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TODD: There’s gonna be plenty of time to debate the jury’s verdict, and there’s gonna be plenty of time to dig into that. We will dig into that. I want to start with recognizing that none of us were in that room. I disagree with the jury’s verdict. I think that there was rampant, detailed reasons for reasonable doubt in the trial of Derek Chauvin, and we can dig into that.

And, you know, we were availed of so much new information. All of us (I’m guessing all of us) when we watched that, you know, infamous nine minutes were sick. I know Rush was outraged. And, as the trial has gone on, people who’ve actually observed the trial have noticed some things. Like, for some reason, the prosecution did not want the jury availed of the autopsy report.

That’s not information they felt the jury should have. We also noticed, those of us who were watching, that there was a mob of people led by a congresswoman of sorts, Auntie Maxine, who had said, “This is the only acceptable outcome,” and that mob was outside the courthouse, and that mob made it very clear: There’s going to be violence unless you do exactly what we’re telling you to do.

Now on the West Coast, there was, of course, the riots in Portland. Everybody knew that was coming. I want you to know that Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc., two domestic terror groups… You know, black lives obviously matter. That’s why we can’t back these domestic terror groups responsible for the loss of so many black lives.

They’re distributing some leaflets (yes, they do leaflets) and digital imagery and they’re vandalizing buildings with an interesting phrase: “All Cops Are Chauvin.” All cops. My email box is just filled with messages from police officers and my direct messages on Twitter — and they vary. There are cops who are saying, “I’m done. I’m packing it in.”

There are cops who are saying, “You know what? I hate to say it, but just let it burn.” There are cops who are saying, “I’m gonna stick in.” But all of them want one thing, and that is to hear their voice reflected with this. They’ve asked me to say, to let them know that there are those of us who still know what “thin blue line” means.

And we still know the men and women who strap it on and go to work are just like us, moms and dads, doing what they think is right. Most of them, like us, do our jobs honestly — the vast, vast, overwhelming majority honestly — with great care, understanding the incredible power they’re given with badges and guns.

And they want to know that we haven’t given up on them and that we respect them. To a person, they want to know this. And we do. So on the phones today, if you are in law enforcement and you happen to get through, if you try to get through and you don’t get through, please let us know.

We do think your voice should be heard on this, because people’s voices from the top are being heard. The Democrat power structure was ready to make a meal of this. That’s never gonna be enough. This was never about justice. It’s just to move on to the next outrage as they continue to use race to make race issues worse so they can tear the country apart and pick up the pieces to put into their own power structure.

Joe Biden’s dementia read from Barack Obama’s teleprompter.

BIDEN: A jury in Minnesota found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May. It was a murder in full light of day and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism. Systemic racism is a stain on our nation’s soul. (cough) The knee on the neck of justice for black Americans, profound fear and trauma, the pain and exhaustion that black and brown Americans experience every single day. Today’s verdict is a step forward. This can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in America. Let’s also be clear that such a verdict is also much too rare.

TODD: The man can barely stumble through the statement. The man does… I don’t believe the man even knows what his mouth was caused to say when he read from Obama’s teleprompter. This didn’t “rip the blinders off of systemic racism,” ’cause you know what never came up in the trial? Racism. There was nothing to indicate that Derek Chauvin, first of all, had a motive, let alone a hateful motive.

I never saw that. Systemic racism is a dodge, because if you say the system is racist, people don’t have to be involved, then. Then it doesn’t have to be real racism! You know what? What are systems without people? I’m in a radio studio in Spokane Washington, KQNT. There’s the system. There’s the walls.

If there’s no one in here, how is it a racist system in a police station or anywhere else? It’s a dodge, and it’s a purposeful dodge. Kamala Harris with a scrambled series of statements said something like this: (impression) “A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal justice, and we must still reform the system.”

They don’t mean reform. They mean tear down. Those of us who live in cities where they’re tearing it apart know this, and when the bosses say things like that it’s no wonder the rage and fury continues. Here’s the leader of the New York chapter of Black Lives Matter, Inc., Hawk Newsome.

