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TODD: I just got a lesson on EIB lore. I don’t have permission to share it with you, but I’ll try to get permission. So Andrew Cuomo is trying to distract from impeachment by focusing on taking away folks’ guns. The other day — did you hear this — Rush was rolling a clip of Cuomo screaming about all the shooting he’d done and bragging about his prize shotgun.

So that prompted EIB’s own Dean Karayanis, named Koko Jr. — and I just got the history of the names at EIB from the actual, you know, Team EIB. So Koko Jr., Dean Karayanis, wrote a column in the Washington Times, “Why Is Andrew Cuomo Still Armed and Dangerous?”

He’s asking why the son of Mario “The Pious” is immune from the state’s red flag law. It’s a good question. Dean writes that Rush always said we assume that when “some clown gets elected to office,” he’s suddenly smarter and better than us. But Rush had Andrew’s angry, vindictive style pegged from day one. I’m sure Koko Jr.’s piece is linked at RushLimbaugh.com (yet another reason to go there).

Rush knew the dirty little secrets about Andrew Cuomo.

RUSH: Cuomo sits here with his aides and says: What the hell do we do? “If a guy says you have no cojones, how do you punch him back…?” What do we do? Cuomo is sitting there, he’s all ticked off. Here’s what you need to know. Andrew Cuomo’s weakness, and everybody in New York knows this — little dirty secret here. Andrew Cuomo’s weakness is that Democrats are afraid of him because of his history of being a hothead and a thug as a campaign manager for his dad, Mario.

It plays into all the Democrat public fears that Andrew Cuomo’s the same bully and punk they had to deal with in the eighties. See, nobody’s gonna tell you this because the Cuomos are like royalty in New York. But you Democrats in New York know what I’m talking about. But back during the eighties, he was his dad’s campaign manager. He was the enforcer.

He was Mr. Thug, Mr. Tough guy. He didn’t mess around, and he did not make a whole lot of friends. There was a rumor during the Koch days. Remember the line? “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo,” and it was rumored that Andrew came up with that line. We gotta give credit where credit is due. Nobody’s ever been able to prove it, but it was always thought that it was Andrew who came up with that line.

TODD: Just hearing this brings me back when we had Janice Dean, the senior meteorologist for Fox News. She lost her in-laws in Andrew Cuomo’s scheme to put covid-positive people into buildings with the only people who are statistically likely to die from the covid flu, and he hid that and hid it from the DOJ. I remember the sound bite of Cuomo saying (impression), “Well, it doesn’t matter where they die!

“They’re dead, and I’m dating, and I got a convertible! This is not a chest wig.” I made up the other part. He really did say, “What’s it matter where they died?” In New York, there’s two or three stories now about people who have — one person attacked and tried to kill an undercover Asian cop, which was tried as an Asian hate crime. The judge recently said, “Well, there’s no bail law. I have to let ’em go.”

There’s another incident. A couple people tried to murder someone. They can’t be let go. This is Cuomo who’s lectured on the rule of law, and I will say again: They’re inserting dis-ease, dis-order — which, biologically, disorder is expressed as disease into our system.

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