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TODD: So the Chauvin trial will go to the jury, and like Rush, when I watched George Floyd die in those ominous nine minutes, I was screaming at the TV to do something. And unlike the dear Maha, who departed this earth far too soon, there are so many things that have been laid out in the trial that are gonna be… I want to say “fascinating,” but there’s just too much at stake to make it fascinating.

The closing arguments continue. This will go to a jury and a jury that is fully aware of the stakes outside of the legal stakes, which is… I mean, that’s a horrifying position in which to find oneself. Already, one of the expert witnesses on the defense side, his former house… He doesn’t live there anymore. (laughs) His former house was vandalized with pig’s blood and a pig’s head left in the front yard.

And the aspects of this case are so… There’s nuance, there’s detail, and then there is just this overriding fact that the jury is gonna be under monumental emotional strain. I cannot communicate enough of my prayers to them, that they’re able to have the spirit of truth with them, and I cannot imagine the emotional load under which they sit.

You have the tragedy of a man dying. You have the defense, who, in my judgment — and, by the way, I think the best analysis of this is at LegalInsurrection.com. They often feature the work of a gentleman who is a self-defense expert named Andrew Branca, who talks about some of the legal minutia around this, and the details that the jury is gonna have to play with and examine and argue about.

But those nine minutes as we watched George Floyd leave this earth… Those nine minutes were preceded by nine other minutes and nine years and so many decades of Mr. Floyd’s life. And I believe the defense made the case that in all likelihood, Mr. Floyd would have died of an overdose. Now, it cannot change, for me, the shock of watching this officer kind of just sit there.

Yet even in the trial, what was found out was the experts for the prosecution had their use-of-force experts on the stand. The prosecution’s expert said, “Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I… Yes, I did this to somebody, too, about the same amount of time in the same position of the body as Chauvin did.” Now, gladly that person did not die, but this was the state’s expert.

Who then the state turned and said, “We’d like to be able to treat this person as an expert for the defense. We’d like to treat them as a hostile witness.” You add to that then another state expert saying prior to the trial that this amount of fentanyl would have killed or may have killed Mr. Floyd, could have ruled this an overdose. And the tragedy wrapped within the tragedy is it will not bring Mr. Floyd back.

George Floyd will not come back, and to get ready to paste upon this a destruction of cities… This is the emotional strain under which this jury sits — and also, they’re well aware of the fact that CNN has been featuring… Well, maybe they’re not. I guess they’re sequestered. But CNN has been featuring their faces. The New York Times wrote a piece: We don’t know their names, but here’s what we know about the jurors.

You have a United States congresswoman (so-called) Maxine Waters, and she was in Brooklyn Center in the case of that shooting, and she’s demanding more confrontational action. She is in the streets where people have been burning things, and the emotions are high because they’re being pushed to heights, because there are groups who want this country to fall on its face and to crumble from within.

So they seek this division, and it strengthens them and it strengthens their ability to destroy this country. You have a sitting congresswoman (we’ll get into the sounds of this later) begging for violence in front of people who have been violent, because they’re being told by the mockingbird media, there’s no other way to deal with any of this.

And they’re being told that you are permanent victims unless you undertake these actions. And the leftist media’s done this for years, and it’s simply accelerated in this time frame. And that’s going to create even more tragedies as neighborhoods fall. I was just struck by this event in Brooklyn Center where the so-called protesters/rioters were trying to, I think, burn down a police station.

There was a woman who lived in the neighborhood, and you could hear her voice. She was pleading in the background about that apartment building that was across the street. “Children live here! Children live here!” Yes, they do, and children were also being fed this lie that has embodied minds of so many Democrats that they believe — they really believe — that 10,000 unarmed black human beings were killed in confrontations with cops per year.

And the number is between 15 and 17 people. And “unarmed” doesn’t mean non-dangerous. Michael Brown had become very dangerous when he reached into a car and fired an officer’s gun. And that was supposedly the “hands up, don’t shoot” incident. Last September on this program, Rush was asked by a caller, “At what point does it have to get for police jurisdictions or even the U.S. military to just absolutely end all the street anarchy?”

