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TODD: The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for ignoring their precious covid-19 rules at the border. Now, this is finally an opportunity to hear from SARS-CoV-2, the virus itself, that can explain how it is able to pick and choose who it infects and who it does not, how it is able to know that restaurants are perfectly safe if you wear your woke mask while walking to the table; you can take it off at the table.

The virus can testify. We can get Fauci to testify. They get this. Congratulations, Texas, on being a part of real America. Thank you for this. It is a bizarre thing to speak this following sentence to you. I’m going to change one word. This is a true statement. I’m going to change one word. See if you can figure out which word I have changed. “The Washington State Department of health is going to let providers deny vaccines to [black] people for equity.”

What word did I change? Yes, you’re right. It is white people to whom they’re denying access. This comes from — and I would get in trouble if I didn’t do this. My friend Jason Rantz at KTTH in Seattle who had this exclusive story. So they’re calling for… They’re, in fact, enforcing racial distribution of mRNA injections. But all that aside, there is Greta Thunberg to consider. You can have, for instance, the roundtable that another great, great Republican governor put on in the state of Florida.

Ron DeSantis had a great roundtable with world-famous immunologist and epidemiologists and scientists to talk about the lack of efficacy of the selective lockdowns and of masking and just to go through the data on this. The data is overwhelming that the lockdowns are medically useless and deadly and only harm some. Right? Small businesses, churches, et cetera.

That gets disappeared from YouTube. So now Ron DeSantis is up on Rumble.com, which we should all join, and Rand Paul was denied an appearance… (laughing) He’s a doctor. He was denied an appearance in one of the mockingbird media outlets to talk about the covid flu, but not Greta Thunberg.

She is speaking to Congress about how rich countries have overlooked the, quote, so-called vaccine or caused vaccine inequality. So just to put this in a proper frame, here’s a young woman, Greta Thunberg, who’s basically emotionally trafficked by the mockingbird media and the left, and she is effectively threatening Congress.

THUNBERG: How long do you honestly believe that people in power like you will get away with it? How long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate crisis, the global aspect of equity and historic emissions without being held accountable?

TODD: So she goes from vaccine equity around the mRNA injections to now we’re back to climate change — which is, of course, her studied area of expertise, as a teen. She is… (laughing) Well, I will say this for her, truly. She has more… She says it more directly to the people in power than any Republicans will say on these topics. How long do you think you can go spending money we don’t have for things we don’t need?

How long do you think you can go allowing a domestic terrorist organization or two to roam the country committing violence whenever they choose without that violence effectively being turned on the citizenry itself and, God forbid on others? How long do you think you can go? How far do you think you can go shoving words down the mouths of the American people, et cetera? Right?

At least she says it, even if it’s in sort of a threatening way. But she’s a teen. Now, let’s go to back and do a whataboutism. The left decided to try to ban whataboutisms. So you’ll see (impression), “Oh, with or without getting into the realm of whataboutisms…” Whataboutisms are nothing more than that. When I left for work this morning, I was married and my wife lived here. I got home; she’s gone. There’s a note on the counter that says, “Divorce.”

You, in your circumstance, have changed.

That’s a whataboutism.

So you go to the divorce attorney. “What do I do?”

“Well, I don’t practice the realm of whataboutisms.”

So let’s do a whataboutism, because they’re important. Do you remember Nick Sandmann? Okay, he was from Covington High School. Do you remember how CNN verbally assaulted him before they were (laughing) forced to settle a lawsuit with him? Rush Limbaugh provides a brilliant example of how the media treated him versus Greta Thunberg.

RUSH: Greta Thunberg. This is — I gotta tread very carefully here. The young girl has some — well, she’s got Asperger’s, and – Yeah, but she’s got intense — whatever the — autism. These adults, these people need to be so ashamed of what they have done to the children of this world. Watching this young girl, there’s no question she really believes her planet is dead in 10 years. She really believes. And she believes all the adults have done this.


These Democrats, these professors, these people in the media, they go out and they start talking about this stuff in order to get people to believe ’em. See, nobody believes climate change so they keep making it more drastic, 10 years and we’re dead, 12 years and we’re dead, still nobody believes it, five years and we’re dead, still nobody believes it, they come up with more — well, these kids are believing it. And of course Greta Thunberg, you can put her on TV, let her go to the United Nations, become an official spokesman.

The Democrats can use her and exploit her all they want, just like they exploited so-called starving kids in ’95. But contrast that with the way they treated 16-year-old Nick Sandmann of the Covington High School kids. Nick Sandmann didn’t have a right to smile. There were people wanted to wipe that smile off his face. There were Democrat media people that wanted to punch that guy out because of the way he was looking at that Indian activist, Nathan whatever his name was.

Yeah, so if you’re a young child and you can act and you can espouse the left-wing agenda, they’ll make a star out of you. And they’ll put you up there at the United Nations and they’ll bring you in a sailboat and they’ll make you look like you’re environmentally pure. They will exploit the hell — they’re standing by, these people, these adults are actually. They’re standing by and allowing this young girl to believe a bunch of pap.

They are willing for this young girl to go through her life literally scared to death. They are willing to let this young girl go through her life believing she has no life because there isn’t gonna be a planet. They are perfectly willing to stand by and watch this girl’s life be ruined because of the filth and the drivel that they’ve put in her head. You can’t define exploitation any better than that.

If people looked at this in the proper perspective, there would be so much rage at everybody in this climate change hoax because Greta Thunberg is just a stand-in for every child in America they’ve corrupted this way. Would you raise a child — some people do because they’re not mentally balanced themselves — raise a kid believing that your life only has 10 years because of a political party?

Because the Republicans want to kill the earth, they want to kill the planet, they don’t care about you and you keep telling them — this is how you raise your kids? Who does this? They put their causes and their issues and their quest for power even over the health of their own children and then have the audacity to go around telling us they care about the children, they’re the ones looking out for the children and somehow, we are the ones posing the threat?

TODD: And remember this: Every single leftist and technocrat caught without a woke mask, caught ignoring their own travel advice or own travel diktats, caught going to restaurants when we were told we would not. Caught, caught, caught. None of them believe those measures save lives. None of them. Not one of them. And yet around the country, they have little kids wrapped up in woke masks. It’s just amazing to go from Rush’s analysis, now, that to the other.

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