BRETT: This piece of information I find to be particularly fascinating. “On Wednesday, Governor Pete Ricketts,” he is a Republican from Nebraska, “declared Nebraska a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary state.'” Oh boy. “The state-level action comes after passage of ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ status in a number of Nebraska counties, WOWT noted. NTV ABC highlighted the proclamation’s warning:

“‘The White House and U.S. Congress have announced their intention to pursue measures that would infringe on the right to keep and bear arms,’ it reads. As a result, ‘Nebraska will stand up against federal overreach and attempts to regulate gun ownership and use in the Good Life.’ Ricketts posted a video of himself signing the proclamation…” This is an issue that is sweeping the nation.

“On April 7, 2021, Breitbart News reported Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation prohibiting the in-state enforcement of federal gun control laws that infringe on the Second Amendment.” What we’re starting to see here is a real groundswell of activism at the state level. Think about the fight you’ve just watched play out regarding the Georgia election bill, right, that we’ve been told, what, 50/60,000 times that it’s the return of Jim Crow?

You saw activism at state legislatures just in these last weeks, a hundred days in, essentially, to the Biden administration that is absolutely groundbreaking. We mentioned Kristi Noem last hour, the governor of South Dakota, saying essentially, “We’re not going to be taking these migrant children into our facilities.” McMaster in South Carolina saying the same sort of thing, warning foster homes that they will lose certification if they bring in migrant children over American children that require foster care.

You’ve seen Georgia. You’ve seen in Pennsylvania, even, they’ve purged the ballot rolls of those 150-year-old voters that were registered (chuckling) in the last presidential election. You’re starting to see a real groundswell of activism taking place. But let’s not go too far afield here. I think it’s tremendous to see this amount of activism, especially in the state legislatures.

Because you want to talk about the grouping of legislators that are closest to the people in this country? It’s your state legislators. That is getting downright granular, which is outstanding, to see their desire to protect the franchise of the Bill of Rights on the state level. But let’s not forget this. It’s not always big winning time. Rush talked about Andrew “The Pious,” Andrew Cuomo on guns.

RUSH: Let’s go to Andrew Cuomo sound bites. Andrew, the son of Mario “The Pious,” is the governor of New York. He gave his state of the state speech yesterday in Albany. We got three sound bites. This was like a Fidel Castro speech. I mean, it just went on and on and on, and he was speaking when this show was on yesterday, but he didn’t get any of the good stuff until after this show ended. We have three examples.

CUOMO: (shouting) We respect hunters and sportsmen! This is not taking away people’s guns! I own a gun! I own a Remington shotgun! I’ve hunted! I’ve shot! That’s not what this is about. It is about ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles!

ASSEMBLAGE: (applause)

CUOMO: That’s what this is aboooout!

RUSH: Oh! Oh! Okay. That’s what it’s about, “ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles”? That’s not what was used at Sandy Hook, though, was it? The Bushmaster’s not a high-capacity assault rifle. That’s a single shot, isn’t it? I could be mistaken. I’ll have to double-check. But, anyway, see? It’s not about taking away your guns. He loves hunters. He loves “spawtsmen.” He owns a gun. He’s got a Remington shotgun! He’s hunted; he’s shot. “That’s not what this about. It’s about ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles!”

CUOMO: (shouting) I know that the issue of gun control is hard! I know it’s political; I know it’s controversial! But we are proposing today common sense measures. And I say to you, “Forget the extremists! It’s simple: No one hunts with an assault rifle!”

ASSEMBLAGE: (applause)

CUOMO: (screeching louder) No one needs ten bullets to kill a deeeeeeer, and too many innocent people have died already!

ASSEMBLAGE: (applause)


RUSH: Holy smokes, it sounds like Hillary Clinton! Holy cow. (impression) “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deeeeeeer!” That’s amazing. These people actually want you to think that the Second Amendment is all about hunting, and you hunters? They don’t want to take your guns away from you. The Second Amendment’s not about hunting!