RUSH: Well, it’s a great question, and you’re not going to like the answer. The federal government cannot send in any troops or federal law enforcement officers unless the governors in the states request it. And in the blue states where all of this stuff is happening to date, they have not requested it. Some have. And we have sent federal troops in, and they’ve stopped what was going on inside, you know, for a few hours. But until the local officials — state governor and city mayors — get to go and ask for it, the Feds can’t go in no matter what.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, what you mean, how are those cops gonna be acquitted? Because they might have been overcharged, folks. In the zeal to satisfy the mob and public opinion in the aftermath of George Floyd they charged these guys with things that may be impossible to get a jury to convict on. And if the case isn’t made for these outrageous allegations, they gotta acquit. And if there is an acquittal for any of these cops that had anything to do with the death of George Floyd, then, yeah, in Minneapolis there could be big time riots.

If you’re dealing with a bunch of people who think it’s totally normal to burn down an American city and to loot businesses that you don’t own and to burn them down, if that’s normal, you got nothing in common with those people. Those people are breaking the law. Those people need to be held accountable to the law. But those people are trying to defund and deactivate the police. These people need to be defeated. They need to be kept the minority that they are. I’m talking “minority” here in terms of numbers, not skin color or anything of the sort.

TODD: And a sitting U.S. congresswoman is in Brooklyn Center demanding violence.


TODD: It’s difficult to overstate how disturbing it is to watch the continual flipping of American society, and that’s really how I view it. There’s a very, very clear message that’s been sent to Black Lives Matter, Inc. and Antifa, and that is, “You guys can do whatever you want.” It has been unmistakably, clearly, repeatedly sent to them, that you can engage in whatever you want to engage in.

And the reverse message has been sent to people upset about the election on January 6, and there were people who did things they ought not have done, clearly, and yet we are not going to hear about the officer who apparently shot Ashli Babbitt. We’re not to know details. We’re not to discuss the fact that she was unarmed, and she was doing something that it looked like she ought not have done, trying to break into a building.

Yet we’re not to be curious about her death or what caused it or ask, “Was that a justified shooting?” The DOJ’s just saying, “Well, yeah,” and yet they will hunt down people who took pictures of themselves outside the Capitol for questioning. “You took a selfie!” In Seattle, it’s news and outrage that cops attended the January 6 protest. They didn’t do anything — they attended — and that’s news and that’s outrage, because they attended, and this message…

What the left is doing is they are building monsters they think they can control. You ask some of these liberal mayors who’ve had their homes broken into and vandalized by Black Lives Matter, Inc., even with the stickers in the windows — and, by the way, the reason I use “incorporated” is to separate the fact — the unambiguous fact — that the lives of black Americans, black people matter, which is why we cannot support this group and what they are threatening to do — and in fact are getting done — in our country.

Now we go to Maxine Waters. So Maxine Waters decided to go incite some violence among people who attempted to break into government buildings, including police stations.

WATERS: Yes! I would like to see the bill in Congress passed of police reform that I know that the right wing, the racists are opposed to it. And I don’t know what’s gonna happen to it. But I know this. We’ve got to stay in the street. We gotta stay on the street, uh, and we’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We got to make sure that they — they know that we mean business.

TODD: As I hear her speak, I think of Los Angeles, of the two officers who were just about murdered in Los Angeles during the Black Lives Matter, Inc. riots there. I think about the black officers who’ve been killed. I think about the retired officer who was beaten to death, kicked to death in his store during this last year’s Black Lives Matter, Inc., riots. I think of the Dallas shootings. I think of all these things.

Maxine Waters doesn’t represent this district, but she has to go there. Well, she doesn’t represent any district. Now, also Saturday in Minnesota, Maxine Waters had more to say.

WATERS: The police, uh, all over this country have got to be changed. Policing has got to be changed. We’ve got to redefine what policing is all about. We’ve got to reimagine how we can deal with the problems of our society, without young people and people of color in particular getting killed by police that we pay to protect and serve us.