NEWSOME: It was a mixture of violent and nonviolent protests that yielded this result. That’s the bottom line. America doesn’t listen to us when we march peacefully. I’m not saying people will be back in the streets, but America must know that if you continue to allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice, we will raise hell in America!

TODD: He’s saying, planting the flag, “We did this. It was our presence that did this.” Again, we weren’t inside the jury room. We aren’t jury members. We don’t know their hearts or their souls. But I know the normal human experience is to maybe even convince yourself, “Well, I know I’m doing the right thing,” even though the letter of the law indicates that, no, Derek Chauvin did not, was not in the commission of a felony, for instance, in terms of second-degree murder. So a reporter asked a protester yesterday, “We got guilty on all charges. Where do we go from here?”

PROTESTER: It’s hard to say, because (pause) the problem is we have a white supremacy problem in this country, and it was written into the Constitution. And until that Constitution is changed, it’s hard to say where we’re — where we’re headed. It’s hard to feel like there’s gonna be justice in this country ever for people of color. We’re standing on stolen land right now.

TODD: You’re standing on it! (laughs) The so-called leaders, the bosses push this stuff down, the lie of systemic racism. They push this stuff down, and it results in this. The bosses. Here’s a woman made rich from graft, long since given her covid shots, and she’s still wearing a custom-made woke mask. It’s lovely. Matches her outfit. It’s too big for her face, so she’s constantly poking and pawing at it. Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for dying for her political party.

PELOSI: Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom…? How…? How heartbreaking was that. Call out for your mom, “I can’t breathe.” But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.

TODD: I would say that in my tradition, my faith, Christ Jesus sacrificed his life. I don’t think George Floyd wanted to do that. I’ve been to Nancy Pelosi’s district. They hand out heroin and fentanyl and meth on the streets. They have poop patrols to go clean up human feces.

There’s the nine minutes and then there’s the decades of George Floyd’s life where the Democrat power structure in that state and that city in that district in every leadership position failed him and other people like him and Nancy Pelosi issues a statement like that wearing a mask she no longer needs (if she ever did, ’cause they don’t work).

The left started igniting racial hatred since Obama’s first term, and that still has not resulted in what they want, which is to make us a racist country. Rush Limbaugh reminds us here that the left’s core lie about race is that America has made no progress on this since the days of slavery.

RUSH: We have made so many advances in race relations in this country. That’s the thing about what the left has been doing, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, and Baltimore, what enrages me is that they’re trying to make it look like we haven’t made any advances since slavery. They really are trying to make that point. And if that’s a bit too extreme, maybe they’re trying to say that we haven’t had any advances since the sixties and civil rights, but all of it is purposely divisive.

We’re not the racist society the Democrats want everybody to believe that we are. When did we become such a racist society? We’re not. And we’re not the sexist society that they want you to think that we are. We are not the discriminatory society. There has been all kinds of progress.

If you go to college classes today you’ll find that white privilege is one of the predominantly taught courses. And white privilege seeks to explain how white people have had all the advantages from the founding and they’ve taken everything for themselves. They’ve left scraps and crumbs for everybody else.

And that means it’s time to take it back, take it away from the white majority. The American people, for the longest time, bit their tongues and went along with all these silly ideas that we’re racist and sexist and bigoted. And all those things are techniques whereby the left can divide people. We’re not racist, as they believe. We’re not a misogynistic society. We’re not a sexist society. It’s embarrassing and it’s insulting.

TODD: This morning in New York City a friend of mine who has in her life, her loved, beloved partner is a person of color. They walked to work hand in hand. And my buddy, who is a cop and a black man and a Marine, woke up, kissed his white wife good-bye, and he strapped it on, and he went to work in a city that hates him. We love you guys


TODD: Despite all the efforts that the left has pushed since Barack Obama’s first term, they still haven’t gotten good people to become bad people. They’re running up against the American spirit. They’re running up against the Americans love of neighbor. They’re running up against our refusal to give them what they want, and time is precious.

We know this. We need to stall the Democrats. We must stall H.R. 1, the ridiculously named For the People Act, which is a takeover by Biden’s people of the election processes. We must stall that, stop that, do whatever we can. Sue it out of existence in every state. We don’t have to take everything back this minute because they’re going to start eating themselves on the left.

