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TODD: Rush obviously knew that winning the language can mean winning the war. If you… Ronald Reagan used to say — and I don’t know that it was accurate, but — there was no word for “freedom” in the Soviet Union. And if you remove words for things, you have trouble articulating that. We have a whole generation of kids and young people that are being brought up with just these emoticons.

Well, are you super angry, because we can have the emoticon on the phone where your brain is blowing up, you’re so angry, or maybe it’s just a frowny face? Reducing thought away from the words and the inherent, then, conflict in words and higher-level thoughts that go beyond just instinctively. Reducing things to feelings make you the most easily manipulated people in the world, and the left knows this.

So they work at the level of emotions. There’s an article in The Federalist about “10 politically correct but factually wrong words and phrases” that the left uses, and they use to great effect. This is a piece, like I said, in The Federalist by Elle Reynolds. The “mainstream media,” she talks about them as a “cartel.”

That’s a pretty good phrase for them, and what makes them “mainstream,” right? Because we say that? And that’s why Rush invented the phrase “Drive-By Media,” which is great. Personally, I refer them as the mockingbird media. They repeat and amplify without any form of skepticism the words and statements of leftists, statists, and technocrats. She writes about “‘gender’ when you mean ‘sex,'” and she writes about “‘democracy’ when you mean “republic.'”

These are all purposefully created words so that they can get their meanings across better. Like, “”An undocumented immigrant? Well, they just lost their papers! Why are we punishing people ’cause they don’t have documentation? You know how hard it is to get documentation.”

“Cisgender” is a sneaky word, right? This implies that biological sex is a choice.

There’s now AMAB, “assigned male at birth,” and, by the way, these aren’t fringe thoughts. These are taught in colleges and schools. “What sex were you assigned at birth?” “Oh, the doctor took a guess!” This allows them to install these agendas, and Rush knew about these languages. Rush created… Oh, there’s this! Oh, I gotta get to this. (laughing) There’s a student op-ed.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Greg from Team EIB found this. “A student at DePaul University believes one way to combat white supremacy in America is to refer to black people as black with a capital B but Caucasians as white with a lowercase W.” (laughing) I chatted with a friend earlier who’s worked in publishing, and her editor said, “Hey! Uh, e’re gonna start using capital B for black,” and she said, “Okay.

“So capital W for white?” and her editor’s like, “What? What are you…? What?” Rush created… By the way, that’s one of the great ways to fight back against this is make people live in the realities they’re creating. Just force them to live in realities they’re creating. We’ll get into that later. I want to get to this because Rush had created something that was called Rush’s Undeniable Truths of Life.

And again, again, check some of these out and apply them to today’s world. Number one on Rush’s list: “There’s a distinct, singular American culture: Rugged individualism and self-reliance which made America great.” Try to undo that factually. You can say — and there were. I mean, like, you know, obviously my show airs from KTTH in Seattle. The people who founded Seattle were a lot of things.

They were explorers, they were pioneers, they were also grifters, big time grifters — and self-reliant? Yeah. Spend a winter where the only shelter you have is the shelter you build. Rush’s list: “The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherent their wealth. They earned it. They are country’s achievers, producers, job creators.” True to this day.

Number 20: “There’s a God.” Number 21: “There’s something wrong when critics say the problem with America is too much religion.” I love this: “Words mean things.” Number 34: “Words mean things.” The Democrats know that. They know that if they can change the language so that people only have the ability to think within their confines, they change the reality of culture.

The list that The Federalist mentions has “sex reassignment.” Well, no, not chromosomally — and sadly for so many people who go through that process, they say, “Wait, I don’t feel different.” Very sad. It’s tragic. But when you change the language, you get to do a whole lot of things. Antifa gets this.

They’ve taught a generation of kids that when you go smack a cop in the back of the head that baseball bat, you’re not committing violence. You’re committing counterviolence. They literally, literally teach these things. Silence is violence. There are people who believe that and they’ll repeat it and it will go through their minds.

I’m reading a book about how our thoughts can literally change the structure of our brains. It’s in a fascinating book filled with the science of the brain. We’re changing brains. “Silence is violence,” but hitting a cop in the back of the head with a baseball bat is not, because that’s “counterviolence.” George Orwell wrote a entire piece about language manipulation of thought. Now, to counter the left’s lies, conservatives have to use words that accurately reflect the truth, not the words that mean the opposite, as Rush says here.

RUSH: We lost the language, and that’s just as important. I’ll tell you what’s coming next. After this “civil right,” they’ll move on to “liberating” illegal aliens, and then taking away our civil right to bear arms. They will also continue to push a carbon tax on the basis of climate change and whatever else. They’ll continue to corrupt the public school system, however they manage to do that.

I’ve looked at it, and in all instances, one of the things that is fundamental in the attack on all of these institutions and traditions which have defined America’s greatness, is an attack on the language. Here’s another one that’s under assault, and that is borders. “Immigration” is being used to destroy the meaning of “borders.” Now we got open borders? Without borders, there would never have been the United States of America in order to create the economy that is drawing people here in the first place.

“Food stamps” and “disability” are another couple of words that have lost their purpose and meaning. “Food stamps” and “disability” now simply mean unearned money. Food stamps and disability have a totally different meaning than their original intent. Deficit. Deficit is now something that simply is triggering the printing of money. That’s all a deficit means: An excuse to print money. Unions. Unions are used to destroy companies, entire industries on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Unions are formed to acquire unfunded “benefits,” and the pretense of educating children is the vehicle for that scam. Environmentalism is an excuse to acquire government grants to increase taxes and regulations, to grow government, and to limit freedom. Environmentalism is another word for attacking the very fuel of the engine of freedom, and that would be fossil fuels — and let there be no mistake. Fossil fuels are under assault. Fossil fuels have become a great enemy.

Oil and natural gas have become enemies, evil things that the left must wipe out! They hide behind environmentalism, trying to clean up the environment, and all oil has done is further the spread of freedom all over the country and the insurance of our own freedom, and it has been fundamentally responsible for the vast increase in prosperity in this country and all over the world. Crisis, as you know, is an excuse for government action. Crisis here! Crisis there!

Everything’s a crisis. This is now a word used to justify the expansion of and the intrusion by government in every walk of life. Every faction of the Democrat Party is now a battering ram. Destroy the institution of marriage, destroy borders, destroy education, destroy private sector health care, destroy private property, destroy the Constitution, destroy free markets! The Democrat Party is nothing more than a battering ram, and they’re using the language to disguise what they’re doing.

TODD: This is a very potent thing Rush is saying in relation to what we live in today. Remember this. Remember that this is being said on posters, on digital art, in vandalism. It’s being said this: “All cops are Derek Chauvin.” You and I listen to that and go, “That’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, it’s demonstrably untrue.”

And yet it works. Rush’s talk about young skulls full of mush. When you have kids looking at you glassy eyed, “Silence is violence! Silence is violence.” Have you ever had that experience? I have, and it’s very Stepford wives. It’s very, “Someone programmed you really poorly, dude.” Silence is violence! But we’ve got a lot of emoticons! (laughing) Have to give ’em that! They’ve got a whole lot of emoticons to express their emotion.

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