TODD: She’s taking these very sad incidents — and this is a tragedy! I’ll say it a thousand, billion times. Young people dying is a tragedy, and to pretend it happens at 10,000 per year? They never need to say that number. They’ve just so convinced people. By the way, the mockingbirds take advantage of this and agitators like Maxine Waters take advantage of this.

If I believed… Well, frankly, if we would that 10,000 young black people were being hunted and killed, we’d join shoulder to shoulder with Black Lives Matter, Inc. But that is not the case! Now, this is not the first time Auntie Maxine has encouraged violence. In 2018, she encouraged people to harass cabinet members if they saw them at a restaurant.

WATERS: (screaming) If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd —

FOLLOWERS: (applauding and screaming)

WATERS: — and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!

TODD: And this fan… This is from D.C. This fan of riots and violence said nothing improved when Biden was VP under Obama.

VOICE: I’m 21 years old, and I’m ready to dedicate my life to change, and to bring about that change is not always gonna be pretty and it’s not gonna be peaceful. I don’t condemn people who — who loot. I support them for lootin’. I support people who take matters in their own hands if you want to set someone on fire, don’t do that. Voting is not gonna bring us there. As you can see, we voted in a new president, Joe Biden.

But I told folks straight up, “Joe Biden ain’t gonna do nothing for us because Joe Biden was in office as a vice president when the Black Lives Matter movement started and ain’t nothing changed.” We’ve been protesting for a really long time. How much longer can we protest and march in the streets before people are ready — really ready — to get blood on their hands? Because one of these days, it’s gonna have to come to that.

TODD: Got it? Now, that young man, in my judgment, has been abused by the mockingbird media. Just know this. There are officeholders — for instance, a so-called city councilwoman in Seattle — that also is a fan of rioting. Once again, Rush, predicted this in 2008. He talked about it again in 2013.

RUSH: Public attitudes about race relations have plummeted since the historic election of President Barack Obama, according to a new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.” In fact let’s go to the audio sound bites on this and let’s start with number 15. I want to take you back February 22, 2008, on this program. This is in the midst of the Democrat primaries.

Obama has not yet even won the Democrat nomination. In fact, Operation Chaos had not even begun, or maybe have had. If it had, we are right at the very beginnings of Operation Chaos, which was this program and this audience’s effort to keep the candidacy of Hillary Clinton alive through to the Democrat convention in 2008. We need to relive this again ’cause, folks, this was right on the money, and it sets up some things that were said on television yesterday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: “If Obama gets elected president, wouldn’t it be good to just get this done, Rush, then we could end those civil rights squabbles that we’re having?” It wouldn’t do that, folks, it wouldn’t do that. It might even exacerbate them. Let me explain how. It takes somebody like me who can read the stitches on the fastball. Let us fast forward to January of 2009.

Obama has been inaugurated president and he proposes his first bit of legislation. Let’s say that it’s — I don’t know — some civil rights-oriented thing, and a bunch of people start howling. You know that the race industry can’t wait for this. Any criticism of Obama, the first black president, is going to be met with charges of racism by the likes of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton. It will make their race business all that much more prominent.

RUSH: The point is that back in 2008, I predicted that Obama’s election would not ameliorate race problems. It would not eliminate them. It would not remove from this country the tag of racism and slavery and racism and prejudice; it would exacerbate it, because no criticism of Obama would be permitted. Any criticism of Obama would be called racism, and I predicted it would probably get worse.

I knew, and everybody else knew, there were a bunch of white voters that were gonna vote Obama strictly hoping that doing so would end racial strife. The theory was that the election of the first black president would signal that this country’s race problems had been put to bed, and that’s why I was warning, “Ain’t no way, Jose.”

It couldn’t possibly be that way because the left does not want race problems to be solved. They want them exacerbated. Too many people make money off of racial strife, and therefore they’re always going to promote it. So the election of Obama as the first black president was a gold mine for people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

So white supremacy, alive and kicking today in 2013 is responsible for the occupation of black minds leading to black people killing each other, leading to black people hating each other and despising their very existence. White supremacy makes all that happen. When some white kid blows up a school, cameras are there, he says.

