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TODD: Jared in Cynthiana, Kentucky, Jared you’re on Rush Limbaugh’s program, Todd Herman, your guide host today. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Todd. It’s an extreme honor to speak with you. I’m so… I’m just blown away to have a chance to get on here.

TODD: Thank you.

CALLER: I started listening to Rush about a year and a half ago. I’m 30. I just really wanted to get on here and say that, you know, listening to Rush last year with everything that he was dealing with and everything that was going on in the country was just inspiring. I listened to NPR (laughing) before I got turned out on Rush.

TODD: Ha! Ha! Ha!

CALLER: Also I wanted to say real quick, thank you to all the EIB team. They were great. Actually, I dropped my call and they let me get back on.

TODD: Wow.

CALLER: So thank you to them.

TODD: Let me ask you this because we got… I’d love to talk to you forever. Our clock is sometimes our enemy here, our mutual enemy. Jared, let me ask you this. How do you feel now after NPR spewing those things out to you all these years?

CALLER: Just really frustrated and aggravated. I served in the Army when I got out of high school, you know, and that’s kind of when I got involved listening and keeping up with politics.

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, after Trump got in office, you know, they just completely… I couldn’t listen to ’em hardly.

TODD: Yep.

CALLER: You know, it just… You know, and then when I started listening Rush —

TODD: Man.

CALLER: — and finding out that most of it’s lies, you know, it just really… You know, it just really kind of shined a light on everything for me, and, uh —

TODD: Man.

CALLER: I’m really nervous too, sorry.

TODD: No, no, you sound great, Jared. You were fantastic. I appreciate your service. And what a cool thing. See? I told you. The program still is growing. Thank you, Jared, for the program. God go with you.


TODD: It’s the Todd Herman, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.

We just had a great call from Jared, a new listener to Rush’s program within the past year, and I think this is probably… Gosh. It’s probably the third, fourth, maybe fifth time since Rush went to be with God in heaven that we’ve had people so new to the program. Can I give you a suggestion for new people and for people in general? There’s nothing like Rush 24/7, and here’s what I mean with this.

Like, I worked in digital for a long time. That was my career. I helped companies cross over that chasm from traditional media to, quote, “modern media.” When Rush created Rush 24/7 and that website, it just broke the bank on what could be done. People predicted, “You can’t do this,” but it’s so phenomenal.

The archives of the program, you’re going to cherish them as longtime listeners. And I would just tell you as a new listener, it is just vital that you sign up for that and understand what you’re missing all these years, particularly for Jared who had been abused by NPR until he made the change.

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