They always do.

The mockingbird media members… We talked about this earlier in the pre-show discussion. We get the trial. We get the verdict. Immediately, the mockingbird media members are out with another outrage, and we’re told that cops shot a 16-year-old girl because there was a knife next to her. Now we see the full context that apparently this young man was trying to stab another young woman in the gut — another young black woman in the gut — which will end you.

And the cops made a decision that no one wants to make. To take the life of a young person? This is not things that cops seek to do, and the numbers prove this, if we ever talk about the numbers in any real detail. If we talk about the fact that black cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops. A bunch of things are gonna happen.

One of them is “de-policing.” I’ve heard this morning from cops who are saying, “Hey, listen. Next time someone flees from me when I’m trying to arrest them and they’re black, why am I chasing them down? It could end in a jackpot situation.” How this helps black communities, I’ll never know.

I… (laughs) I had the great experience of being one of two white people who lived in a black neighborhood, and you know who hated the crime was the people who lived in the neighborhood, because they’re people! Kevin McCarthy made an attempt to censure Auntie Maxine because of her comments basically threatening the jury.

I mean, it was a barely veiled threat to the jury. That vote failed 216-210. They couldn’t even censure her! So while Kevin McCarthy made this attempt to wave around a censure of Auntie Maxine, Rush Limbaugh makes the case that the Democrats are trying to incite an actual race war.

RUSH: Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, I don’t care what you call ’em, it’s the same bunch of people, the global warming crowd. Your people are the protesters, the professional protesters, the professional rioters, the professional looters. And you’ve even got the language down pat: Why, this is not looting. This is reparations. These businesses have insurance. They’re not losing any money. In the meantime, we’re taking what we’ve been denied all of these centuries, as they take things off the shelves in Target, other stores, as they loot them.

Historically, conservative Republicans do not loot, do not riot, do not even protest, peacefully or otherwise. It’s rare indeed when it happens. And yet here’s Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., claiming to be worried about the continued incitement of violence from leadership, i.e., Trump. Trump is not inciting any violence.

That’s the key, my friends. That is the point. That is the essential, salient reality. Trump is inciting nothing. He’s not sending smoke signals or other coded language to supporters to go out and raise hell because the Trump people are not raising any hell. Oh, yeah, they might have a caravan, big four-by-fours drive through towns somewhere that’s already halfway destroyed anyway, but Trump people are not in any way committing any of this destruction.

So I find it fascinating here. Who’s using this black versus white rhetoric? I don’t think it’s Trump people. I think all this racial, racist rhetoric is coming straight from people on the left, straight from people in the Democrat Party. It’s breathtaking. They’re filled with rage. They’re filled with anger. They’re incapable of happiness. They are never witnessed smiling.

Even when they get all of what they have demanded or claim to want, it’s never enough. They live for the chaos. I can’t relate to it. I can’t relate to wanting to be miserable all the time, to be unhappy, to be angry. But they feed off of it. It’s like their fuel. And I think they’re trying to foment an actual race war They are confronting people. They’re the definition of “in your face.”

TODD: There is a woman we’ve had on Rush’s program before, Dr. Carol Swain. She is an African-American academic, and she became curious. “How does white supremacy survive? Because people have changed. How does it survive?” So she did a scholarly look at it. You know what she found out? It’s because of what’s being done by the left.

There are those of us who will speak back with words and running for office and going to protests and organizing, and there are people who perhaps are less articulate or more frustrated or not as intelligent. They resort to white supremacy. It’s her belief that one action leads to another — a push equals a pushback — and I think this is what the left wants.

In our universe, there is order. If our globe, if this earth was to become askew by half a degree, life would end. If the pH balance in your body comes awry, you can have a heart attack. We call that disease. In mental health circles, we talk about disordered thinking can lead to bad results. Disorder. Disease.

What is the left trying to insert into the American body politique? Dis-order, dis-ease, duh-sease. Who benefits from that? Americans? Do Americans benefit from this, or too enemies of America benefit when America becomes diseased?

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