When Aurora, same thing happens, cameras are there. But when Chicago happens, cameras are not there. That’s the problem. Everything is worse, including the one thing Obama might have actually fixed, or been able to fix. Everything regarding race is worse in this country. And I remind you, February 22, 2008, I, your host, predicted it.

TODD: And Maxine Waters. Rush predicted people like you and your agitation and division of this country.


TODD: Maxine Waters decided that she’s not the done with telling people to get up in people’s faces, that she’s not sufficiently certain that there’s enough violence in the country. She went to Brooklyn Center where of course there was this tragic shooting. This 25 year veteran cop appears to have reached for her firearm instead of her Taser. I’ve talked to three cops about this scene.

That’s really hard to get. It’s really hard to understand because your Taser is on the nondominant side, and yet what’s happened? She’s resigned, the police chief has resigned, she’s just charged. Justice is proceeding down the path. And of course I will tell the full story. The suspect in that case chose to run. I’m not saying that choosing to run is a death sentence, and it shouldn’t be.

I’m saying choosing to run when you have a criminal history and a long one and a violent one, it is a calculation you make. Maybe it’s out of fear. And because, of course, the media and people like Maxine Waters to want pretend that anytime a black person has an interaction with a cop, anytime, their life is at risk. And this is quite purposeful, and we played this earlier in the show.

This is the sounds of Maxine Waters inciting violence in Brooklyn Center.

WATERS: Yes, I would like to see the bill in Congress pass, police reform, that I know the right wing, the racists are opposed to it. And I don’t know what’s gonna happen to it. But I know this. We’ve got to state in the streets. We gotta stay on the streets, and we got to get more active, we got to get more confrontational, we got to make sure that they know that we mean business.

TODD: More confrontational, speaking around a group of people who have been attempting to burn down a police station, while a woman who apparently lived across the street from the police station was screaming and pleading, “Kids live in this apartment building! Children live here.” And this is a sitting United States congresswoman. Good thing that’s not inciting, you know, a riot.

Good thing that’s not inciting an insurrection or anything of the sort because of course it happened at night. That stuff only happens during the day.

Let’s talk to Anthony in Bloomfield, Michigan. Anthony, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host. Glad you called, Anthony. What’s on your mind, sir?

CALLER: Hey, Todd, great show. Look. All I was thinking today, to be honest talking about Maxine Waters is that, you know, she exemplifies and that a very famous New York Times reporter said on his show, his little podcast. He said there is money in poverty. And by encouraging violence and the preservation of poverty via violence, there’s always going to be a place for the Democratic Party to earn a say and to keep its base going.

And that’s fankly what I wanted to say. And it’s something funny because, you know, the man who mentioned it, he’s dyed-in-the-wool leftist. But let me say this about that. He and Rush would agree on this. There is money in poverty. And by encouraging violence in poor black communities, you’re going to keep the poverty machine going — and, therefore the whole process just keeps going on and on and on.

TODD: Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m so glad you said that. In Seattle, we call it the homeless-industrial complex, and it’s true in Portland, and it’s true in Los Angeles and San Diego. They’ve exported this scheme to Austin, Texas. They work on a similar scheme in New York City, in New Jersey. And, yes, people grift on this. And the grifting is in the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, and had involves leftists, but also corporatists, companies who get paid 35, 40% bonuses to build so-called low-income housing.

Here’s the swindle. This is the swindle, you guys. In seven years after it’s low-income housing, they can convert it to luxury condos, which is why they build so-called low-income housing atop the stops of train stations and they build it with luxury goods, because they have no intention of keeping it low income. Seven years to get all these tax write-offs. Then they turn around; here’s the three-card monte. Switch. Hey, now it’s luxury!

Yes, there’s a lot of money in that. It’s a great, great call. I appreciate that, Anthony.

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