How many bullets are in the clips of Andrew Cuomo’s security team, I wonder?

Here’s the next sound bite…

CUOMO: (screeching) Pass safe, reasonable gun control in the state of New York!

ASSEMBLAGE: (applauding)

CUOMO: Make this state safer! Save liiiiiives! Set ’em… an example for the rest of the nation! Let them look at New York and say, “This is what you can dooo, and this is what you should doooo.” This is New York, the progressive capital! You show them how we lead!

ASSEMBLAGE: (applauding)

CUOMO: We can doooo it! We’ve done it before! We can do it agaaaain!

RUSH: That’s the big flourish finale from Andrew “The Pious” all about getting rid of ten bullets to kill a deer, all about getting rid of “high-capacity assault rifles.” (interruption) We’ve done it before? Well, no, no. He didn’t mean on guns. When he said (impression), “We’ve done it befaw, and we can do it again,” he’s talking about advancing liberalism. That’s when he said, “This is New Yawk, duh progressive capital!” “Progressive” is as in progressivism and liberalism. So, “We’ll show ’em how to lead! We can do it! We’ve done it befaw.” He means we’ve advanced liberalism, which he’s right about. They’ve done that. New York has shown the way.

BRETT: New York is also the city that featured in the overnight hours of last night into this morning. A bust, an arrest of MS-13 members in Queens who were loading a body into the trunk of a car wrapped in a carpet. That’s progressive. There’s your progressivism right there. So progressive! “In New York, we’re so progressive, we’ve decided to put the criminals in charge of the state — actual criminals, not just crooks.”

And that’s remarkable thing about all this. The party that gave you Andrew Cuomo saying, “We don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer,” is the same party that gave you Joe Biden two weeks ago when I was in to guide the show and you had Joe Biden (laughing) saying, “Just go out on your balcony and start busting shots off. Just start busting caps with a shotgun blast off your balcony at the vice president’s mansion in Washington!”

Yeah, okay. What do Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden have in common? Well, Andrew Cuomo’s the governor of New York, Joe Biden was vice president and is now president. That means Joe Biden’s got protection for the rest of his life. He could own that shotgun. Sure. I mean, I guess. He doesn’t need it. He doesn’t it. He’s gonna be protected, and Andrew Cuomo’s got round-the-clock security as the governor of the state of New York.

So when you listen to these arguments being made by these progressives, these liberals, I’ve never understood, in all seriousness. I own a firearm. I own firearms. I have learned the safe use of them. They are secured. They are stored in the proper fashion. All of that sort of stuff. All that sort of stuff.

It seems to me when a Democrat comes out like Cuomo and talks about his bona fides as a gun owner, he’s trying to tell you, “I understand you gun people. I have a… I have a shotgun.” Yeah, but gun people… If we learned nothing during the pandemic, we have learned that the “gun people” are everybody now ’cause a ton of guns got sold during the lockdown, and those were not sold for hunting.

A couple of them might have been. They were sold for security. It was a referendum on the safety and security of our communities around this country over the last year. We didn’t think it was gonna be a zombie apocalypse, but we watched with great interest the war on policing, the war on civic order, the war on safe streets.

And people said, “You know what? I think it’s about time we go out and get something that’s gonna protect our family.” So it makes the gun-grab scheme now even harder because you’ve got people of every ethnic background, people of every color, people of every gender, multiple genders, you name it. You’ve got people of every identity. This is no longer, you know, hayseed and hick going out and buying guns.

I say that with full respect of hayseeds and hicks. I love all people. But you understand what I’m saying. The people in D.C. think it’s just a bunch of “you people” that are buying guns. It’s We the People who are buying the firearms because it’s a referendum on the failure of blue states and blue cities. We don’t believe you can come and save us when it gets really bad.

So we’ll save ourselves, thank you very much, Andy “The Pious.”

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